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Thu Jan 24, 2019, 02:03 PM Jan 2019

Nobody expects... the Hate Mailbag! [View all]

Well hello again DU! It's been an age since last we snaked the stinky sewer line of right-wing rumination, but alas, the hatemail pipe has backed up once again and little Trumpy turds are spilling out hither and yon.

While we attempt to bring the situation under control with a pressure washer and hazmat suit, those of you with strong stomachs may wish to observe these MAGAt-infested dingleberries in their natural habitat as they await a good flush.

STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING! Continuing beyond this point will expose you to offensive language that may be considered NSFW. You have been fucking warned!


Subject: Welcome to Democratic Underground!

stay underground its where you belong in your echo chamber hell hole. Bunch of chicken shit liberals. Banning us only makes us stronger! Feel the heat!!!


Subject: You guys are discrimatory as fuck

I was making fun of republicans by my username, registered and couldn't even post. Are you that discriminatory?! Ashamed I could possibly be a part of this party at one point in my life. Activated my account with a joke username, not one person on the fucked democraric party could stand even when it was pro democrat stance by the POTUS. Racist motherfuckers.GO FUCK YOURSELVES. You're seriously that ashamed by you're beliefs. YOU'RE RUINING THE FUCKING COUNTRY. CIVIL WAR 2018. THIS IS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE HATE DEMOCRATS AND ARE SWITCHING SIDES. LOL.


Subject: REAL fu..in jerks - the DEMOCRATS !



Subject: No subject

I'm a True Conservative. I took a political test at my workplace in Connecticut and was the most conservative. I scored 91% conservative in the top 2% for all Americans. I have impressive conservative credentials. I even did a tea party.

I was unfairly zotted from Free Republic in June 2010. I stated that I was very conservative in a thread. Then darkwing104 tried to lie about my position on an issue related to the BP oil spill. Then 50mm started in by agreeing with darkwing104 even though he was misrepresenting me. I was a conservative, am a conservative and always will be a conservative. A true conservative, in the top 2% of all Americans.




life - 10/10 abortion is wrong

guns - 10/10 support no restriction on gun ownership

marriage - 10/10 man and woman only, homosexuality is wrong

healthcare - 10/10 repeal Obamacare and we need tort reform.

immigration - 2/10 since I oppose SB1070. We need the workers. The McCain path to citizenship I support.

environment - 10/10 too many regulations and global warming is a farce

Iraq, Afghanistan - 10/10 fully support the wars and our troops

Israel, middle east - 9/10 pro Israel though a war with Iran is a bit much

income tax - 10/10 tax cuts across the board

corportate taxes - 10/10 tax cuts there too

social security and such - 10/10 phase that out


Subject: Fuck DU

For putting Trump in the WH. I'm going to blast it all over the internet .


Subject: Posting privileges revoked

Hello, I receive a message stating my posting privileges have been revoked.

This must be by mistake as I have not posted anything yet. Will you please review my account. Thank You

Account: DJT4MoreYears


Subject: assholes

liberals,progressives and dems are the biggest terrorist threats this country faces over all terrorist groups out there.throw out all illegals fore they are criminals.obama and his cabnet belong in jail for what they did to America and that includes criminal bimbo liar Clinton.donald trump is a true patriot and American.better man,father,american and president then that idiot that just left.liberalism ruined America.you people are garbage.donald trump will make America great again


Subject: The Democrat Party.

Democrat , when you get tired of your liberal counterparts, the Republican Party welcomes you with open arms, so with it Rebel Yell!!!! run to your nearest polling booth, vote Republican, Donald Trump was a Democrat , your party went away!! too far left, I would like to vote Democrat again, but I don't think so.. LMAO, may God touch your soles put in your hearts, to skedaddle to the polling booths and vote Republican.. all you democrat lawmakers got to be tired of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Hillary Clinton and the rest of the dimwit liberal Asylum..


Subject: Revoked Admission

Oh please, pretty please let me back in. You all are so much smarter than the rest of us peons. I must follow Your wisdom and leadership in order to exist. I am so remorseful for my behavior that your rejection is giving me nightmares and cold sweats. I don’t think I can go on with my life without being able to comment on the wisdom of you and the other members.

I bow my head in gratitude for being on the same planet as you.


Subject: Stop banning me

C'mon man

POLL: Who is your favorite hate mailer?
104 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
The person who wants us to feel, feel, feel, feel his heat
1 (1%)
The person who went from joke username to civil war in the space of one paragraph
13 (13%)
The person who unnecessarily censored themselves
0 (0%)
The person who even did a tea party
41 (39%)
The person who is going to blast it all over the Internet
0 (0%)
The person whose username was a bit of a giveaway
25 (24%)
The person who wants to throw out all illegals fore they are criminals
3 (3%)
The person who hopes that God will touch our soles put in our hearts
14 (13%)
The person who bows his head in gratitude for being on the same planet as us
3 (3%)
The person who wants us to stop banning him
4 (4%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Aww, man... I was hoping for a Nadine screed. :( demmiblue Jan 2019 #1
LOL! Adsos Letter Jan 2019 #2
I believe demmiblue was referring to this particular nugget that was published in the Hate Mailbag Brother Buzz Jan 2019 #13
She really does not sound healthy in that post Hekate Jan 2019 #60
..."a simple working class media person." SergeStorms Jan 2019 #94
This is a golden oldie classic hit. betsuni Jan 2019 #99
Such a polite, pleasant individual.. whathehell Jan 2019 #113
Nadine, why can't you be true? saidsimplesimon Jan 2019 #68
We need to do this more often. denbot Jan 2019 #3
Thanks for the chuckles! fleur-de-lisa Jan 2019 #4
TMI dude all the way! ProudLib72 Jan 2019 #5
Can't we just open up one teeny forum where they can post and we can watch? nolabear Jan 2019 #6
Discussionist went thataway about a day after it opened. No thanks. Hekate Jan 2019 #61
The idiot extolling his conservative credentials. Solly Mack Jan 2019 #7
The Idiot With Periods In The Middle of Every Sentence ProfessorGAC Jan 2019 #8
Just like old times! Thanks EarlG! CottonBear Jan 2019 #9
I do declare vapors, saidsimplesimon Jan 2019 #10
K&R, at least DJT4MoreYears was polite uppityperson Jan 2019 #11
Lmao at "stop banning me" backtoblue Jan 2019 #17
You're seriously that ashamed by you're beliefs. YOU'RE RUINING THE FUCKING COUNTRY. CIVIL WAR 2018. uppityperson Jan 2019 #19
It's actually... SergeStorms Jan 2019 #95
Yeah, that's funny. icymist Jan 2019 #107
K&R... spanone Jan 2019 #12
Thanks for the memories and the laughs! UpInArms Jan 2019 #14
Nothing beats the guy who kag Jan 2019 #15
Good one, kag. n/t sarge43 Jan 2019 #34
I wish God would touch my soles SnowCritter Jan 2019 #44
I swear they're all terrible spellers, aren't they? FakeNoose Jan 2019 #67
Ok, that got a chuckle... Wounded Bear Jan 2019 #16
This is hilarious! octoberlib Jan 2019 #18
That did touch my sole, but I don't think he liked it ... eppur_se_muova Jan 2019 #20
I don't think I have one of those in my heart. defacto7 Jan 2019 #31
K&R Scurrilous Jan 2019 #21
god has a foot fetish, who knew? Javaman Jan 2019 #22
I KNOW I read the "True Conservative" at some point before Maeve Jan 2019 #23
All he asks is asks is for his propers when he gets home. flibbitygiblets Jan 2019 #89
We've run across the one who was "unfairly zotted" from FR more than a few times... Rhiannon12866 Jan 2019 #98
Doesn't realize that being banned from the opposition isn't a qualification for admission icymist Jan 2019 #110
Thank you - This should be "a thing"! Is it? BadGimp Jan 2019 #24
Disappointing gratuitous Jan 2019 #25
Thank's for giving us a pique into you're inbox. klook Jan 2019 #26
Lmao.... Docreed2003 Jan 2019 #27
Thanks for these! 🤣😂 herding cats Jan 2019 #28
"Banning us only makes us stronger! Feel the heat!" mokawanis Jan 2019 #29
It's one of those comments people make when the really feel burned. defacto7 Jan 2019 #36
I have a liberal bias. saidsimplesimon Jan 2019 #30
You bet there are. And with very high posting numbers. marble falls Jan 2019 #105
I learned something today The Genealogist Jan 2019 #32
Tea Party dude had to take an on-line test ismnotwasm Jan 2019 #33
Is That Anything Like Conservative Bone Spurres? nt smb Jan 2019 #50
I guess if you have conservative Bone Spurres... kag Jan 2019 #75
The second-best birthday present I received today! GoCubsGo Jan 2019 #35
Oh, happy birthday! Clash City Rocker Jan 2019 #78
Thank you! GoCubsGo Jan 2019 #102
Happy Birthday, GoCubsGo! calimary Jan 2019 #92
Thank you! GoCubsGo Jan 2019 #101
Izzit just me, or did they used to be a lot more... creative? TygrBright Jan 2019 #37
They've gotten dumber since they found out tRump loves the uneducated...... lastlib Jan 2019 #58
I think they did EarlG Jan 2019 #64
Republicans have been dumbing down their base for years Clash City Rocker Jan 2019 #79
Thanks for posting. greatauntoftriplets Jan 2019 #38
Thank you, Earl for standing Up saidsimplesimon Jan 2019 #39
Feel the heat?... Purrfessor Jan 2019 #40
thanks EarlG for the comic relief! LiberalLovinLug Jan 2019 #41
Great entertainment defacto7 Jan 2019 #42
True Conservative Tea Party dude needs a few more medals and a spreadsheet. yonder Jan 2019 #45
Awesome I love the hate mailbag proud patriot Jan 2019 #46
Welcome back, stranger! Brother Buzz Jan 2019 #53
Hello my friend proud patriot Jan 2019 #59
That tea party sounds like the one in treestar Jan 2019 #47
love the hate mail bag leftofcool Jan 2019 #48
Welcome back, Hate Mailbag! mcar Jan 2019 #49
Earl, thank you saidsimplesimon Jan 2019 #51
I think I'm fine with Republicans welcoming me with open arms and Rebel Yells... JHB Jan 2019 #52
I just finished a hitch on teh MIRT The Polack MSgt Jan 2019 #54
To RW'ers everywhere. blah, blah, blah ffr Jan 2019 #55
It's really unsettling to read such deluded comments kimbutgar Jan 2019 #56
I must have gone through a Time Tunnel while I was sleeping! Dem2theMax Jan 2019 #57
WOW! JUST F'ING WOW! oldlibdem Jan 2019 #62
Thank you, EarlG! The Hate Mailbag is always entertaining and educational! Hekate Jan 2019 #63
Ha! It was Hate Mail and Bob Boudelang which drew me to DU originally. LanternWaste Jan 2019 #65
And 'Snark of the Week'. marble falls Jan 2019 #106
Most Liberals aren't far enough Left for me... Joe Nation Jan 2019 #66
The only rule is that you must support Democrats The Polack MSgt Jan 2019 #69
Thanks for the explanation Joe Nation Jan 2019 #73
This message was self-deleted by its author The Polack MSgt Jan 2019 #77
Thank you, EarlG cp Jan 2019 #70
One of the above is in the top 2%. Deb Jan 2019 #71
Awww! Hate Mailbag ploppy Jan 2019 #72
Oh, the True Conservative NastyRiffraff Jan 2019 #74
Love the hate! ornotna Jan 2019 #76
Just as I expected and so very JV...what are these people? 13 or 14 years old? ... SWBTATTReg Jan 2019 #80
Hate Mail. Takes me back to Gee Dubya's first term. argyl Jan 2019 #81
) The nicely polite DJT4's request was my biggest laugh Hortensis Jan 2019 #96
... orangecrush Jan 2019 #82
Hate Mailbag, hooray! 😆 BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2019 #83
Oddly, this was the most important post of the day for me. byronius Jan 2019 #84
Oooh. They be mad! MontanaMama Jan 2019 #85
"...may God touch your soles..." Blue Owl Jan 2019 #86
Hate mail lol !@!!!!! Wash. state Desk Jet Jan 2019 #87
i didn't vote b/c i couldn't decide between orleans Jan 2019 #88
Love it! Thanks, EarlG! chwaliszewski Jan 2019 #90
The ignorance...it HURTS! SergeStorms Jan 2019 #93
I'm wary of guys who think it's good when God touches our soles DFW Jan 2019 #97
To the "True Conservative" ejbr Jan 2019 #100
God bless all you little Democrat soles! Trueblue Texan Jan 2019 #103
Reminds me of the Hatriot Mail that David Pakman gets. mwb970 Jan 2019 #104
Most of those are more-or-less coherent.... albacore Jan 2019 #108
Thank you for bringing it back Sloumeau Jan 2019 #109
Pretty mild actually. edbermac Jan 2019 #111
I want god to touch my sole! lunatica Jan 2019 #112
Welcome back! whathehell Jan 2019 #114
I didn't know God was a feet guy. Iggo Jan 2019 #115
You're right. It was unexpected. Harker Feb 2019 #116
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