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Name: J
Gender: Male
Hometown: SoCal
Home country: USA
Current location: Socal
Member since: Mon Feb 1, 2021, 08:27 PM
Number of posts: 7,443

Journal Archives

Shocked... Shocked I tell ya'. Sputnik vaccine actually works better than Pfizer.

Let me start out by saying... I know people who've received Sputnik and in the back of my mind I always thought out loud "God I hope it's more effective than saline solution..."

Well hot damn. Independent Published Research Study out of the EU shows that Sputnik came in 2nd place overall and had the highest "Keeps you from dying" protection of ANY vaccine.

Oh and the AZ and the CinoVac... not so much.


The Moderna Inc. and Russian Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccines both edged the version from Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE in effectiveness in a large-scale study of five different immunization shots conducted by Hungarian researchers.

Moderna’s vaccine was 88.7% effective in protecting against coronavirus infection and 93.6% effective against Covid-related mortality, compared with 85.7% and 95.4%, respectively for Sputnik, according to the paper published Wednesday on the website of the Clinical Microbiology and Infection medical journal. Pfizer came in third with 83.3% and 90.6%, respectively.

“The wide range of vaccines available in Hungary allows for the assessment of vaccine effectiveness in a real-world setting in a Central European country and puts Hungary in the unique position of providing detailed information on multiple vaccine types from the same country,” the authors, including Hungary’s minister in charge of health-care, Miklos Kasler, and chief medical officer Cecilia Muller, wrote in the study.

Here's the actual study:


I haven't heard anyone talk about a key factor in the Arbery case.

Daddy McMichael was a former cop and investigator.

Judging by his age, was probably "copping" in the 80's and 90's...

Wonder how many POC he assaulted, planted evidence on and lied to juries about?

He probably though that his "good ole boys club" ID card would get them all out of trouble.

And then the video came out... what kind of stupid mf'er brings a camera to a lynching in 2020?

Want to read a great Ahmaud Arbery story?

On AP...


In his final days, Ahmaud Arbery’s life was at a crossroads

In his final months on Earth, Arbery appeared to be someone who felt on the verge of personal and professional breakthroughs, especially because his probation could have ended that year, many of those close to him told The Associated Press.

Off the field, Ahmaud had a talent for raising the spirits of the people around him — and a penchant for imitating his coach, Vaughn said.

His death will not be in vain, his sister told a crowd of supporters during a May 2020 rally calling for justice that was held at the historic Glynn County courthouse in Brunswick. Many attendees had driven hours from Atlanta to be there.

“I will get answers — that was my promise,” she said. “That’s the last thing that I told him, on the day of his funeral, that Mama will get to the bottom of it.”

Lots more at the link.

Mathboi Fly won't find ANY allies...

Yes he rapped "F*** Donald Trump" and "F*** the Police"...

He also posted anti-Semitic garbage online, anti-white nonsense, he trashed an Obama speech as "bullshit"...

He is a domestic abuser, a sex offender and a murderer...

I hope he just pleads guilty, makes a short statement in front of the Court and disappears until he's cold and dead and is buried behind the prison (if they still do that?)

For the past day I've read a lot of opinion about the Rittenhouse verdict.

But only a FEW have hit on the actual problem AND solution.

State laws.

Open Carry can be made legal or illegal by State Legislatures.

No legal carry, Rittenhouse is unarmed.

No, the DoJ isn't going to take a "second bite of the apple"... lesson learned. Change laws.

And not Federal laws that will never pass and might not survive SCOTUS.

OH and look at self defense laws, too.

State legislatures are responsible.

All of this for the Rittenhouse verdict... if the Georgia Jury hangs or acquits, I might just

Disappear to Costa Rica for a couple months... after the trauma of 2020 and 2021, I'm not sure if the country could handle that.

Although personally I think the chance of that happening is near ZERO.

Question for the Lawyers...

If public figures/media refer to KR as "murderer" post-verdict...

Is that libel/slander?

The media will pay the price ($$) for the Rittenhouse coverage... ala Richard Jewell.

It also worked for the Sandman kid...

Watch for it.

GOP holds largest early edge for the midterms in 40 years.

I'm not sure what will turn it around but as it stands today, the GOP may gain 100 seats in the House and take the Senate next year.

If I were a Democratic strategist... I think I'd just say "Fuck it" and spend the next 12 months passing as much legislation as possible and hell with public opinion or the upcoming election. If you're going to lose, may as well lose after delivering BIG TIME for Democratic voters.


Republicans are in the best position to retake seats in Congress during midterm elections in four decades, according to a new poll.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll published Sunday found if midterm elections were held now, 51 percent of all registered voters say they would vote for a Republican in their congressional district, as opposed to 41 percent who said they would go with a Democrat.

That figure represents the largest lead for the GOP in the 110 polls conducted by the two news organizations since 1981, ABC noted. It also represents only the second time since 1981 Republicans have held a statistical advantage in that category.

The same poll found 62 percent of Americans said the Democratic party is "out of touch" with the concerns of most citizens, compared to 58 percent who said the same of Republicans.

As the laws are written today... EV Tax Credits are a boon for the rich.

A couple things.

Speaking particularly about the 7,500 tax credit...

First you have to OWE 7500 in Federal Income Tax to take the credit.

Secondly, self-employment income tax doesn't count.

You know how a LOT of rich people take the 7500 credit?

They intentionally incur a big tax hit by transferring retirement $$ out of their investment vehicles "tax free" using the EV credit.

Has ANY politician given a reason WHY the $7,500 is a "Federal Income Tax Credit" and not simply a pure Credit like EITC?

Almost makes me the think the laws are written to coddle the high middle income earners and the rich... I'm wrong, right?
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