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Demovictory9's Journal
Demovictory9's Journal
May 1, 2020

41 yr old Broadway star post C19: amputated leg, "holes in lung", pacemaker, internal bleeding


gofundme balance = $474,000



During a virtual appearance on "CBS This Morning" Thursday, Kloots said Cordero's blood count dropped "really, really low," suggesting there may be internal bleeding.

"Today was supposed to be putting in a trach (breathing tube) and a feeding tube," Kloots told anchor Gayle King over video chat. "Unfortunately, this morning, his blood count was really, really low. Low blood count can mean that he’s internally bleeding from somewhere, so now we have to wait."

CBS This Morning

Broadway's @iamNickCordero suffered a new setback in his battle against COVID-19. He's in a medically-induced coma & has been on a ventilator for a month. His right leg was amputated after suffering complications.@GayleKing spoke w/ his wife @AmandaKloots who remains optimistic


gofundme balance = 474,000
April 30, 2020

Church donations have plunged because of the coronavirus. Some churches won't survive.


Church donations have plunged because of the coronavirus. Some churches won’t survive.

Pastor J. Artie Stuckey has cut or eliminated every staff salary at his small Mississippi church. He is nervously watching the payments for the building where Restoration Baptist meets. He reminds his congregation to keep tithing, but he knows many of them — the barber, the electrician, the musician — have also seen their finances rocked by the pandemic shutdown.

Stuckey, a 42-year-old who sold cars until the ministry called him 15 years ago, is sympathetic to being cash-strapped. Restoration wasn’t in great financial shape even before the virus wiped out more than 50 percent of its weekly offerings.

But now the 65-member evangelical church outside Jackson is in survival mode. Which, to Stuckey, feels like a test of faith.

“I made a commitment to God, to my people. We’ve been teaching and preaching faith. Anyone can be a leader, but if you’re a faith leader, what do we do?” he asked. “Do we fold, or do we become a living example of what we’ve preached for so many years?”

The novel coronavirus is pressing painfully on the soft underbelly of U.S. houses of worship: their finances. About a third of all congregations have no savings, according to the 2018-2019 National Congregations Study. Just 20 percent streamed their services and 48 percent were able to accept donations electronically, the study found, making it more challenging to serve the faithful and gather their donations during the virus shutdown.

The blow has been hardest on the nation’s many small congregations (about half of U.S. congregations are the size of Stuckey’s or smaller). Some experts think the coronavirus could reshape the country’s religious landscape and wipe out many small houses of worship. These are places where members typically go to seek guidance and comfort, but members are now finding closed buildings and desperate pleas for funds.
April 30, 2020

Jimmy Kimmel Confronts "Dead Inside" Jared Kushner: "What Are You?"



“We’re on the other side of the medical aspect of this, and I think that we’ve achieved all of the different milestones that are needed. So the federal government rose to the challenge and this is a great success story,” President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor said. “And I think that that’s what really needs to be told.”

Speaking in a monotone to imitate Kushner, The Late Show host Stephen Colbert replied, “Yes, it’s a great story. More people dying under this administration in 100 days than died in 20 years of the Vietnam War. That’s a story that needs to be told. Perhaps in the blockbuster movie Preventable Apocalypse Now.”

But it was Jimmy Kimmel who really tore into Kushner. The Jimmy Kimmel Live host pointed out that while discussing President Trump’s recent executive order to keep meat processing plants open—in order to avoid massive disruptions to the supply chain—Kushner said, “Americans will have all the food supply they need.” The detached use of “they” rather than “we” recalled when Kushner claimed during a press briefing last month that the federal stockpile was “our stockpile”, rather than resources for the states.

“If we are ‘they,’ what are you? It?” Kimmel asked. “I think we may have just happened upon proof that Jared is a robot.”

During his interview on Wednesday, Kushner also took a shot at who he called “the eternal lockdown crowd” who “make jokes on late-night television” while he discussed plans to re-open the economy. The remark and its implications delighted Kimmel. “I love the idea that he’s watching late-night television to see if we make jokes about him,” Kimmel said, before unleashing a barrage of one-liners about Kushner’s appearance and demeanor.

April 30, 2020

30 million Americans have filed initial unemployment claims since mid-March


After peaking at 6.9 million in the last week of March, claims have fallen each of the last four weeks — an encouraging sign that at least things aren't getting worse.

But overall, joblessness remains a dire problem. Friday marks May 1, and for millions of Americans, rents and mortgage payments will be due. Unemployment benefits are one of the key forms of financial aid that are helping families plug the gap.

As part of a $2 trillion CARES Act package signed last month, Congress expanded unemployment benefits to include an extra $600 per week on top of state benefits, for up to four months. They also expanded the eligibility requirements to include independent contractors, gig workers and self-employed workers.

Not all claims result in paid benefits. Continued jobless claims, representing workers who filed for their second week of benefits or more, stood at nearly 18 million in the week ended April 25, after seasonal adjustments, up from 15.8 million in the prior week.
April 30, 2020

nation suffering pandemic & economic crisis: mature, calming, measured words from POTUS


Donald J. Trump
I must admit that Lyin’ Brian Williams is, while dumber than hell, quite a bit smarter than Fake News
“anchorman” Don Lemon, the “dumbest man on television”. Then you have Psycho Joe “What Ever Happened To Your Girlfriend?” Scarborough, another of the low I.Q. individuals!


Donald J. Trump
Lyin’ Brian Williams of MSDNC, a Concast Scam Company, wouldn’t know the truth if it was nailed to his wooden forehead. Remember when he lied about his bravery in a helicopter? Totally made up story. He’s a true dummy who was thrown off Network News like a dog. Stay tuned!
April 30, 2020

Man dumps more than a thousand face masks on Bay Area freeway. Several stopped to pick them up


More than a thousand blue-and-white paper medical masks were strewn across southbound Interstate 880 on Wednesday afternoon — the result of an unknown male adult stopping in the middle of traffic lanes to dump boxes full of them onto the pavement, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Officers responded to several calls about 1:39 p.m. concerning debris in the roadway on I-880 just south of Whipple Road in Union City, CHP Officer Damian Cistaro told SFGATE. When authorities arrived on the scene, they discovered "a thousand plus" masks in the roadway. Meanwhile, several drivers had stopped their vehicles so they could pick up the masks, said Officer Dustin Kennerly.

CalTrans was called to the scene to sweep the roadway. All lanes were stopped for approximately 5 to 10 minutes and opened again at 2:49 p.m.

The man who was seen dumping the masks has not yet been identified. He was reportedly seen in a white truck.

"We obviously don’t advise people to stop on a freeway and retrieve these things," said Kennerly. "Reports say this guy had boxes of masks and was dumping them, but there were no markings on the box. These people didn't know if the masks were brand new or previously used."

Hundreds of leftover masks retrieved by officers were discarded.
April 30, 2020

'White House' Shop Sells the Gift No One Asked for: $100 COVID-19 Commemorative Coins


‘White House’ Shop Sells the Gift No One Asked for: $100 COVID-19 Commemorative Coins

In a sales pitch that absolutely no one has asked for, the White House Gift Shop is selling COVID-19 commemorative coins, emblazoned with slogans like “World vs The Unseen Enemy” and “Everyday HEROES Suited Up.” As the deadly virus continues to kill thousands of people and cripple daily life for most Americans, the privately-run White House store is asking buyers to fork out $100 (reduced from $125!) to commemorate the “historic moment.”

One coin has an image of a COVID-19 spore superimposed on a world map, while a second coin features an empty White House podium with the names of the coronavirus task force members surrounding it including President Trump, Vice President Pence, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and medical experts Drs. Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci.

The shop—which is privately-run but was established by then President Truman in 1946 and says it is given exclusive trademark rights—said sale proceeds will be donated to hospitals.

The coins are the eleventh in a “historic moment art series” that includes coins celebrating Trump’s meetings with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin and another titled, “President Donald J. Trump: A Study in Genius.”

Read it at White House Gift Shop
April 29, 2020

Friday, May 1st, national unemployment rate expected announcement 16%

no link. heard from someone on call with California bigwigs.

April 29, 2020

Speaker Pelosi: "What did the president know, and when did he know it?


Speaker Pelosi: "What did the president know, and when did he know it? This president has presided over the worst disaster in our country's history ... He did so by neglect of information, also denial and delay in accepting the facts."

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