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Scottie Mom

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Sep 27, 2018, 03:11 PM
Number of posts: 5,006

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Trump Star


How fucking appropriate. Kudos to whomever did this!

You take my breath away!



I inherited my first cat last December

And I was not so sure about this. I spent many years being afraid of cats. My best friend in HS had a cat, Millicent, that would just strike out and bite and scratch for no reason. My first and last experience with a cat. I loved dogs and have had dogs all my life. Even the dog that no one could manage, I got along with just fine.

So, I got a roommate in 2013, Joe, and he passed away last December. He had a cat that he brought with him. A really cute cat, but I kept my distance because I was not sure about "cat creatures."

My dog was not sure either. Well, it will be six months tomorrow that Joe passed and his black and white cat is now a loved, adored and cherished member of my family. It's just the three of us and there is almost enough room on my queen sized bed for all of us to cuddle, sleep, watch TV, and have snack time.

Domino, my kitty love, is elderly, but he gets around just fine. I had to put a small 2-step ladder by the side of the bed for him to get on the bed, but he still jumps off the bed and is very, very quick on his feet...especially when the front door opens. Cat knows the sound of keys in the lock and the doorbell and NEVER fails to alert to these sounds.

I never thought in my life I would love a cat, but Domino changed my mind!!! I now consider myself a true member of the DU cat and dog lovers membership!

Glad I inherited him. I finally saw how great a cat can be.

Hmmmmmmmm...Pizzagate and this is where we are? (Thank you AHNC!)




Thank you All Hat No Cattle for another day you made me smile when I opened your website!

Thank you to Soph0571

I look for your posts every time I come on the DU. I don't know where you find the posters, articles and pictures, but they are so good, right on, entertaining and a delight!

So, come on everyone...some applause for this poster!!!

And a from me for quite often making my day!

Oh, shit...another earthquake!!!!!!!!!!

Still rolling!!!!!

So I got to a 4th of July party and there were asshole Trump lovers there

Yep, the host...and he has that POS all over a TV screen big enough to use at a drive in movie. Before the party, I told the "host with the least" that I would gladly come, but no Trump -- baseball (Dodger and the Angels both were playing). He said fine. So I get a plate of food and sit down, and the motherfucker puts on the Trump bull shit at the DC mall. I got up and left and the asshole says to my friends, "Did I do something wrong? It's just a parade." I also ended a friendship with a vile piece of shit who did not get why a host should NOT do something like that, left me standing on a street corner waiting for a ride to come after me since I had come with him and the asshole said, "See you after the fireworks." Fuck him, too.

Trump supporters are liars and inconsiderate assholes.

Rolling earthquake!!

Loooooooooooooooooong roller. I am between LA and Long Beach.

Daily Reminder


Wow, he sure is wearing those burgers.

Looks like there gonna put MF45 on Mt. Rushmore after all

Great mock up for his place in history:

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