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Isn't he going to be implicated in this Russia mess also? milestogo Aug 2018 #1
Yes. He was hand picked by Manafort and has known what's going on and lying about it. MrsCoffee Aug 2018 #2
I would truly enjoy seeing him in an orange jumpsuit Rorey Aug 2018 #6
Dotard,... Pence,... And Pence's buybull all in the same jail cell locked up for 20 years. magicarpet Aug 2018 #25
Pence is just a snake oil salesman. He doesn't believe in all that Jesus stuff. MrsCoffee Aug 2018 #41
You obviously don't live near Indiana. catbyte Aug 2018 #58
But he is more careful exboyfil Aug 2018 #8
Doesn't matter how careful you are with Mueller on the case. MrsCoffee Aug 2018 #34
I agree. Much like McConnell Raven123 Aug 2018 #63
Handpicked because he knew how Manafort operated in Ukraine using Putin ties...when we have Fred Sanders Aug 2018 #46
And I don't think his "silence" is going to help much. MrsCoffee Aug 2018 #48
I doubt it, I think he made sure to keep his fingerprints off everything marylandblue Aug 2018 #15
Won't matter after all the sining is done...nt 2naSalit Aug 2018 #17
He sinned too? Mother will not be pleased :) marylandblue Aug 2018 #20
Oh dear, oh dear! 2naSalit Aug 2018 #22
Hypocrisy to gag Trueblue Texan Aug 2018 #3
That radio show clip! Delmette2.0 Aug 2018 #68
So delusional Rorey Aug 2018 #4
I personally will have a meltdown Ohiogal Aug 2018 #5
Ugh... Pence is a sanctimonious pharisee, a Paulian, NOT... WePurrsevere Aug 2018 #7
Wish I could rec this. TeapotInATempest Aug 2018 #32
Thanks! nt WePurrsevere Aug 2018 #51
Pence would be even worse than Trump oberliner Aug 2018 #9
why would he be worse? uncle ray Aug 2018 #13
Because he is a true-believer far RW Christian fundamentalist oberliner Aug 2018 #14
well it's not a treasonous felony to be a fundie. uncle ray Aug 2018 #19
That's true - but I'm thinking in terms of policy oberliner Aug 2018 #21
that does not make him WORSE. uncle ray Aug 2018 #24
It could oberliner Aug 2018 #76
Agree. I get so sick of the Pence is worse nonsense. Pence would not have the power Trump Dream Girl Aug 2018 #80
Exactly, Most who bring up Fear of Pence are people like Roseanne who are just Trump Supporters JI7 Aug 2018 #94
Its becoming so when fundies use religion to keep folks in iine. Crutchez_CuiBono Aug 2018 #28
No, but it's treasonous to be actively working toward a theocracy NastyRiffraff Aug 2018 #66
Trump doesn't believe in the Constitution either. at least with Pence we would have a focus on all JI7 Aug 2018 #95
He's a Dominionist. Paka Aug 2018 #36
Indeed oberliner Aug 2018 #79
Pence may not be worse The Liberal Lion Aug 2018 #47
I agree. Zealotry is even more dangerous HopeAgain Aug 2018 #55
Those are my feelings exactly oberliner Aug 2018 #78
He's probably be safer for the world at large LeftishBrit Aug 2018 #71
Not for Iran oberliner Aug 2018 #77
Neither is safe for Iran. LeftishBrit Aug 2018 #96
I worry about people TlalocW Aug 2018 #10
We all should worry about people like that DFW Aug 2018 #16
+1 dalton99a Aug 2018 #23
Great quote! Paka Aug 2018 #38
Song from Exodus. As if God gave anyone a deed?! Duppers Aug 2018 #84
LOL. Reminds me of this video. Crunchy Frog Aug 2018 #93
That should be shown to all parties DFW Aug 2018 #98
I worry about people that Liberalagogo Aug 2018 #39
Fundamentalists. Duppers Aug 2018 #82
Pence should be indicted. SunSeeker Aug 2018 #11
And was hand picked by manafort. Crutchez_CuiBono Aug 2018 #27
Aftermath of trump presidency: dystopian religious society. nt Ilsa Aug 2018 #12
Yeah, think V for Vendetta... Wounded Bear Aug 2018 #29
I suspect that when the dust settles 2naSalit Aug 2018 #18
The gop ruined religion. They cant unring the bell. god has left the galaxy Crutchez_CuiBono Aug 2018 #26
Religion ruined religion... Wounded Bear Aug 2018 #30
I think the Catholic Church is amongst the more liberal main street religions. Crutchez_CuiBono Aug 2018 #31
I can agree, largely from the outside lambchopp59 Aug 2018 #35
More like the "hand of Baal"... zentrum Aug 2018 #33
I thought pukes didn't like shria law. kacekwl Aug 2018 #37
They love it when it's branded as their own. BlancheSplanchnik Aug 2018 #60
I believe... Yass, brethren I truly believe... that if any religious edict should cost Pence lambchopp59 Aug 2018 #40
He's in with Russia also SHRED Aug 2018 #42
I still think there is the possibility of President Hatch or Pelosi. MrsCoffee Aug 2018 #43
amazing how truly sick people like him can ascend to power NRaleighLiberal Aug 2018 #44
If Trump is illegitimate so is Pence! SeloverB Aug 2018 #45
Not if the dems control the House.. Volaris Aug 2018 #69
Flynn's sentencing hearings keep getting delayed. I wonder if he is singing to Mueller sueh Aug 2018 #49
fertility treatment More_Cowbell Aug 2018 #50
"Karen Pence underwent a fertility treatment called GIFT, not accepted by many Catholic authorities" MrsCoffee Aug 2018 #52
God save US ALL from pence! democratisphere Aug 2018 #53
Ironic if he should become president as a result of Pecker. Sneederbunk Aug 2018 #54
Pence and Kavanaugh are prizes for the far right. Congress will never remove the V.P. ... Auggie Aug 2018 #56
He maybe a Snake in the grass however... yuiyoshida Aug 2018 #57
In his other life sellitman Aug 2018 #59
Out of the frying pan into the fire The Genealogist Aug 2018 #61
I wonder if they will still believe it is the hand of god ToxMarz Aug 2018 #62
Exactly. Nay Aug 2018 #72
IF they prove the election was stolen, Duppers Aug 2018 #88
We were lucky with Nixon.... ewagner Aug 2018 #64
I just threw up.... joanbarnes Aug 2018 #65
we are in trouble if handmade34 Aug 2018 #67
How does this differ from someone who wants Sharia law? LeftishBrit Aug 2018 #70
If Trump is impeached, Pence will be an ineffectual lame duck. Nitram Aug 2018 #73
Exactly, he does not have Trumps cult like following Dream Girl Aug 2018 #81
Ick Solly Mack Aug 2018 #74
Does this mean we will temporarily have a First Mother? Guilded Lilly Aug 2018 #75
And no man in the USA can ever be alone in a room with a woman who is not his wife or sister. Blue_true Aug 2018 #85
He will establish religious police to enforce rule Demovictory9 Aug 2018 #86
Don't joke, I would not put it past him. He tried to make Indiana a religion led state, the Courts Blue_true Aug 2018 #87
... Scurrilous Aug 2018 #83
And the ironic thing...the Bible warns of this... Xolodno Aug 2018 #89
I'd love for trump to turn on pence before their respective impeachments ecstatic Aug 2018 #90
Useless POS Blue Owl Aug 2018 #91
He's scarier then Trump Raine Aug 2018 #92
How could Pence not know what was going on? We shouldn't assume he'll skate by on all of this. Vinca Aug 2018 #97
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