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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 1,234

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Paul Gosar Censured and removed from committees.

Cheney and Kinzinger were the only 2 Republicans to vote with the Democrats, meaning 207 Republicans endorsed threatening to kill their colleagues in Congress.

I seriously don't know how we fix this country when an entire political party is a domestic terrorist organization bent on destroying America and killing people.

Ohio just copied Texas Abortion Ban law, but made it worse


NC Legislature just seated an insurrectionist. Dems walk out.


What is the DoJ doing? We have insurrectionists getting seated on state legislatures. At least 6 of them are running for Congress next year.

Illinois redistricting map coming out soon.

Looks like Adam Kinzinger and Rodney Davis will lose their seats. I say good. As long as the SCOTUS allows partisan gerrymandering and Republicans are using it to their massive advantage, Dems need to do the same or we have no chance at keeping the House. I hope New York goes hard too - they can eliminate 5 GOP seats.



Ipsos Poll on Biden Approval. Decent numbers.

Much better than the Quinnipiac poll, although I'd still like it to be higher.


Biden approval rating falls to low of 38 percent: Quinnipiac poll


This is really depressing. I know it can go back up, but Biden is having to deal with so much crap right now, Manchin and Sinema are not helping, and Republicans are actively trying to sabotage Biden's presidency.

I'm seriously terrified of next year and 2024.

More people would blame Dems for default on Debt than the GOP


These proves to me this country has too many idiots to survive. McConnell literally admits he wants to default on the debt, and more people blame Dems.

Biden adds lots of Federal Judges


I don't quite understand this tweet seeing as TFG added like 200 judges thanks to McConnell, but if what Ron Klain is saying is true, that's awesome.

Now if only Biden could get some Supreme Court seat openings.

Republicans plan on defaulting on the debt.

As though they weren't evil enough, McConnell announced he will default on the US debt. Even Romney said he would too.

Economists say the consequences are: 6 million lost jobs. $15 trillion in lost household income. 9% unemployment, and increased borrowing costs.

This is obviously being done since it's almost impossible for Biden and Dems to win in a terrible economy, so the GOP plans on crashing the economy to make sure they win in 2022 and 2024.

I don't even know how we solve this. This country just feels like it's a lost cause. Republicans are too evil.
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