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Gender: Male
Home country: United States
Current location: NYC
Member since: Thu Sep 26, 2019, 08:18 AM
Number of posts: 3,974

Journal Archives

Watching the Senate and everyone is wearing a mask

except Rand Paul. Even Ted Cruz is wearing a mask. Imagine being a bigger jerk than Ted Cruz?

Damn this is just embarrassing

The problem is not that Democrats don't have a spine

The problem is we don't have their backs enough, especially when they are forced to make compromises to get things done. Too many are willing to make the perfect the enemy of the good. But as Ted Kennedy use to say, 'sometimes you have to accept only getting a half a loaf instead of no loaf at all'.

There are still too many who require perfection from our elected Democrats whether it's liberals and progressives attacking Joe Manchin or moderates going after AOC. Say what you want about Republicans, they stay unified and are willing to accept incremental change that can take years.

Being a big tent party means that we have to accept different points of view at times and not get everything we want immediately. And that means supporting all democrats all the time.

So in the last week the "liberal" NY Times

1. Attacked Biden for owning an exercise bike.
2. Slammed him for wearing a nice watch.
3. Fired an editor for a tweet that some thought was too complimentary of Biden.

Guess this is what happens when you donít have a tan suit or phony email story to flog.


Oh poor Dr. Birx

Desperately trying to rewrite history to salvage her reputation.

The West Wing


Cover of Time: Day One


AOC vs Ted Cruz


Wow! Every broadcast and cable news network

is airing the concert except the two named FOX.

Hope Biden's first briefing goes better;)

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