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Member since: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 04:28 PM
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Trump is the record setting President

Two things happened today

A firefighter/EMT who died of Covid-19 posted on his FB page a video attacking the media for its

coverage of Covid-19. He posted it just 2 weeks ago. The guy on the video called Covid-19 a "mild illness" and accused the media of making the disease a bigger deal than it is. You read the rest of his FB page you can see the guy was a Trump supporter and posted many memes mocking Covid-19

Out of respect for the man's passing, I will not be posting his name or link to his FB page. Suffice to say it's all real and quite sad. I consider him 100% a victim of Donald Trump, the man he worshipped

I just shake my head thinking just how messed up so many American have become under Donald Trump and the GOP

Trump made the US the worst place on the planet for Covid-19

Don't worry about Godzilla

How to protect yourself from Covid-19

Do you remember

Talking to my FOX News loving Trump supporting father

He understands how bad the virus is (mostly because I am in public health and have been explaining it to him for a month). Whenever we talk politics we argue. I told him last night- I don't want to argue politics but I do want to point out that it was only a few weeks ago FOX news told you that there was nothing to worry about from this virus. Your President told you the virus was a "hoax". It's safe to say you now see who can and who can't be believed

White Washing

We are exactly where the right-wingers spent decades of effort to create

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