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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
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Unpopular opinion. Jack Smith was wrong to file indictment in Florida

I realize it would create big appeal issues over venue, but he's now most likely stuck with Aileen Cannon, and there's no way Trump is going to be held accountable with her as the judge.

I think Trump made a deal with Satan to constantly get this lucky. Nothing ever sticks.

Looks like the legal experts were wrong about Aileen Cannon


She's not going to recuse, and it's unlikely Jack Smith will go through the effort to remove her, so she will be the trial judge. That means it's guaranteed that the trial will favor Trump, evidence will likely be rejected, and even if he's somehow convicted, she will probably give him probation.

Michael Cohen on MSNBC

He says he's 100% positive that 1) There are more stolen documents in other locations and 2) That $2 billion Jared got from the Saudis was criminal.

Do you think we'll see indictments in DC and New Jersey soon?

The documents crime took place in DC and New Jersey (Bedminster resort) too.

Do you think Jack Smith will release indictments there? I haven't seen a Grand jury in New Jersey yet, so not sure if he's even pursuing that.

We really need backups to Florida in case Aileen Cannon torpedoes the case.

Indictment unsealed

37 counts. Lots of tapes. One of the charges is showing national defense documents to other people with no clearance. That's massive and makes this so much more serious.

Updates on Aileen Cannon decision

Kevin Dilanian on MSNBC stating the DoJ had to choose one of 3 districts in Southern Florida to try the case in. They picked the Northern District of Southern Florida, because that's where Mar a Lago is. That also includes Fort Pierce, where Aileen Cannon is. There are only like 4 judges in that district. Supposedly she was assigned randomly.

Andrew Weissman is pretty concerned over how this happened and doesn't think she can be a fair judge.

This is massively bad news for the rule of law and Trump being held accountable.

Judge Aileen Cannon assigned to Trump's case

Hmm, funny. I started a thread on this yesterday and everyone here chewed me out claiming that can't possibly happen and I need to delete my thread.


Any chance we see Republican members of Congress indicted?

McCarthy tweeted an insane, ominous threat over this indictment.

Gym Jordan and James Comer have been weaponizing Congress to protect Trump.

Josh Hawley has called for the FBI/DoJ to be overthrown for this.

I hope they get their comeuppance.

Trump aide, Taylor Budowich calls investigation into Trump a fraud

He appeared before the Grand Jury in Miami today. Now he's on Twitter saying it's a witch hunt, and Jack Smith is just trying to get Trump for bogus reasons.

Doesn't putting a treasonous idiot like him before a Grand Jury pose problems to Smith's case? He's obviously not a cooperating witness. If the Grand Jury hears those comments, I hope it doesn't cause doubt.

Jim Comey is on Ari on MSNBC. Why?

I guess this is the restoring his image phase. Comey was instrumental in getting Trump into the White House. Can't believe he has the audacity to show his face. And shame on Ari for agreeing.
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