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rampartc's Journal
rampartc's Journal
May 8, 2024

new state constitution on fast track.

i can't find anything other than the big vote to hold the 2 week convention was 67 to 27. this thing is being pushed by maga governor landry and "gop mega doner" lane grigsby.

everything on the tube is "we have to cut education and health care which is not allowed in the old constitution." but if i know these people we will see a culture war manifesto.

April 30, 2024

louisiana constitution rewrite : this must be stopped

On a party-line vote, the Republican-controlled House and Governmental Affairs Committee passed House Bill 800, which calls for convening a two-week convention next month to rewrite the constitution. HB 800 advances to the full House for consideration sometime soon.


next month ?

a 2 week convention?

how is this possible?

what is the rush?

how can we stop this?

i knew we were headed to the front lines of the culture war but this has gone nuclear.
April 25, 2024

jazz fest live from new orleans

all weekend long


90.7 fm

does anyone use a radio streaming service?

April 15, 2024

are macaques using stone tools

do we have an "animal rights" forum, because this needs to be on the radar.

if, as this article indicate, macaques are teaching their young to make and use stone tools, they have entered a paleolithic era.

that alone entitles them to, i think, extraordinary protection , not only as endangered or threatened species (macaques usually don't qualify) but as fully sentient beings.

should we help them along? or should we enact some kind of "prime directive?."
my instinct is to allow them to make their own mistakes.


April 14, 2024

Home Coming - a very short story of uncertain genre

Home Coming 4/13/2024

"Cassie, my love, come forward. we're home!"
My king. Always the greeking drama.
"At once, my lord"
"What a quaint village of mud hovels, my lord."
"Welcome to my kingdom, and you are my queen."
Again with the Greeking Drama. Who does this barbarian think i am? Ava Gabor?
"You are most gracious, your grace, but you took me out of Troy for this?"
Then this king breaks in to mansplain
"But Cassie, Troy was burning to the plain at the time."
Get me started.
"Only because you burned it to the plain. ..."
"It isn't my fault Odysseus forgot to warn me about lighting the torch inside that damn horse...."
"Forgive me, my lord, but this great joy to be home for our honeymoon is making me emotional"
After all, a priestess of Apollo must comfort the afflicted.
"Not now, Cassie, that is my wife on the pier with her new king.
Again with the Greek Drama. Maybe Orestes is cute.

rampart 4/13/2024

April 12, 2024

misgivings about the stormy danials trial

this crime involves a violation of campaign finance law, and could be used by media to explain these obscure laws to the public and perhaps call for their wider enforcement and if necessary, modification or strengthening.

but i think we know that is not going to happen. the one thing that no politician or lobbyist or media inc that runs campaign ads does not want to happen is actual application of these laws to them.

no. from a cable news standpoint this trial will be a parade of playmates and porn stars. if they are dressed frumpy for court, not to worry, there is plenty of video out there showing every square millimeter of stormy danials and (tastefully edited i'm sure) it will be running 24/7 during the trial.

do you really expect these girls to dress frumpy? the danger is visually confirming to trump's moronic fan boys that their hero is america's "alpha male.."

but this trial, unfortunately, is not about the girls, it is about the money.

March 31, 2024

Alan Toussaint - sneakin' sally throught the alley

there are a few pop versions of this song robt palmer is good , little feat better, but this is the man

March 24, 2024

Has Local News gone pre_Gutenburg?

The Greatest Show on Earth.

In the distant past, the publishers of a small local newspaper did not have a reporter available to review a show I was producing. This was great because i carry my own reviews and most newspaper publishers are happy to fill a column with words. That kind of frames the advertisements with gray space in the lay out.

We had great reviews. It was a terrible show.

Fast Forward to the Twenty First century.

I want to place an ad in a local paper.

Both of the publishers are dead. There is no small local newspaper.The reporter whose byline i borrowed so long ago was working at a motel.on the old us highway through town.

The reporter commented." the paper was a rag; It died."

I guess they were all rags. I guess they all died.

3/24/24 TMS

January 20, 2024

seriously it is time to talk about peace in the ukraine.

this will have to be negotiated sooner or later , why not sooner?

here is my proposal to begin negotiations

the 4 state solution -

1. immediate cease fire in place

2 look down at the new zelensky-putin line, eastern boundary of of ukraine

3. ukraine full nato membership-

4.those areas between the "zelput line" (or maybe just the "z line&quot and the former western boundary of russia to be divided appropriately between 2 or 3 statelets. each state self governing with assistance from goldman sax or the world bank.

5, the statelets to be totally disarmed and protected by a contingent of blue helmeted bangla deshis, or sherpa or canadians. maybe assigning canadians not such a good idea? can only try.

6. after a generation or 2 allow the statelets to join alliances and such

move we immediately and unanimously agree to proposal 1 , and adjoin until tomorrow to begin negotiations on proposal 2.

those children in the trenches, on both sides, could use a warm fire and a cup of potato squeezins on what must be a chilly night on the steppes.

January 6, 2024

maybe i'm an original series anti villain? spoiler alert

my old lady came out into the garage and breathed a cloud of something that i promised not to do before i got a prescription for it.

i feel as if william shatner had marooned me here whith a million clones of the reason i left the solar system in my rear view mirrors to get a pack of cigarettes in the first place.;

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