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Marius25's Journal
Marius25's Journal
October 12, 2023

Egypt rejects humanitarian civilian corridor for Gaza civilians


Not surprising, but pretty horrible of Egypt. Although I'm sure we'll get plenty of responses that Egypt refusing is Israel's fault.
October 11, 2023

Sounds like Hezbollah may be getting involved.

Reports of a massive rocket attack in northern Israel, and sirens going off everywhere.




October 10, 2023

Some perspective to those who criticize Israel

The Hamas attack is the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

This is what the United States did to entire cities because of the Nazis:

Please don't come here whining about Israel retaliating against Hamas. Israelis and Jews don't want to hear it.

October 9, 2023

Police in Europe deployed to schools and synagogues due to celebrations of attack by Hamas


Can anyone explain to me why we should support the Palestinian cause when people behave like this? These beliefs are not compatible with Western society. There are pro-Palestinians all over the US and Europe handing out candy and sweets celebrating Hamas brutally murdering and torturing civilians, including children and Holocaust survivors. For the record, supporting terrorism is illegal in EU countries.

How would we react if a bunch of people in New York and London were cheering ISIS murdering Americans? Would people think the ISIS cause to stop Western imperialism was justified?

And for those who claim it's a tiny few doing this, are you aware that Palestinian textbooks teach kids at a young age their goal in life is to murder Jews?


Regrettably, Palestinian Authority (PA) textbooks continue to incite antisemitism and
terrorism. In May this year, the European Parliament condemned the PA in this regard,
expressing concern “that problematic material in Palestinian school textbooks has still not
been removed” and “about the continued failure to act effectively against hate speech and
violence in school textbooks.”
October 9, 2023

Palestinians just lost over $700 million in aid from the EU


Hamas has quite literally just destroyed the future of Palestinians.

Edit: Just saw that Austria has suspended aid, and Germany is looking into suspending aid as well.
October 8, 2023

Sen. Cory Booker was in Jerusalem when Hamas attacked


Glad he was able to get out. Can't imagine what would have happened if a US Senator was taken by Hamas.
October 6, 2023

MSNBC: DoJ investigating reports Trump gave nuclear sub secrets to foreigners

Hope something comes out of it. I wonder if this will be moved to Jack Smith, or if DoJ will handle it separately.

No matter what, Trump cannot be allowed to ever hold office again. The man is a proven traitor to this country.

September 15, 2023

Is there a way to delete your account?

Checked under my account, but don't see anything

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