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Scottie Mom

Scottie Mom's Journal
Scottie Mom's Journal
August 11, 2023

The Protective Order DC Court: How soon will tRump violate it?

My opinion: Today.

He has to by this time know info which under the order he may not disclose...and he will do it because he believes it can or will cause another riot like J6 and it will solidity and/or bring voters into his base.

What the hell does he have to lose? If the judge confines him (jail, house arrest, ankle bracelet), he will make himself the victim. He will also use it to raise funds...see, the Obama judge and the Biden DOJ took away my First Amendment Rights, etc.

I say, confine him repeatedly...first time, big news, but as each application continues, IMO except for the hardcore MAGAts, people are gonna move on. Also, it may give others a taste of what could happen to them if they disobey this judge.

All of the above: JMHO

August 1, 2023

Today's Indictment!

I'm reading it and as I am reading it, it is soooooooooooo fucking great in the facts and the charges...


July 18, 2023

I have to get this rant off my chest!!!!!!!

I HATE Microsoft products!!!!!!!!

I am sitting here tearing my hair out!!!!!!!!

July 15, 2023

I had to put my kitty to sleep today.

He really wasn't "my kitty." He belonged to a neighbor who lived across the street and he and his wife were the parents to this Tuxedo kitty cat. The wife died and the plans the couple had had prior to her death were that hubbie, who was 11 years older than wife, would go first and all the life insurance, burial funds, mortgage insurance, would support her in her final days. Some times, good planning does not prevent really bad outcomes. She was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and died very soon thereafter leaving Hubbie and the cat in basically a very bad financial predicament.

My friend, the Hubbie, did not have the financial ability to stay in his home. He simply could not afford it. I had just lost my gentleman friend of 12 years to kidney cancer, diagnosed at stage 4. So, with an empty spare bedroom, I said to my widower neighbor, come stay with me...and he brought his cat, Domino, with him. My Scottie, AB, was NOT pleased, but after a few weeks, there was a détente between the four-legged children. Today, Domino went to that big Cat House in the sky to be with his Daddy and Best Friend, JB.

Domino, when he came to be my roommate along with his Cat Dad, was already an elderly cat who did not tolerate the Scottie puppy very well. His age I estimated to be 19 years at time of his death today. He was a regal, old man who felt he should and did control the household environment.

Today he was suffering. He could not walk, he did eat, but he was so lethargic. I could not see putting this very elderly cat through any sort of treatment to prolong his life. I was told by the Vet that his lungs were filling with fluid. It was time to let the Tuxedo cat go, go to my friend and former roommate who had passed away four and a half years ago, leaving Domino with me to be his Cat Mom.

I am sure that today these two best buddies, JB and Domino, are both over that Rainbow Bridge and cuddled together with all of my Scotties of the past who are welcoming the only cat who has ever lived with me. I am hoping that they are cuddled together and that they will look down on and after me until I cross to be with them and allow me to watch the butterflies that share their place with all of the beloved animals that have passed.

Good Kitty, Domino, and thank you for letting me be your Mom for the last few years of your life. The Scottie and I love you and miss you, but we are sure your Daddy is very, very glad to have you with him.

July 3, 2023

OMG...look what I found!!!!


I just gotta have this shirt!

June 25, 2023


Great game!

June 23, 2023

Trump coup plotter John Eastman is finally facing real accountability

Former president Donald Trump and his supporters have blamed his indictment on a “two-tiered” justice system. As it happens, we do have a two-tiered system, but here’s a better example of it: Hundreds of ordinary people have been convicted of attacking the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, yet not one member of Trump’s inner circle of coup-plotters has faced real accountability for it.


This is an excellent article with points I found to be well taken. I only posted the first paragraph because, frankly, I found so many of the paragraphs informative and interesting that I could not choose which ones to post.

The discussion of the difference between the State Bar proceedings in New York re Giuliani and California re Eastman pointed out, at least to me, that Eastman is facing -- for essentially the same conduct -- a different disciplinary hearing in California as versus New York. IMO, the CalBar is extremely serious about going after Eastman for "corrupting the law to subvert the constitution." Giuliani is looking at charges for false statements as a lawyer. While what Giuliani did is unacceptable, the CalBar appears to me to label Eastman, basically, as unAmerican and a traitor.

Also of interest, again to me, was the discussion of the testimony by Greg Jacob, Pence's attorney, wherein he stated his view on Eastman's responsibility for J6.

An excellent read. Hope you enjoy.
June 21, 2023

Eastman disbarment proceedings over 2020 election begin in California


Conservative attorney John Eastman defended himself before the State Bar of California on Tuesday in a disbarment hearing focused on his role in developing a legal strategy to help President Donald Trump stay in power after his 2020 election loss.

Eastman faces 11 charges stemming from allegations that he was the architect of the legal road map Trump followed in an effort to overturn the legitimate results of the 2020 election by obstructing the electoral vote count in certain states.

Eastman is also accused of making false and misleading statements regarding alleged election fraud, the State Bar said, referencing claims he made at a rally at the Ellipse outside the White House that preceded the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. If Eastman is found culpable for the allegations, he could lose his license to practice law in California.

Much of Eastman’s testimony Tuesday focused on the sources and validity of figures Eastman had used to push the idea that thousands of fraudulent ballots had been cast in Georgia. On the stand, Eastman remained somewhat defiant when presented with data from Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger that disputed, among other claims by Eastman, that 66,000 underage people and 2,500 convicted felons had voted in the state in the 2020 election.


IMO, he is going to be disbarred. There are 11 Counts and the charges are serious: Failure to Support the Constitution and Laws of the United State, Misleading a Court and counts of Moral Turpitude, etc. Here is a link to the Cal Bar Disciplinary Complaint:


June 19, 2023

JOHN EASTMAN -- CalBar, link to live zoom of disbarment proceedings, 2 days, starting tomorrow 06/20

For those who are interested:

You can watch this on zoom and there is link to download zoom.

Link to CalBar hearing page: [link:https://www.statebarcourt.ca.gov/Portals/2/documents/notices/State-Bar-Court-Public-Events.pdf|

Link to Eastman zoom: [link:https://calbar.zoom.us/j/97985435232#success|

10:30 a.m. PDT


June 13, 2023

Trump Court appearance today -- what time?

What time in FL is his arraignment?

TIA for the info! Want to be watching...

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