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photos of Texas father stands guard outside school go viral 'I could not sleep after Uvalde'

“I can’t let this go,” said Chelby, “This is just a testament to the sleeplessness caused by the grief I experienced.”

With eleven years of U.S. Army experience and a background in security, Chelby said he didn’t sweat standing outside making sure the kids were safe.

He already filled out the paperwork to be a school volunteer and was in the middle of a background check when he was given permission to stand guard.

“I’ve had a lot of emotional people come up to me,” Chelby said, “They didn’t want to send their kids to school. They struggled with sending their kids to school. And I told them, I was like, ‘I got them.’”

Ed Chelby said he was having trouble sleeping in the aftermath of Tuesday's devastating school shooting.

He emailed the superintendent of the Killeen Independent School District at 1am to see if he could guard outside Saegert Elementary - where his daughter goes to school and his wife works as a school nurse.


A photo of Chelby standing outside the school has since gone viral on social media, and Eli Lopez, the principal of the school, said his efforts were overwhelmingly appreciated by parents and students for restoring some sense of security.

'Him standing in front of the school, that's reassuring,' said one mother, Samantha Longfeather-Locke, who posted the photo of him online.

Other parents have also offered to drop something off for him to drink, and Lopez said one mother approached him in tears to thank him for helping her and her child feel safe at school.

'A child should never have to worry for their safety as they come into school, and Mr. Chelby helped ensure that sense of security the last two days of school after a horrific tragedy,' Lopez said in a statement to Newsweek.

Lopez added that another parent, a mother who is also a veteran, has also volunteered to keep watch on the back of the school, and other parents have volunteered for a safety program for the next school year.


POST-BUFFALO POLL: Whopping 64 Percent of Republicans Say Discrimination Against White People 'As Bi

POST-BUFFALO POLL: Whopping 64 Percent of Republicans Say Discrimination Against White People ‘As Big a Problem’ As Anti-Black

Respondents to the poll were asked, “Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Discrimination against White people has become as big a problem as discrimination against Black people in the U.S.”

Republican voters were twice as likely as everyone else to agree, with 64 percent saying they “Strongly agree” (35%) or “Somewhat agree” (29%), and 29 percent saying they “Somewhat disagree” (19%) or “Strongly disagree” (10%).

And an even larger 73 percent of Trump voters agreed that “Discrimination against White people has become as big a problem as discrimination against Black people in the U.S.”


The pollster pointed out other partisan divides in the poll:

More than three-quarters (77%) of Biden voters, for instance, select racism as one of the issues that “played a role” in the Buffalo shooting. Only 42% of Trump voters say the same — roughly the same number (40%) who select “liberal media (such as MSNBC)” as a contributing factor.

Asked to choose which of eight issues played the “biggest” role in the shooting, most Trump voters pick mental illness (56%), followed by racism (15%) and liberal media (14%). Just 2% say “too many guns.”

In contrast, a plurality of Biden voters select racism (39%), followed by “conservative media (such as Fox News)” (27%), mental illness (14%) and too many guns (10%).

In that same poll, 61 percent of Trump voters — and 53 percent of Fox News viewers — agree with replacement theory, as described by the pollsters.

The poll also showed that 66 percent of Republicans and 69 percent of Trump voters are concerned “that native-born Americans are losing economic, political, and cultural influence in this country to immigrants.”

Recent legislation requires firms to declare that they don't "discriminate" against the firearm indu

The Texas Law That Has Banks Saying They Don’t ‘Discriminate’ Against Guns
Recent legislation requires firms to declare that they don’t “discriminate” against the firearm industry — or risk losing lucrative business with the state.

Four years ago, JPMorgan Chase joined some of the nation’s largest banks in publicly distancing itself from the firearm industry after a mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., left 17 people dead.

JPMorgan’s relationships with gunmakers “have come down significantly and are pretty limited,” Marianne Lake, then the bank’s chief financial officer, told reporters. “We do have robust risk management practices and policies associated with this,” she said.

The bank, along with Citigroup and other Wall Street firms, did not completely shut the door on gun companies.

In a letter sent to the Texas attorney general this month, JPMorgan, the nation’s largest bank, signaled its willingness to continue working with the firearm industry. The letter described the bank’s “longstanding business relationships” with the industry in the state, noting that it “anticipates continuing such relationships into the future.”

The letter, which was sent by lawyers representing the bank from the firm Foley & Lardner on May 13, was in response to a new law in Texas that bars state agencies from working with a firm that “discriminates” against companies or individuals in the gun industry. One provision of the law requires banks and other professional-services firms to submit written affirmations that they comply with the law.


Shooter had 1,650 bullets. Cops thought he had spent his bullets after initial flurry of shots

at beginning. NOPE.

A solo American 18 year old male can outgun trained SWAT and Cops with his earnings from Wendys

jDont have link. radio special reported that he had 6 magazines with 1650 rounds

Housekeepers struggle as US hotels ditch daily room cleaning


HONOLULU (AP) — After guests checked out of a corner room at the Hilton Hawaiian Village resort on Waikiki beach, housekeeper Luz Espejo collected enough trash, some strewn under beds, to stuff seven large garbage bags


Like many other hotels across the United States, the Hilton Hawaiian Village has done away with daily housekeeping service, making what was already one of the toughest jobs in the hospitality industry even more grueling.

Industry insiders say the move away from daily cleaning, which gained traction during the pandemic, is driven by customer preferences. But others say it has more to do with profit and has allowed hotels to cut the number of housekeepers at a time when many of the mostly immigrant women who take those jobs are still reeling from lost work during coronavirus shutdowns.

Many housekeepers still employed say their hours have been cut and they are being asked to do far more work in that time.


Before the pandemic there were 670 housekeepers working at Espejo’s resort. More than two years later, 150 of them haven’t been hired back or are on-call status, spending each day from 5:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. waiting for a phone call saying there’s work for them. The number not hired back or on call stood at 300 just a few weeks ago.


Ben McLeod, of Bend, Oregon, and his family didn’t request housekeeping during a four-night stay at the Westin Hapuna Beach Resort on Hawaii’s Big Island in March.

“My wife and I just have never really understood why there would be daily housekeeping ... when that’s not the case at home and it’s wasteful,” he said.


Unionized hotel workers are trying get the message out that turning down daily room cleaning is hurting housekeepers and threatening jobs.

Is George P. Bush's crushing defeat in Texas the end of the line for a Republican Party dynasty?

https://www.foxnews.com/politics/george-p-bush-defeat-texas-end-political-dynastyListen to this article

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, facing multiple scandals but very popular with conservatives for his legal crusades against President Biden’s administration, walloped challenger George P. Bush by a more than two-to-one margin in the GOP primary runoff election Tuesday.

Bush, who was the last elected member of his family’s political dynasty – which over four generations has produced two presidents, a vice president, a senator, two governors and a congressman – was long viewed as a rising star in the GOP and was elected and re-elected to the statewide office of Texas land commissioner. He acknowledged in a statement Tuesday night that "things didn’t go as we planned."

And in the wake of his defeat, Bush’s political future and the survival of his family’s brand are very much in doubt."History has shown there can be second acts in American politics, so I wouldn’t say never. But I think that he is politically greatly diminished from the results last night," longtime Texas based GOP strategist Brendan Steinhauser told Fox News.

And he predicted that in the short term "I think it’s more likely he goes into the private sector."

Arizona man's threats against LGBTQ community and Target prompting police investigation

Bullied kid writes "I hope you make some more friends" in his own yearbook. High schoolers step in


High schoolers step in to help after 6th grader says no one signed his yearbookWESTMINSTER, Colo. (KDVR) — It is the time of year when kids are signing each other’s yearbooks. But what happens when no one wants to sign yours?

That happened to Brody Ridder, a sixth grader at The Academy of Charter Schools in Westminster.

“I went up to people and I asked them can you sign my yearbook and some of them were like no,” he said.

He collected two or three names from classmates and two notes from his teachers. Brody said it made him feel “useless,” especially after a tough school year due to bullying.

“They just annoy me to the point where I cry at lunch and I just have to leave early and it’s getting on my nerves and recently they started getting physical and I don’t like it,” he said.


The soon-to-be seniors rounded up as many students as possible to sign Brody’s yearbook even though none of them had ever met the middle schooler.

“We walked in and we were like where’s Brody at? Is Brody Ridder in here? And they’re like yeah he’s in the back and we’re like Brody! We’re here to sign your yearbook bud,” Lightfoot said.

According to the teens, people were lining up to fill the void in Brody’s book. Some even played “rock, paper, scissors” to see who could sign first.


SCOTUS likely to issue setback for LGBT

Supreme Court likely to drop school voucher bombshell

But the court will also soon be handing down a decision in another case that could cause an earthquake for public education.

The case is Carson v. Makin, which was brought to expand voucher policies that provide public money for private and religious education. The case involves a program in Maine that allows the state to pay for tuition at private schools in areas where there is no public school — so long as that private institution is “nonsectarian in accordance with the First Amendment.” Two families, along with a libertarian institute, brought a suit asking that courts require the state to include sectarian religious schools in the program.

Similar requests have been rejected by lower courts. But, as my Post colleague Robert Barnes reported, during hearings last December in Carson v. Makin, the conservative justices on the Supreme Court — who represent the majority, “seemed ready … to extend a line of recent rulings favoring religious interests” and “were critical” of the Maine program that disallowed public funds from going to religious instruction.

Privatization of public education gaining ground, report says
In Carson v. Makin, the conservative majority of the Supreme Court is likely to require Maine officials to use public funding to subsidize religious teaching and proselytizing at schools that legally discriminate against people who don’t support their religious beliefs. A ruling in favor of the families would “amount to a license to outsource discrimination,” according to Kevin Welner, director of the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s School of Education. He is also an attorney and a professor of education.


“The Supreme Court is just a few small steps away from transforming every charter school law in the U.S. into a private-school voucher policy,” he writes. “Further, the nation may be facing a future of religious organizations proselytizing through charter schools that have been freed from obeying anti-discrimination laws — with LGBTQ+ community members being the most likely victims.”


Restaurant hires, then fires woman on same day after learning she's pregnant, feds say

ALouisiana restaurant hired a woman and then fired her the same day after a manager discovered she was pregnant, according to federal officials.

Now, the restaurant must pay her $30,000.


On May 26, the restaurant resolved a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit that was filed in September 2021 by the EEOC, court records show.

The case dates back to April 18, 2019, when, after an interview with a manager, the woman was hired as a hostess at Bourne’s House, according to the lawsuit.

That night, after the manager discovered that the woman was pregnant, he messaged her, stating “Hey, I’m sorry to tell you this, but I’m not gonna be able to hire you. I didn’t realize that you were expecting a baby. I’m afraid by the time I get you trained good, you’ll have to be off to be a mom. I’m sorry,” court documents show.

The woman was told the position was not “suitable” for her because of her pregnancy and she was told to reapply after she gave birth, the complaint states.

A couple of months later, the woman reapplied for a position in person. Court documents state that after she left, one of the restaurant’s employees wrote down “pregnant” on the woman’s application and she was not rehired.

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