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mayor cantrell recall

i voted for latoya cantrell. twice. sure the streets are in bad shape, but when has that not been true? the mayor displayed remarkable leadership during the worst of the covid business, and that took great courage. bit ......

if you're going to let the garbage contractor get away with doing 1/2 of his job, he has to show up for that 1/2. i can live with once a week, sure, crawfish shells and such get ripe in a week and there are always droves of maggots in the can, but this is new orleans. we cope.

it would be nice if at least one of the street projects could be finished. new potholes are growing before the old ones are filled.

and. i appreciate the new bike lanes and the effort to make our streets more bicycle friendly, but this system seems to be motor vehicle hostile. try making a turn onto elysian fields in the marigny! bike lanes need to be scaled back to dual use and the off street parking returned to the curb.

at any rate, this rant is not directed at ms cantrell as a democrat (and i am also a proud democrat, as is every viable candidate for mayor in my lifetime. this rant is directed at ms cantrell, the leader of the city. stop with the 1st class travel and get to mayoring, or you will not have a job.


rip moon landrieu .

the field of dreams game

cubs vs reds. i don't follow either team but it was a great game.

the cute moments were good. furg jenkins first pitch to johnny bench. the griffy's playing catch. the hologram of harry carey at the 7th inning stretch. all very nostalgic.

but they missed a trick. the movie, if i remember right, focused on shoeless joe jackson of the black sox scandal. this might have been a good moment, when the retired reds came out of the cornfield, for pete rose to be with them, enough is enough. he was a great player and it is about time.

by 2024 "conservatives" will be asking

"who is this trump guy? did he bring me coffee?

today's hearing, tying trump and his cabal to the "seditious conspiracy" already pled guilty by oath keepers and proud boys, should finish him off.

Thursday's hearing (featuring the roles of our favorite treasonous congressctitters) is postponed.

i'm looking for the testimony that said trump asked stone "why do they look like that?" as if he realized for the first time that the proud boys would not be staging a "brooks brothers riot." could trump have been that oblivious?

not that it matters. armies have been led by oblivious generals before.

a little ode to cancel culture ......

graphic photo of trump "grabbing" the secret service agent

cheezus take the wheel!

dobbs vs women's health leads to dystopia

i thought it might be rooted in conservative distain for unenumerated rights. natural rights, such as privacy and autonomy were seen by the founders as "endowed by their creator" and thus not necessary to enshrine as amendments.

Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization :: 597 U.S. ___ (2022) :: Justia US Supreme Court Center

in section (3) of the decision the justices minimize the right to bodily autonomy.

Those criteria, at a high level of generality, could license fundamental rights to illicit drug use, prostitution, and the like.

there are cases "preceeding casey" that seeem to recognize bodily autonomy as a right, but

Abortion is different because it destroys what Roe termed “potential life”

this path leads, i'm afraid, to a place where you have no right to refuse vaccine. any more than you have a right to take drugs or prostitute yourself.

taken just a little farther, if your kidney is a match and can be used to save a "potential life" you have no right to keep your own organ.

there are already huge repercussions to the court's refusal to uphold privacy as a natural right. but decisions like dobbs lead to dystopia,

pride month seems to be cranking up in florida ..........

link to c span live jan 6 hearing.

starts 0922 cdt

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