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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 1,653

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How do we combat Republican terrorism?

Ted Nugent was at the Trump/Dr. Oz rally last night calling for Trump supporters to murder Democrats.


Why isn't the FBI arresting Ted Nugent and the people at that rally for inciting violence? How do we contact DoJ/FBI and get them involved in this?

I feel incapable of doing anything about all this.

Why have no higher ups been arrested?

MSNBC has been covering the John Eastman emails all day. He carefully orchestrated a plan to throw out ballots in enough areas to give Trump the win.

Why hasn't he been arrested yet? Why hasn't Mark Meadows been arrested? Why hasn't Navarro been arrested? Why hasn't Trump been arrested?

If you or I did a fraction of what these people did, we'd already be sitting in jail.

This really feels like the Mueller report all over again. We think something is going to happen, and never does.

What is Garland and the DoJ doing? There is no justification for zero arrest warrants for these people.

Are Americans going to tolerate living under Fascism?

I'm having a hard time trying to comprehend what's about to happen. Will 70% of Americans tolerate Republicans turning us into the Republic of Gilead or Nazi Germany?

It feels like Civil War is inevitable to me. I honestly think we need to reform as separate countries, but I know that's not a popular opinion.

Since precedent no longer matters...

If Democrats get the majority on the Supreme Court again, we can overturn Heller and restrict guns again like we have for most of US history going back to the 1700s.

3 Trump-appointed fascist judges uphold Florida racial voter suppression


We really are living in an authoritarian country. I guess most Americans are just going to accept that fact?

Recent polling shows abortion is top priority for only 4%

According to 538 from polling last year, abortion is only a top issue for 4% of Americans. Inflation, gas, the economy, immigration, etc. were way higher priority.

How much do you think that will shift now? It's one thing to not care about abortion last year when you thought Roe was likely safe.

Now that it's not, will abortion become bigger priority, or will inflation/gas prices still dominate the election?

Here is 538's assessment:

That said, itís not immediately clear to me whether gutting Roe would hurt Republicans in the midterms. Gallup found in March, for instance, that Americans do not consider abortion to be a critical problem facing the nation.

Whatís tricky about this is that the people who are most in favor of abortion rights are college-educated, and while those people have backed Democrats in recent elections, they are far from a majority of the electorate. For abortion to make a big difference in the election, youíd need to see other groups of voters shifting back toward Democrats on this issue.

And Iím skeptical abortion is going to supplant the economy and inflation as the top issues Americans are worried about ó not when Bidenís approval rating will likely still be in the low 40s and thereís little sign that inflation is going to fully stabilize before the election.

Yeah, Geoffrey, Iím not sure it will change many peopleís actual votes; if you support abortion rights, youíre probably already voting Democratic. It could, however, increase Democratic enthusiasm to turn out in a year when Republicans might otherwise have an enthusiasm advantage.


Louisiana just advanced a bill to make abortion at conception

or later a murder charge.


We're really turning into Nazi Germany.

Can blue states cut federal funding to red states?

So I don't really know how this works. We all know that blue states massively subsidize red states. Red states would be 3rd world countries without money from places like California.

Why can't blue states eliminate that funding? Don't states have the right to decide where their funding goes?

Alito wants to ban homosexuality and gay marriage too


Without the right of privacy, all laws based on that will be overturned too.

It will become a crime to be in a same-sex relationship again.

This is terrifying.

NY Court of Appeals rejects NY redistricting map


This is insanely unfair. This New York gerrymander would have helped us offset losses in places like Florida due to their gerrymander.

And I believe all the judges on this court are Democrats. 4-3 decided to get rid of the NY redistricting map.

This means that 152 Republican districts are allowed to be gerrymandered, while Dems only get about 30.

It's so ridiculously unfair that Dems are expected to play by the rules, while Republicans get away with anything they want. I freakin hate this country.
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