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Ron Johnson getting booed..video



California's prison boom saved this town. Now, plans to close a lockup are sparking anger and fear

California’s prison boom saved this town. Now, plans to close a lockup are sparking anger and fear


Then in April, the state announced it would close the California Correctional Center, which provides nearly 1,100 jobs and among the highest wages in this impoverished, shrinking town of 8,000 residents, excluding prisoners.

Scores of “for sale” signs have popped up on front lawns. Owners of restaurants and hotels — which rely on inmates’ visitors — fear business could plummet. School leaders are bracing for families with children leaving, which could lead to a cut in funding.

“It’s going to devastate the whole community,” said Gary Bridges, a Lassen County supervisor and third-generation logger.

The California Correctional Center, which houses more than 2,300 inmates, is scheduled to close by June 2022. Inmates will be transferred; there will be no expedited releases because of the closure, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.


Few places rely on a prison as much as Susanville, the only incorporated city in Lassen County. The nearest city, 86 miles away, is Reno.


Uber eats driver takes cat

summary... man's cat, studio city, california - was missing. neighbors camera shows Uber eats driver put cat in back seat before delivering food to customer


handwriting sample reveals "friendly" neighbor has been sending harassing mail to gay couple for yrs

Handwriting Sample Ends Harassment For Gay Couple
A neighbor had been sending mail with homophobic slurs for years

A couple in a Boston suburb ended five years of harassment with a little creative detective work. And the neighbors who rallied around them to help have raised over $25,000 for the Milton schools Gay Straight Alliance. The harassment took the form of subscriptions sent to the gay couple’s home addressed to phony—and homophobic—names, USA Today reports. “We were being picked on because we were gay, and it had followed me into my 40s. I couldn’t believe it,” LeeMichael McLean said. McLean and his partner Bryan Furze were troubled by the intrusiveness of the mail, and were growing concerned that their son would see the homophobic slurs on the address labels.

One of the subscriptions their harasser signed them up for was the Boston Globe. But since they were already subscribers, the paper sent back the order paperwork. The subscription card, under the name “Michelle Fruitzey,” was handwritten. McLean posted an image of the subscription card to a neighborhood website along with a recap of the harassment, LGBTQNation reports.

A neighbor looked over local election records, found a name in the same handwriting, and sent the police to talk to the match.
The suspect, a close neighbor and fellow member of the Town Meeting, confessed, insisting it was just a harmless prank. In an attempt to flip negative into positive, McLean and Furze sold T-shirts with the message “#iammichellefruitzey” to raise funds to fight homophobia in their local schools.



One community member scoured town election records to find the matching handwriting. He found a match, and a suspect was arrested May 13, McLean said.

During questioning, the suspect admitted to sending the mail and called it a prank that he didn’t think would require police involvement, officers told the couple. The suspect told the detective he sent the subscriptions because he didn’t like how outspoken McLean and Furze were and how the two, both elected Town Meeting members, voted.

“This person was intimidating and trying to silence us,” Furze said.

Milton Police chief James O'Neil would not comment on the identities of the victims or suspect but did confirm that the police department has filed a criminal complaint seeking to charge an adult male with criminal harassment. No charges have been filed.

The couple said the suspect was friendly and never displayed any outward hostility.


giant Maine coon gets groomed

"stop being a democrat, a dumb democrat"

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/15102915/mackinaw-city-hotel-employee-fired/Why was a Mackinaw City hotel employee fired?
A Mackinaw City hotel manager was fired after a video went viral of him yelling and cursing at a guest.

Benny Lucchese, the former manager of Crown Choice Inn & Suites, berated the woman who traveled with her friend and their five children to Mackinaw City over spring break.

Jennifer Biela said her son realized the bathroom of their hotel room was flooding around 11 pm on their first night.

She went downstairs to ask the manager for help when Lucchese responded to her, “You rented the room. It’s your bathroom now.”

Supreme Court's Interesting New Math: 3-3-3

Supreme Court's Interesting New Math: 3-3-3
The 6-3 conservative majority isn't issuing decisions quite as expected, at least so far

When Amy Coney Barrett replaced Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court last year, it resulted in what is usually described as a 6-3 advantage for conservatives over liberals on the court. But two big decisions Thursday—one on ObamaCare and the other on a Catholic group that refuses to work with gay couples—suggest that a different kind of breakdown is happening on the court. Coverage:

In an analysis at CNN, Joan Biskupic writes that 3-3-3 seems to be the new pattern. One trio is the "center-right" of Chief Justice John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh, and Barrett. Another trio is made up of liberals Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan. And the last is made up of conservatives Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch.

In Thursday's rulings, the three liberals joined the center-right (as did Clarence Thomas) in the ruling that dismissed a challenge to ObamaCare. And though the court sided with the Catholic group in the other case, the protection offered was limited, and the decision went nowhere near as far as the more conservative justices wanted.

At Politico, Josh Gerstein notes that the three more conservative justices, particularly Alito, issued sharply worded critiques seemingly aimed at the other GOP appointees. "Some liberal legal commentators noted that the most carefully dissected rhetorical sparring is now taking place among members of the new six-justice conservative majority, with the three remaining liberal justices often left as mere spectators," Gerstein writes.


Golden Retriever Shocked by a Kitten occupying his bed!

controversy about loose wolves used in live show (wolves or dogs??)



Wolves chase performers in China during shocking live show, raising safety fears

A video showing wolves chasing actors across the stage during a live show in China has raised alarm about the safety of the performers and audience.

The clip, filmed in a theater in the northwestern city of Xi'an, was posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo last week. It quickly went viral, garnering more than 433 million views.
The footage shows a number of wolves running out from backstage, jumping into the aisles between audience seats and chasing performers, as part of the show, titled "Tuoling Legend" or "The Legend of Camel Bell." The wolves and performers act out fight scenes, with a wolf pinning down an actor at one point.
The wolves don't appear to wear any harnesses or leashes. The audience, who sit several feet away from the stage, used phones to record the scene.

company offer: move outside expensive city & take 10% paycut for $20,000 bonus

As major Bay Area tech companies like Reddit, Salesforce and Dropbox all announced variations of a permanent remote work program amid the COVID-19 pandemic, others were experimenting with different ways to shift their workforce.

In September 2020, Stripe offered its employees a unique proposition — move outside the Bay Area and receive a $20,000 bonus. But all attractive offers come with a catch, and this one was a 10% pay cut.

Stripe co-founder and president John Collison recently told Bloomberg TV that many employees took advantage of the offer. “We saw pretty major uptake,” he told the television station. “There were a lot of people where they took advantage of all the remote working that was going on last year to be able to move to be closer to their families, to somewhere they wanted to move previously.”

Collison did not provide an exact number of employees that took the deal in the interview. It wasn’t just Bay Area employees that were given the opportunity, though. The company, which has headquarters in San Francisco and Dublin, said it applied to all high-cost cities.

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