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Alexander Of Assyria

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Member since: Thu Sep 30, 2021, 11:45 AM
Number of posts: 3,111

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America needed a real life Superhero fighting evil! We have two!

Who had lawyers and librarians on their bingo cards?

Biden back at HQ presiding over the restoration and respect of the rule of law.
Posted by Alexander Of Assyria | Wed Aug 31, 2022, 11:43 AM (3 replies)

Top Secret documents found in same drawer as passports is like finding cocaine with a smoking gun!

Biden was briefed on this the moment the homeland security threat assessment was complete.

The Homeland is not secure!

So corporate media, had enough with your flirtation with fascism?

Ask yourselves again, and again: what if Obama did this?

Posted by Alexander Of Assyria | Wed Aug 31, 2022, 09:47 AM (4 replies)

Biden would be briefed if there was any major current threat to American security. ANY!

Including a full briefing of the results of, and the fuller evidence behind, the treason of Trump.

The conviction beyond reasonable doubt level evidence of Trump is why Biden is announcing a major prime time speech on Thursday laser focused on… “threats to American democracy from Republicans”. Of course Biden has to put that all under seal, for the moment.

I expect fireworks, like fireworks never before seen in America!

Biden does the best fireworks, all will say on Friday!
Posted by Alexander Of Assyria | Tue Aug 30, 2022, 11:37 AM (6 replies)

Republicans have discarded the Rule of Law in favour of Rule of One Tyrant!

Can the mass media at least agree on that obviousness? What more does it take to speak the obvious when the obvious goal is the utter destruction of American democracy? It’s like the monster is so big the name of it may not be spoken!

When dictators and tyrants seek to destroy the freedoms of men, their first target is the legal profession and through it the rule of law. — Leon Jaworski

Kind of reminds me of someone and some Party.
Posted by Alexander Of Assyria | Sat Aug 27, 2022, 08:56 AM (4 replies)

Anybody ever had a criminal warrant authorized by a judge and FBI Director appointed by...Themselves?

Posted by Alexander Of Assyria | Tue Aug 9, 2022, 12:24 PM (7 replies)
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