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Member since: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 04:28 PM
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I think the Democrats could have held the House if they had repealed the GOP Tax

On state and local taxes paid. I can't help but feel like the Democrats missed an opportunity. Such actions would have been big in at least NJ and NY where they lost Congressional races

GOP New Jersey Official Calls 911 On 9-Year-Old Black Girl Catching Lanternflies

Bobbi Wilson, a fourth grade student in Caldwell, New Jersey, was merely testing a homemade spray against the invasive lanternfly species on her street when a neighbor — a former Republican official — called the cops on her.

“The morning of October 22, our neighbor [Gordon Lawshe] called the police, identified himself and reported, ‘There’s a little black woman walking, spraying stuff on the sidewalks and trees. I don’t know what the hell she is doing, it scares me though,’ and included that she was wearing a hoodie,” Wilson’s mother Monique Joseph, said during a mayor and council meeting on Nov. 1, according to local outlet The Progress.

Wilson, 9, learned about regional “see it, squish it” campaigns to help stop the spread of the lanternflies while writing a school paper on their environmental impact. After finding a nontoxic spray recipe on TikTok, she went outside to test it ― only for Lawshe’s call to scare her from going outside again, according to BuzzFeed News.

Lawshe, 71, former local councilperson, co-head and treasurer of the Caldwell Republican Committee, and membership director of the Caldwell Community Center, told police they couldn’t “miss” the Black “small woman” — who was wearing a “hood.”


With inflation, the Feds tanking the economy, the Russian war, the Saudi's and crime rising

If the Republicans couldn't create a red wave from that, they are in serious trouble

the right-wing fentanyl lie exposed

FOX News and the rest of the fascist propaganda network had their followers shaking in fear over the claims that kids were going to be killed by fentanyl being handed out as candy. Where are all the stories of this happening?!?!

It's funny I was talking to my Fox News-watching father, and he raised the issue yesterday afternoon. I told him the story was utter nonsense and told him why. Two things:

what was the point of the lie the fascists propagandized?

How is it that my father can literally see that he is being lied to and yet he continues to believe them over people who tell the truth?

Ever wonder about the 1 black guy sitting behind Trump at his rallies?

why we don't have immigration reform

The mindset of the fascist republican voter

Trump supporter threatens to shoot black Amazon worker, tells him "he is in a racist neighborhood"

John Vincentini, 62, was driving his car and allegedly followed the driver into a cul-de-sac as he was making deliveries, authorities said. Vincentini, who is white, parked his car to block the truck and confronted the driver, who is Black, authorities alleged.

He questioned why the driver was in his neighborhood and asked him whether or not he knew it was a “racist neighborhood,” according to a statement from the office. He then asked the driver whether wanted him to go back to his car, get his rifle, and shoot the driver in the head, the statement said.


Now I did some digging to confirm that he is indeed MAGA

On his Facebook page, Vincentini displays a photo of himself sitting on a motorcycle while holding a rifle. The caption says: "F*** JOE BIDEN. AND F*** YOU IF YOU VOTED FOR HIM."

Read More: Lacey man charged for threatening Amazon driver, cops say | https://nj1015.com/lacey-nj-man-confronted-amazon-driver-for-entering-racist-neighborhood-cops-say/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

Ukraine is no longer low on artillery ammo because Russia abandoned so much in recent retreats

Ammunition left behind by fleeing Russian troops is filling Ukraine's depleted reserves and powering its counter-offensive, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Russia's hurried retreat from Kharkiv in early September saw soldiers abandoning a mass of hardware, including tanks, other armored vehicles and howitzers.

They also left behind huge quantities of Soviet-caliber artillery shells, the paper reported.


Much of Ukraine's military arsenal is Russian or Soviet equipment, making it hard for them to replenish stocks.

In March, western officials reported that Ukrainian troops in Mariupol were resupplying by stealing ammo from Russian soldiers.

By June, Vitaly Kim, the governor of the southern region of Mykolaiv, said "we are out of ammo," Voice of America reported.

The US depleted its own reserves of some ammunition in supplying Ukraine, with levels of 155 mm ammunition becoming "uncomfortably low," as one unnamed defense official told the WSJ in late August.

But this has begun to change since Ukraine's lightning-fast counter-offensive in September. As its soldiers recaptured huge swathes of territory in the northeastern Kharkiv region, Russians dropped their guns and abandoned tanks.


That's a promise Jack

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