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Dem4Life1102's Journal
Dem4Life1102's Journal
July 29, 2020

My choice for Biden's VP is...

irrelevant. I'm going to vote for Biden regardless of who he choses. Same for everyone else here on DU. We will vote for him whether he picks Warren or Harris or Oprah or Leslie Knope.

And there is only one qualification that matters, a running mate that best helps him win the election.

July 27, 2020

Bloomberg Pledged Hundreds of Millions to Defeat Trump. Where Is It?

Bloomberg Pledged Hundreds of Millions to Defeat Trump. Where Is It?

“He made a lot of pledges at the beginning... And then he just decided not to,” said Rebecca Katz, a progressive Democratic strategist.

Mike Bloomberg’s presidential effort redefined campaign lavishness, a billion-dollar behemoth that for a time put the former New York City mayor at the center of the primary conversation until it became clear that many Democrats didn’t want to vote for him.

But after all that extravagance, the TV advertising blitzes, the free campaign memorabilia and outlandish social media ploys to try and boost his own political fortune, Bloomberg has yet to publicly do the same for the Democratic nominee.

After having pledged to help defeat President Donald Trump, Bloomberg has been largely a nonentity on the general election landscape considering his massive primary season spending, according to campaign finance records ending in May. And a Bloomberg spokesperson did not provide an answer on how much more the 78-year-old is willing to spend to boost Biden when responding to a request for comment this week.

July 25, 2020

Republican trickle down economics

Is that when Russian hookers pee on Trump and then he pisses all over the constitution? 😉

July 13, 2020

Anti-Biden 'woke white dude' gets his comeuppance

For several months I have been monitoring the activity of a anti-Biden alleged liberal socialist on Twitter. https://twitter.com/DavidAgStone

He has over 17 thousand followers so I thought it was a good idea to know what the far left was doing and saying about our nominee especially after their affect on the last election.

His biggest argument against Biden was supporting Tara Reade and her allegations against him.

Several weeks ago when he was trying to organize 'Never Biden' marches at Democratic party headquarters in every state. More recently he's been pushing a 'Pelosi must go' meme.

A few weeks ago, he was outed as a member of the young Republicans club when in college but gave a lame explanation that he just attended a few of their parties for free booze.

Well last night he posted this:

It seems he was sexually harassing several women online. It should be noted that no where in his 'statement' does he apologize for his behavior and he gives a lame excuse blaming autism, which is offensive to anyone with autism.

Now most here probably thing 'what's the big deal'. I just think that we need to realize that this election is a 2 front war. Not only do we need to fight Trumpers, the GOP and the right wing. But we need to fight those on the purity left or at least those pretending to be on the left.

Having seen 2 elections in the last 20 years that Democrats should have won go south because too many felt our nominee wasn't liberal enough and then either stayed home or vote 3rd party, it is something that we need to remain vigilant about. Thanks.

Just a bit of an update: It seems this dude was stalking women as young as 15. Unbelievable that he was trashing Biden claiming he was 'fighting for women'.

July 4, 2020

Sara Cooper is live on Instagram

right now doing Trump's speech. 🤣🤣🤣

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