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Gender: Male
Current location: New York
Member since: Fri Mar 6, 2020, 04:33 PM
Number of posts: 4,448

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President Biden is going to address the nation at 4pm according to MSNBC

Assuming he will be talking about the mid term.

Ralston thinks Cortez Masto still has a good chance to catch up in NV

Here's the math, folks:
If there are 100K mail ballots left in Clark, which would make sense based on turnout there, and the Dems win by the 2-to-1 margin they have so far, CCM could come back to win. More uphill for Sisolak but he's not quite dead yet.

Also: 16K mail in Washoe.


Just want to point out, if the number pan out that we won with increased youth turnout,

part of it is because of the student loan debt relief program. I was on the fence with the program but Biden once again proves that he knows the electorate more than a lot of us. Once again, trust Biden. He and his team knows his stuff.

LOL... Ari flat out called McConnell the turtle on air

He forgot he should have called his real name LOL

MSNBC projected Kathy Hochul has won re-election for NY governor.

Everyone who were worried don't have to anymore. I was confident she would win.

Rating change: @CookPolitical will be moving #AKAL's November rating from Likely R to Toss Up.

Rating change: in the wake of Mary Peltola's (D) defeat of Sarah Palin (R),
@CookPolitical will be moving #AKAL's November rating from Likely R to Toss Up.


Interesting, I would have thought it would be lean R. I think if Palin is 3rd, the other republican would win this seat easily.

What time does the judge have to respond to the DoJ's filing last night?

I heard that the judge have to respond today from MSNBC. Does anyone know if there is an exact time?

Update for Alaska count from Dave Wasserman

New Alaska count: Mary Peltola (D) expands lead over Sarah Palin (R) to 16,347 votes. Depending on how many ballots “exhaust,” Palin probably needs 68-70% of Begich second place votes to prevail. It’s going to be close. #AKAL


Just heard on ABC that the SS agents and the person who Cassidy said told her about the Beast

incident are ready to testify that what she said didn't happen. Is this true?

The media (at least a clip I am watching from CNN) is saying it's so unexpected about how TFG acted

or said. Have they not paid any attention for the last 20 or 30 years? That's how he always worked and acted. It's no surprise. He is a mob boss or at least that's how he acted for many many years.
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