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25. My siblings' children
Mon Jan 6, 2020, 08:35 PM
Jan 2020

have all chosen, except one, not to have them. Out of six children, and four grandchildren, my mother has one great grandchild. I like to think we've done our part in educating our next generations, they certainly are seriously concerned. I worry for them too.

Both my twenty-something kids feel the same way. yardwork Jan 2020 #1
Are you worried about the suffering and challenges your kids are going to endure? Kaleva Jan 2020 #102
Of course. yardwork Jan 2020 #104
Do you regret having them? Knowing now what their future may be? Kaleva Jan 2020 #106
Of course not. But my children's choices are their own. yardwork Jan 2020 #107
Of course you can't tell them what to do but you can say what you did. Kaleva Jan 2020 #108
They already know that. yardwork Jan 2020 #116
I've heard that too. C_U_L8R Jan 2020 #2
Smart woman. Cattledog Jan 2020 #3
I agree, smart. I made the same decision forty odd years ago. LiberalLoner Jan 2020 #20
The nihilism of the 17-25 year olds that I know is remarkable even to this hard Genxer. WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2020 #4
How is that? Isn't her decision wise if she only envisions suffering for a child she bears? nt Blue_true Jan 2020 #22
She's young enough herself to probably be a casualty of climate change. Kaleva Jan 2020 #96
Excellent point about her youth and that climate change will impact her. Blue_true Jan 2020 #117
Back in the day, having young ones in the family was a survival tactic. Kaleva Jan 2020 #122
If things get as bad as they are tracking to be, those adult children Blue_true Jan 2020 #123
It's the kind of life billions now live Kaleva Jan 2020 #124
Climate change will present exponentially more difficult challenges, even Blue_true Jan 2020 #125
The effects of climate change will not be uniform throughout the world Kaleva Jan 2020 #134
Maybe it is... Newest Reality Jan 2020 #32
Eventually America will only be filled with brainwashed rwnj children if we let the future scare us dustyscamp Jan 2020 #5
"'Let' let the future scare us" Duppers Jan 2020 #26
If I was diagnosed with cancer and had only a little bit of time left on this world dustyscamp Jan 2020 #52
Know any climate scientists? Duppers Jan 2020 #82
2nd thoughts Duppers Jan 2020 #86
If we wreck this planet, no fucking way do we have any business Crunchy Frog Jan 2020 #88
In the end, Earth, because it's always changing, will kill every living thing. Kaleva Jan 2020 #109
But would you decide to have (more) children? robbob Jan 2020 #110
The cold hard facts are that the effects of climate change will not be uniform around the world Kaleva Jan 2020 #64
I am around that age a lot and every one has made this comment. Bummfuzzle Jan 2020 #6
My 32yo son will remain childless. Duppers Jan 2020 #28
it does not take degrees to understand climate change Skittles Jan 2020 #41
The ones I know are working on their secondary degrees, mostly. Right. Bummfuzzle Jan 2020 #48
👍 Duppers Jan 2020 #83
I decided not to when I was 11 safeinOhio Jan 2020 #7
Ditto that. I could see this shit coming decades ago. n/t CousinIT Jan 2020 #14
Me too (or there about) ... Auggie Jan 2020 #27
I hear somewhat older childless couples among my own friends saying now that they are glad they hlthe2b Jan 2020 #8
On The Beach. ret5hd Jan 2020 #9
+1. Check it out. yonder Jan 2020 #10
Yep. sheshe2 Jan 2020 #30
I said the same thing Bev54 Jan 2020 #11
My daughter is 24 and has zero interest in kids Takket Jan 2020 #12
I don't want children, but when I was a twenty something I didn't know any female who didn't. milestogo Jan 2020 #13
Climate change is just one reason Disaffected Jan 2020 #15
Climate change equals Duppers Jan 2020 #31
True, Disaffected Jan 2020 #65
Both of my married sons already decided years ago that they won't reproduce. scarletwoman Jan 2020 #16
I've mostly felt the same way Ahpook Jan 2020 #69
A lot of us were saying this in the sixties and seventies ... marble falls Jan 2020 #17
Our 30 something daughter feels the same, yonder Jan 2020 #18
I'm sure bdamomma Jan 2020 #70
Perspective. Thank you. yonder Jan 2020 #80
Real estate and farm prices crashed in the 1920s Warpy Jan 2020 #92
Hello Warpy!!!! CountAllVotes Jan 2020 #98
Personally, it would be a financial choice not to have kids sakabatou Jan 2020 #19
Maybe she's read "The Population Bomb", by Paul Ehrlich Sonny Mirviss Jan 2020 #21
Just found my copy of that book csziggy Jan 2020 #24
Really? former9thward Jan 2020 #90
So, you got my point. Sonny Mirviss Jan 2020 #93
Yep, my kids too. FirstLight Jan 2020 #23
I told my kids not to bring children into the world. murielm99 Jan 2020 #33
My siblings' children 2naSalit Jan 2020 #25
We did not have children and do not regret that. TNNurse Jan 2020 #29
This is not new. Many have been thinking for a long time that this is unsustainable. We cannot in Evolve Dammit Jan 2020 #34
Wait, how can they be parents if they have no children? smirkymonkey Jan 2020 #43
Lol! cwydro Jan 2020 #60
Sorry; married couples. My bad. Evolve Dammit Jan 2020 #120
No problem. smirkymonkey Jan 2020 #121
I have three adult daughters... Sedona Jan 2020 #35
As an old Boomer... Newest Reality Jan 2020 #36
Fallout is imminent or soon bucolic_frolic Jan 2020 #37
She's probably correct. paleotn Jan 2020 #38
Good move CountAllVotes Jan 2020 #39
Fertility rates have been dropping world wide for decades. Women are feeling their power and Kurt V. Jan 2020 #40
It's like all these different facets of the Handmaid's Tale, are dewsgirl Jan 2020 #56
I made the same decision back in the 70s & 80s for the same reason. I had no faith that humanity catbyte Jan 2020 #42
This is nothing new. llmart Jan 2020 #44
My friend's 30 year old son said the same thing DesertRat Jan 2020 #45
I never wanted children and didn't have them, and don't regret it at all. smirkymonkey Jan 2020 #46
You don't have to add to overpopulation TexasBushwhacker Jan 2020 #47
If I were 20 again Timewas Jan 2020 #49
My son made the same decision. lunatica Jan 2020 #50
I heard that in the fifties about nuclear war spike jones Jan 2020 #51
I decided the same in 1965. MineralMan Jan 2020 #53
I agree. warmfeet Jan 2020 #54
Smart decision. BigmanPigman Jan 2020 #55
Happily Childfree cagefreesoylentgreen Jan 2020 #57
Don't worry, plenty of people in India/Bangladesh will take their place Baclava Jan 2020 #58
There've been too many adults in need of parenting in my life. Mersky Jan 2020 #59
If I were a GenZ person, I am not sure I'd have kids, either. PatrickforO Jan 2020 #61
My daughter and I were talking about choices Marthe48 Jan 2020 #62
She is smart. MLAA Jan 2020 #63
I'm in my 30s and haven't had children for that reason (among others) Tiggeroshii Jan 2020 #66
Both my 20 somethings Andy Canuck Jan 2020 #67
The planet doesn't need saving. It will outlast the human species by millions of years Kaleva Jan 2020 #68
Neither does my 32 year-old son. ancianita Jan 2020 #71
My husband keeps saying the wrong ones marlakay Jan 2020 #72
Well, she's ASSUMING she's going to have a choice about that! Texin Jan 2020 #73
Why would you even go there? Bummfuzzle Jan 2020 #84
We might not be in this situation had we, the older generation, decided not to have kids. Kaleva Jan 2020 #74
Some of us did just that. Not enough, apparently. MineralMan Jan 2020 #111
She is likely correct too. BeckyDem Jan 2020 #75
m kids as well handmade34 Jan 2020 #76
No surprise... Hulk Jan 2020 #77
My 29 year old says the same thing🙁 rainy Jan 2020 #78
For perspective, some 20-somethings a generation ago said the same thing because of nuclear war JHB Jan 2020 #79
There are a lot of people doing that NCProgressive Jan 2020 #81
Good jcgoldie Jan 2020 #85
Ditto on my 20 something Olafjoy Jan 2020 #87
I'll never have grandchildren from my son Bluesaph Jan 2020 #89
No Kids, No Regrets Upward Jan 2020 #91
didn't realize there were so many older people here Apple Fritter Jan 2020 #94
twenty-somethings are young enough to probably fall victim to the ravages of climate change Kaleva Jan 2020 #95
Do any of us older folks worry about the suffering our twenty-something kids are going to endure? Kaleva Jan 2020 #97
Climate change is a population issue. MineralMan Jan 2020 #113
Yes. I can see how they feel hopelessly screwed over. milestogo Jan 2020 #115
But the world's population will hit 8 billion in 2023. JustABozoOnThisBus Jan 2020 #99
Kick ck4829 Jan 2020 #100
Her choice but she's more pessimistic than climate scientists. Loki Liesmith Jan 2020 #101
On average even with insurance exboyfil Jan 2020 #103
My younger daughter, now 33 greymattermom Jan 2020 #105
Smart StarryNite Jan 2020 #112
I started asking doctors about a vasectomy at 25. Jokerman Jan 2020 #114
I wish the evangelical bible-thumpers down the street from me felt the same way. jcmaine72 Jan 2020 #118
Good lord,maybe they just like kids. I have six,my body,my choice. virgogal Jan 2020 #126
Did you read what I wrote? They're bible-thumping nuts. jcmaine72 Jan 2020 #128
Who is going to pay my social security? Joe941 Jan 2020 #119
It was in 1999. . . Collimator Jan 2020 #127
Cold hard scientific fact has little to do with the psychology of self fulfilling prophecy... tandem5 Jan 2020 #129
I chose not to breed... BluNoMatterHu Jan 2020 #130
My soon-to-be 35 year old daughter feels differently DFW Jan 2020 #131
Yeah, I've heard that a lot Bradical79 Jan 2020 #132
Adopt Bradical79 Jan 2020 #133
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