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This two-legged dog is teaching a two-legged puppy how to stand.

Posted by Demovictory9 | Wed May 1, 2019, 01:42 AM (7 replies)

CNN headline: William Barr is in deep trouble

William Barr is in deep trouble


Attorney General William Barr did two strange things between the time he received special counsel Robert Muelller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election and when he released it to Congress and the public.

The first came on March 24 when, two days after receiving the Mueller report, Barr released a four-page summary letter in which he made clear his conclusion that the report found no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians and that Mueller hadn't made any recommendation as to whether President Donald Trump should be charged with obstructing justice.

The second came on the morning of April 18 when Barr, with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein by his side, held a press conference to reiterate those findings -- in remarkably Trumpian language -- 90 minutes before actually making a redcated version of the report public

On Tuesday night, those two moves came into far sharper -- and more troubling -- focus when it was revealed that Mueller sent a letter to Barr on March 27 expressing concern about the ways in which Barr's summary document described the evidence surrounding obstructive behavior. Mueller did not make issue with any of the factual statements in Barr's four-page letter but rather the lack of nuance on obstruction -- and the resultant media coverage, according to CNN's Laura Jarrett's reporting.

What's up, n*****?' White man repeatedly calls woman the N-word after she asks for his insurance inf

What's up, n*****?' White man repeatedly calls woman the N-word after she asks for his insurance information following crash

Video shows white man with blonde hair repeatedly calling a woman the N-word after a traffic accident
Description of the video claims unnamed motorist unleashed racist tirade after hitting the woman's car
In the footage, he accuses the woman of grabbing his arm and pushing him against the door of his car


n the video, the unnamed male motorist sporting a cropped blonde haircut is seen dressed in jeans and a button-down shirt, and carrying a smartphone in a lime-green case.

Wearing a broad smile on his face, he points the device at the woman, asking her, 'What's up, n*****? What's up, n*****?'

The man with the green phone case then accuses the victim of his verbal attack of grabbing his arm and pushing him against the door of his own vehicle.

You pushed me in my door, you n*****,’ he rages on.

The man then asks rhetorically, ‘You think I'm gonna call the police and file a report?’ before the video abruptly cuts off mid-sentence.

The description of the video alleges that the man unleashed his vile tirade after the female motorist asked for his insurance information because he had struck her car.

Swarthmore students surround / occupy frat house known for sexual violence & bigotry for past 4 days

‘CLOSE THE RAPE ATTIC’: Swarthmore students occupy fraternity after disturbing documents leak

For two years, Maya Henry regularly spent time at Swarthmore College’s two fraternity houses. Every week, the modest stone structures would transform into dens of drunken revelry as partygoers packed in sweaty rooms imbibed on cheap alcohol and danced the night away to a soundtrack of the latest Top 40 hits.

Henry, however, never attended those parties by choice. She had a job to do.

“Most days, my job was to prevent sexual violence and my job was to make sure that somebody wasn’t going to get harmed,” Henry, now a junior, told The Washington Post. The 20-year-old is a member of Swarthmore’s SwatTeam, a student-led organization that works to ensure safety at public campus events where alcohol is served.

“I would sprint up the stairs that lead to the bedroom that’s referred to as the ‘rape attic’ because I knew that there was only one woman up there and a bunch of fraternity brothers,” Henry said.


For three days, students at Swarthmore College, the elite institution known for its progressive politics, have occupied a picturesque stone house in the middle of campus, the quarters of one of the college’s two fraternities. Activists in the building say that it is the site of rampant sexual violence.

The students have refused to leave until college administrators meet their demands: disband the fraternities and take away the two campus buildings that they lease to the groups. The sit-in is part of a long battle around attempts to kick the Greek system off campus, but more broadly, it is about officials’ handling of rape cases.

The demonstration also comes after documents leaked to student journalists, purportedly chronicling years of bigotry and sexual assaults by one fraternity, Phi Psi, whose house the students have seized.



The most recent campaign against the fraternities was set off by a group of six or so students who said they saw social media postings by a fraternity member making light of sexual assaults and prejudice against LGBTQ people.

Shortly after the Tumblr anecdotes went public, the student newspapers at Swarthmore, The Phoenix and the left-leaning publication The Voices, published a trove of Phi Psi “meeting minutes” and other documents from 2012 to 2016. They detail fraternity members using illegal drugs and playing explicit drinking games and contain references to rape and derogatory terms for women, students of color and queer students. Sometimes the fraternity members would include photos of female students in the minutes.

The activists have pitched tents both in the yard around the house and inside it. The building is not a traditional large-scale fraternity house -- its main floor is open and is akin to a dance floor for parties, and it has a basement and a single bedroom upstairs. The students leading the protest have hung banners that read, “This is our house” and “Decades of violence behind this door.”

Only one fraternity member lives in the house, and the protesters worked with local police to allow him inside to retrieve his belongings, Goldberg said. Police, unaffiliated with the campus, have been called on students multiple times, but Anskis said no one has been arrested. Goldberg said that students told police they would not damage the property.

Trump ignores hints to hang up during interview


Trump ignores hints to hang up during interview

A Fox Business anchor struggled to get President Trump to hang up at the end of their phone interview. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

Trump tightens asylum rules, will make immigrants pay fees to seek humanitarian refuge


President Trump ordered major changes to U.S. asylum policies in a White House memo released Monday night, including measures that would charge fees to those applying for humanitarian refuge in the United States.

Trump’s directive also calls for tightening asylum rules by banning anyone who crosses the border illegally from obtaining a work permit, and giving courts a 180-day limit to adjudicate asylum claims that now routinely take years to process because of a ballooning case backlog.

The order, announced in a presidential memorandum, comes as the president is seeking to mobilize his supporters with a focus on illegal immigration ahead of his 2020 reelection campaign.

“If the Democrats don’t give us the votes to change our weak, ineffective and dangerous Immigration Laws, we must fight hard for these votes in the 2020 Election!” the president wrote on Twitter after the White House published his order.


Tech Company Asked For 'Preferably Caucasian' Candidate On LinkedIn Job Posting

Tech Company Asked For ‘Preferably Caucasian’ Candidate On LinkedIn Job Posting
Cynet Systems later apologized and said it had fired the people involved in the racist job listing.



Cynet Systems later sent HuffPost a statement from Co-CEO Ashwani Mayur, expressing regret for the ad and stating that “Both of our owners are Indian-Americans, our workforce is over 60 percent minority, and we are certified as a diversity supplier by the National Minority Supplier Development Council.”

The company said it is “looking at measures to catch offensive or outside-of-policy ads before they ever go live to ensure this can’t happen again.”


(S) Harold 🍿 █████████ (b)(5)
Replying to @hacks4pancakes and 3 others
“You said the quiet part out loud”

9:31 AM - Apr 28, 2019
Twitter Ads info and privacy
29 people are talking about this

Book Minded Mag
Replying to @misshelenasue and 2 others
I’m not shocked by this but I am shocked the listing doesn’t say “preferably Caucasian male.” Cuz we all know that’s exactly what they mean.

7:41 AM - Apr 28, 2019

52% of registered voters say they "definitely wont" vote for Trump

Most Americans say they won’t vote for Trump next year — but will they vote at all?

This week's Twilight Zone. anyone see it?

Synagogue shooter tried to burn down mosque last year

shooter, 19, who killed one woman and injured three other people tried to burn down a mosque last month and believed Jews deserved 'nothing but hell', manifesto reveals


Manifesto posted online before the attack and allegedly by Earnest cites hatred of Jewish people as motive

It also takes credit for an unsolved arson attack against the Dar-ul-Arqam mosque in Escondido last month

The manifesto author reveals he spray-painted the message 'For Brenton Tarrant' in the mosque's parking lot

Tarrant allegedly killed 50 people at 2 mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand a week before the arson attack
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