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New York trooper charged with murder after ramming family's car, causing it to flip, killing girl

New York trooper charged with murder after ramming family's car, killing girl

A New York State trooper has been charged with murder and manslaughter in the death of 11-year-old Monica Goods, Attorney General Letitia James announced Wednesday. Christopher Baldner is accused of ramming a car with four members of the Goods family inside, flipping the car and killing Monica while on duty in December 2020.

The attorney general's office said Baldner was in his police car when he stopped Tristan Goods for speeding in Ulster County just before midnight on December 22. He was going to visit family for Christmas and had his wife and two daughters, who are 11 and 12 years old, in the car with him. During the stop, Baldner administered pepper spray into the Goods' car and Tristan Goods sped off, the indictment said.

The trooper followed the family's car, ramming into the back of their car twice before Goods' vehicle flipped multiple times. Monica Goods was ejected from the car and died, the attorney general said.

It is not clear whether the other members of the Goods family were injured in the incident.

The attorney general charged Baldner with second-degree murder — which carries a maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison — second-degree manslaughter and reckless endangerment.


“He was screaming at me, ‘You were going 100 miles per hour and you shook my car!’ Goods told The New York Daily News in a June 20 report.

Goods said he responded by saying the trailer in front of him shook Baldner’s car. He maintained that he had his hands on the steering wheel and that he did not get out of the vehicle. Baldner allegedly demanded to know if there were guns or drugs in the car, and said the following when Goods’s wife April said she was tired: “I don’t give a shit if you’re tired.”

Goods said the trooper went back to the cruiser and returned to the SUV with pepper spray. According to Goods, Baldner knew there were young girls in the vehicle. Baldner never warned them or told him he was under arrest, Goods claimed.

Goods said he then drove away instinctively.

“I didn’t know what he was going to do next,” Goods said. “I was like, ‘Holy shit. This guy is going to kill me now.'”

Baldner allegedly rammed the Goods vehicle twice, and after the second hit, the family’s SUV struck a guardrail, flipped and rolled. Monica was ejected from the car.

Goods was driving his wife, daughter Monica, and 12-year-old daughter during the incident.

“This should have been a traffic ticket,” said Goods’ attorney Joseph O’Connor.

Baldner faces charges of murder in the second degree, manslaughter in the second degree, and reckless endangerment in the first degree. He is also charged with ramming a car in an unrelated incident from September 2019.


US Marshals Come to Wrong Apartment, Leave Terrified Mom and Baby Without Apology

US Marshals Come to Wrong Apartment, Leave Terrified Mom and Baby Without Apology

A Florida mom says she is shaken up after armed U.S. marshals pounded on her door, mistaking her apartment for one where they thought a murder suspect was hiding out. Marshals with guns drawn approached the Bradenton home and demanded Kada Staples to come to the door. Staples was inside with her 3-month-old baby girl at the time. Wearing just a t-shirt, Staples came outside cradling her baby girl. Once the officers realized they had made a mistake and took off, the new mom was left in tears.


"'When do we get to use the guns?' against democrats: asks Attendee at rightwing event


'When do we get to use the guns?': Attendee shut down at right-wing event
Duration: 01:28 8 hrs ago

At a speaking event in Idaho, one man asked right-wing activist Charlie Kirk about using violence against democrats.

Kentucky high school event under investigation

Red state... no abortions, no CRT but this is ok.



"Um. Exactly what is going on here, y'all?" a tweet by the co-founder of a local education advocacy group asked. What appeared to be going on in the photos posted by Nema Brewer was high school students in Kentucky giving lap dances to faculty and staff members. One of the recipients was Donald "Happy" Mobelini, the school principal and mayor of Hazard, USA Today reports. He didn't comment immediately, but the superintendent of the school district said that an investigation has begun and that "appropriate action will be taken."

The occasion was a "Man Pageant" and "Costume Day" held Tuesday as part of homecoming events. Photos on a school Facebook page, which have been removed, showed students and staff apparently paddling one another. Female students wore Hooters outfits, and male students were dressed in women's lingerie, per WKYT. There was criticism online, but Brewer said she thought there was much acceptance of the event, per the Lexington Herald-Leader. "Public education is under so much fire right now. This kind of stuff is not helpful," she said, adding, "It appears they are sexualizing young adults."


a dude seriously eaten up by racism



cat lies in the middle of great pyrenees dog's bed one too many times



NJ Home's Confederate Halloween Display Draws Outrage

NJ Home's Confederate Halloween Display Draws Outrage


NBC New York attempted to talk with the owner of the home, but he did not want to speak, only saying that he's had the decoration for years.

"No, get the f--- out!" the man shouted from a distance.

Minutes later, he moved an SUV to try and block the view from the road, while offering an obscene gesture to the camera.

The neighbors who live across the street said they don't understand why anyone would be offended by the suggestive piece.

"It's Halloween, people put decorations out, it is what it is," said Jeannette Benz, who said she wasn't bothered by the flag nor the decoration. "I think Halloween is Halloween."

The president of the Toms River area NAACP told NBC New York they are looking into matter, adding that it is unfortunate that a holiday enjoyed by so many would be tainted by such images.


After crying fraud, Republicans go silent when Nevada ally is charged with voting twice

Days after the November 2020 election, Kirk Hartle appeared on Las Vegas television, his brow furrowed and voice tinged with disbelief.

Someone, he said, had intercepted the ballot mailed to his wife, Rosemarie, and cast it in her stead. Rosemarie Hartle died of breast cancer in 2017.

"That is pretty sickening to me, to be honest with you," Hartle told KLAS-TV.

For President Trump, his campaign surrogates and their champions in the conservative media, it was an outrage and, they claimed, a mere hint of the widespread fraud that cost Trump not just Nevada's six precious electoral votes but a second term in the White House.

"Dead people voted in Clark County," Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union and one of Trump's loyal foot soldiers, asserted at a nationally televised Las Vegas news conference. He cited the case of Rosemarie Hartle as just one example.


Last week, the state's Democratic attorney general, working with Nevada's Republican secretary of state, announced that investigators had cracked the case. Hartle, 55, was charged with two counts of fraud: voting more than once in the same election and voting using another person's name. He allegedly forged his late wife's signature to cast the ballot she'd been sent.


identified.. the mother and boyfriend who lived away from her underage kids

Mom, 35, and her boyfriend, 31, are arrested two days after her three children were found abandoned and living in squalor in Houston apartment next to the rotting remains of their eight-year-old brother

The three siblings and skeletal remains were found at 3535 Green Crest Drive in Houston after police were asked to do a welfare check on Sunday

Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office found eight-year-old boy suffered multiple blunt force injuries and died by homicide

A 15-year-old boy called 911, saying his eight-year-old brother had been dead for a year and his skeletal remains were in a room next to his
The children were living in deplorable conditions and had likely been left abandoned for several months
Gloria Y. Williams, 35, and her boyfriend, Brian W. Coulter, 31, were arrested and charged by authorities on Tuesday

Williams has been charged with injury to a child by omission, failure to provide medical care and failure to provide adequate supervision
Coulter has been charged with murder in connection with the child's death
A neighbor brought the siblings food and charged their cell phone after power was cut to their home, according to law enforcement officials
Next-door neighbor said she first noticed a foul odor coming from siblings' apartment 13 or 14 months ago and repeatedly complained about it
Homicide investigators along with Child Protective Services are also working on the case


After a Year of 'Rampant' Cheating, Elite Bridge Tries to Clean Up

After a Year of ‘Rampant’ Cheating, Elite Bridge Tries to Clean Up
As the pandemic forced most players online, the problem of cheating consumed the game’s highest levels. Top players say a tight-lipped culture is finally changing.

Ten days after the first elite player confessed to cheating, a second said she had done it, too.

A few months later, wealthy sponsors pleaded for players to clean up the game. Then officials suspended one top player, and another, and this summer 30 teams forfeited rather than play someone accused of cheating.


Bridge is played by partners sitting opposite each other, trying to win a certain number of tricks in each hand based on a predetermined bid, or contract. In person, cheating usually meant surreptitious signals to share “unauthorized information,” like who has a good suit. A foot might tap out a coded message, a pencil’s angle could signal a strong hand, or a card placed vertically or horizontally could guide a partner how to play.

When the pandemic forced players online, teammates could cheat effortlessly: talking side-by-side on the sofa, chatting by phone, or using spectator accounts to see everyone’s cards.

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