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Ex-NRA head Wayne LaPierre and wife secretly turned an elephant they shot in Botswana into decor

Ex-NRA head Wayne LaPierre and his wife secretly turned an elephant they shot in Botswana into home decor: report

Wayne LaPierre and his wife secretly shipped elephant parts from their Botswana hunt to avoid public outcry.
Records obtained by The New Yorker showed Susan LaPierre requesting the shipment have no clear links to the couple.
Taxidermy records showed the parts were turned into home decor, like stools, an umbrella stand, and a trash can.


An export company in Botswana emailed the couple to confirm the shipment of animal parts, which included one cape-buffalo skull, two sheets of elephant skin, two elephant ears, four elephant tusks, and four front elephant feet, according to The New Yorker report published Thursday.

Susan LaPierre later requested that the shipment should have no clear links to the couple, asking to use the name of an American taxidermist as "the consignee" and that the company "not use our names anywhere if at all possible," The New Yorker reported.

In one message sent by the taxidermist, who was not named in the report, to the shipping company, he explained that the LaPierre's "can not afford bad publicity and a out cry,"

which is "why they are trying not to have there names show up on these shipments so the information does not fall into the wrong hands," according to records obtained by the news outlet.

Susan LaPierre also noted that the couple expected to receive "an assortment of skulls and skins from warthogs, impalas, a zebra, and a hyena" in the shipment, according to the report.


job posting for stressful job goes viral

A Napa natural wine company called Dry Farm Wines is inviting prospective candidates to come join their "Family" for pretty standard career opportunities like "warehouse buyer" and "senior accountant." Pretty straightforward.

But the job posting for the compliance manager — posted last Wednesday — has gone viral on Twitter, and not because thousands of people are interested in applying.

"This is the most stressful job posting I've ever seen in my life," begins a thread by @clapifyoulikeme on Twitter Wednesday. And ... she's not wrong.

This is the most stressful job posting I've ever seen in my life and you will never in a million years guess what's it for. pic.twitter.com/UVOlzTcMcK



someone calls that a woman is "jumping out in front of cars" and this is the result??


ORNEY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office is looking into a video that’s going viral on social media.

It shows a woman being pinned to the ground with a sheriff’s deputy on top of her.

They are face to face, legs wrapped around legs.


“I’ve never seen where the officer was literally on top of them with his legs wrapped around the back of her legs and holding her down,” UNT Professor of Criminal Justice Dr. Scott Belshaw said. “I think again that situation is in a vulnerable situation.”

Dr. Belshaw said not only does this move puts the officer in a vulnerable position, but it heightens the woman’s emotions.

“That crushes on to the lungs,” he said. “They can have trouble breathing and things like that, you know it could have gotten a lot worse. In reality that’s not the way to do it.”

Wednesday night, the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office said it’s aware of this recent social media post and is reviewing the incident.



Flooding this week...worldwide

The RNC Is Ramping Up Its 'Predatory' Fundraising Machine Roger Sollenbe

As the Republican National Committee ramps up its fundraising operation for the midterm elections, the GOP group is reviving some of its shadiest tactics—and taking them a step further.

Just this week, the RNC sent out text messages and emails to Republican supporters alerting them that their “payment status” was “incomplete,” seeming to masquerade a fundraising request as an unpaid bill. And emails on Monday from the RNC draw on the same theme, using the words “FINAL NOTICE” in the header to implore donors to activate a “lifetime membership.”

The RNC doesn’t bother explaining what a “lifetime membership” actually means.

Other solicitations claim that a “250% impact offer” is “exclusive to YOU,” while not clarifying what an “impact offer” is, or explaining how the implied 250 percent matching donation would be paid. (That ploy, which Democrats also routinely use, is reportedly under Justice Department review.) And other emails falsely suggest that contributions to the RNC will support Trump’s recent lawsuit against social media companies, even though the RNC plays no role in that litigation.

“Taken all together, these are the kinds of predatory tactics you only see in the scammiest models,” Jordan Libowitz, the communications director for government watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), said.

The tactics are an extension of dubious fundraising schemes Republicans deployed in 2020, both before and after the election. In late December, Trump pushed out an email similar to the RNC’s recent “payment status incomplete” blasts. And while those fundraising efforts drew widespread criticism for misleading donors on a number of fronts, they proved lucrative, pulling in half a billion dollars between mid-October and the end of November.


'You're Killing Me:' Two Colorado Police Officers Arrested After Beating Unarmed Black Man

'You're Killing Me:' Two Colorado Police Officers Arrested After Beating Unarmed Black Man

Bodycam footage released today shows a police officer repeatedly beating an unarmed, 29-year-old Black man with a pistol, bloodying his head as he cried, "You're killing me."

Detroit Cop Stephen Kue reign of terror - freely called black people "dumb N-words" to their faces

A Detroit police officer who has been hit with 85 complaints, and accused of harassing and threatening Black residents for years, was promoted to sergeant. 7 Investigator Ross Jones WXYZ looks into his record and speaks with people about their encounters with him.

not road rage but good samaritans helping driver

2, including TikTok star, found shot when crew clean up after movie ends

— An 18-year-old woman was killed and a 19-year-old man was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries after a shooting at a Corona movie theater, police said Tuesday.

“During the actual movie time, no one apparently heard the gunshot,” Kailyn Dillon, an employee who was not working at the time, said. “I know that we do have security bag checks that we do on the daily and, unfortunately, I’m not sure if just was missed or if it was in a holster on their belt.”

Authorities said employees found the two while cleaning the theater following the 9:30 p.m. showing of “The Forever Purge,” at the Regal Edwards Corona Crossings movie theater.

“At some point, the employee or employees walk inside the theater to conduct their clean-up or walk through and that’s when the 911 call was placed,” Corona Police Department Cpl. Tobias Kouroubacalis said. “[They said] that there was an unknown problem, somebody was bleeding, there wasn’t very specific information given.”


These boys found turtles squashed on the road. Now they spend their days helping other turtles cross

These boys found turtles squashed on the road. Now they spend their days helping other turtles get across.

Brothers Cole and Blake Meyer — ages 10 and 8 — were on their bikes headed to go fishing last month when they saw something awful down the road from their northern Iowa home.

There were a bunch of dead baby turtles, flattened by cars on the thoroughfare between two wetlands, Ventura Marsh and Clear Lake.

“They were all squished, and their shells were broken,” said Cole, who lives with his family in the small city of Ventura. “We felt really sad for them.”

The two boys climbed off their bikes and began helping other small turtles that were slowly (very slowly) crossing to the other side of the road looking for new nesting spots.

“We picked up one in each hand and took them across, then we went back for some more,” Cole said. “We spent the whole day out there, saving turtles.”


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