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Smackdown2019's Journal
Smackdown2019's Journal
March 29, 2020


If the Articles are ever more important to be utilized...... Trumps cabinet should vote to remove him due to be unfit for the office!

March 27, 2020



Sexual deviant
Relish of death
Only for himself.....

Who does that remind you of?

March 22, 2020

What we should do now is what CHINA did

We should learn how they rid this virus...

People are ready now, they got their food stored for 2 weeks and are not going to events....

What we should do NOW... all 50 states should NOT allow ANYONE outside for two weeks. Unless your a mailman only delivers meds, or that policeman that enforces the order or a medical worker, no one should be out that could spread the disease or catch it.

We are fighting TIME.

If violators are caught, then we should detain them in special cells and force them to quarantine.

This is War.... not a right to gather.

The faster we do this, the shorter the spread will occur!

March 22, 2020

Trump should be REMOVED NOW!

This deranged person that Russia has titled US President, should be removed for failing us. Failing to do the job he swore he would do.... PROTECT us. When the offer of test kits were offered by WHO earlier in the year and he TURNED DOWN the offer then ANNOUNCED that this disease was HOAX by the Democrats.... then he is OUT OF HIS FREAKING MIND! PENCE is as STUPID as his Master!


March 16, 2020

What I see

First hour seen a Capitalist politician and a Communist politician. The communist tried to pull up some moment he thinks is a gotcha over the capitalalist...

Bernie. ..... DROP OUT!

Know what I see.....

Biden has the American Flag lapel on his suit....

Bernie has what on his suit? A small round lapel...

March 15, 2020

Who believes Trumps cornov test was really negative?

We all do not trust anything that comes from this administration.....

Why should we believe he tested negative?

Mr perfect is biggest LIAR that anyone knows.....


He should of said he tested positive and escape into his golf resort in Ireland to run his Billion Dollar Debt Resorts and let prayer guy pence pray for everyone to get better.

This country is in a world of trouble under this administration!

March 14, 2020

Trumpets and their hats

A month ago, you seen MAGA hats and Trump hats still on top the cone heads. Over the past few days, being in trump area of rural Missouri, I have not seen ONE hat. Got back from Walmart a couple of hours ago, which of itself has atleast a trumper with a hat on. All I seen in there was panic people grabbing toilet paper and all can goods. Maybe they finally disbelieved of the nonsense of the "fake news" rhetoric that their ferierce leader has been casting out the past few weeks and they are preparing for the worst. If anything, they should feel it was a let down of not being protected.

Folks, do not know how we will manage through this as Americans, but we need common sense individuals in the higher ups. Unfortunately, we have been failed by federal government.

Courage is what we Americans must have and discourage the hatred and selfishness of what others portray onto another. Be neighborly, but use common sense in interacting. No more handshakes.

God bless you!

March 4, 2020


What are the possibilities of sessions losing the run off in Alabama?

What about the BIG IF it he loses the runoff, he runs as an independent candidate?

It is no secret of Trump and Sessions breakup. Trump is like a jealous husband and making his former lovers' life hell while he seeks to get his old job back.

If Sessions loses the runoff.... would he run as an Independent to get his job back?

March 3, 2020

Super Tuesday

I will be out of my voting district next week, so I went to the county courthouse today and casted my vote for Joe. I was number 11 on the absentee count. Mercy the ballot had a long list of Presidential Candidates. Over half seemed they were already out of the race.

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I am Conservative Democrat that believes in the rights of all people, but also believes in fiscal responsibility. Government programs that support the poor should be protected, but not abused. Government subsidies should also be brought back and the dependencies of quick junk food be abolished for the health of our Nation.

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