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BComplex's Journal
BComplex's Journal
March 24, 2021

Just read a Reuters article that has me incredibly upset: Supreme Court Shadow Docket

I did not know about any of this. In the middle of the night, the VERY ACTIVIST, VERY RIGHT WING Supreme Court is making rulings in secret, for all practical purposes.

According to the article, during the 16 years of the GW Bush and Obama administrations, there were only 8 shadow docket requests, 4 of which were granted/approved. During the 4 years of the trump administration, there were 41 cases...28 of which were approved. And they're planning to undo many of Biden's policies.

The 'shadow docket': How the U.S. Supreme Court quietly dispatches key rulings

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In the months before former President Donald Trump left office in January, the U.S. Supreme Court briskly paved the way for the lethal injection of 13 federal inmates, the first federal executions in 17 years.

In many of those cases, the court summarily overturned lower court rulings using an obscure legal procedure known as the “shadow docket.” But the short-circuit approach, intended only for emergencies, isn’t reserved for death penalty cases. It has, in the last four years, significantly changed the way the high court does business.

Increasingly, the court relies on the shadow docket to make decisions in a wide range of consequential cases, often in a dramatically accelerated fashion and without providing signed opinions or detailed explanations. Sometimes, as in death penalty cases, the decisions are irreversible.


The public generally sees the court as sorting out matters of national importance through extensive briefing, oral arguments and lengthy rulings that explain the law. But the number of substantive shadow docket decisions rose dramatically during the Trump administration. In those four years, the government filed shadow docket applications at 20 times the rate of each of the two previous eight-year administrations. The high court granted the government’s requests in a majority of cases.


March 13, 2021

Christina Greer was AWESOME on Ali Velshi tonight.

She hit every single point right on the head with incredible clarity. I was so impressed. I mean, she's always good, but tonight she hit her stride and blew me away.

On edit: Ali Velshi was in for Lawrence O'Donnell.

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