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70. I think there are 2 types of evangelicals: the 1 that knows better but doesn't care
Sun Feb 16, 2020, 11:29 PM
Feb 2020

As long as they get their pro-"life" agenda pushed through. They are willing to turn a blind eye to EVERYTHING. You know. They are so pro "life", they are willing let children be locked up in cages and die.

And then you have the other kind where they will believe ANYTHING anyone says. They are the morons that can't reconcile facts, videos, or any data that goes against what they are told to believe on fox news. This is the idiocracy crowd. Expect to see a lot of Gatorade hoarding so they can water their plants.

Point on... wcmagumba Feb 2020 #1
They've been the problem for forty years. CanonRay Feb 2020 #2
I'd like these people to tell me what corruption he is rooting out. The Genealogist Feb 2020 #3
The "Deep State" jayschool2013 Feb 2020 #24
Waves...hello from fellow writer and former journalist nt Blue_playwright Feb 2020 #54
Back at ya jayschool2013 Feb 2020 #59
The only corruption that Trump fights is weeding out the competition...nt Wounded Bear Feb 2020 #4
That needs to be on a bumper sticker and a t-shirt. Dem2theMax Feb 2020 #21
He knew they were a gullible crowd . Sorry but it was a crack move to bring Pence on. I have to lunasun Feb 2020 #5
Just like their religion... Duppers Feb 2020 #36
Trump figured out long ago that he could con gullible people. CaptainTruth Feb 2020 #6
The BuyBull. What a piece of shit that book is. stopbush Feb 2020 #7
"Every, single word of the Bible is true" That should be a clue bitterross Feb 2020 #8
The most-important BuyBull verse ever: stopbush Feb 2020 #9
I like Mathew 6.5 LakeArenal Feb 2020 #35
Just gonna say that........ Butterflylady Feb 2020 #55
Right wing Catholics are just as bad. hunter Feb 2020 #10
Why Martin Luther left The Church - Hypocrisy rickyhall Feb 2020 #40
... Different Drummer Feb 2020 #11
+1000 milestogo Feb 2020 #20
It needs a few words added to it. Dem2theMax Feb 2020 #23
I read an article several months ago that explained that evangelicals are conditioned by Arkansas Granny Feb 2020 #12
I remember growing up hearing about the "freedom to obey" FiveGoodMen Feb 2020 #15
Years back I was invited to visit a evangelical, Independent Baptist type church by a friend Jake Stern Feb 2020 #60
Scary shit Zeus69 Feb 2020 #13
All that, and he's still alive? 3Hotdogs Feb 2020 #27
Nazis thought of Hitler the same rockfordfile Feb 2020 #14
That is the scary part. overleft Feb 2020 #25
When you confront them on Skidmore Feb 2020 #16
Ask them about those words in red. safeinOhio Feb 2020 #28
Perhaps she misspoke Leith Feb 2020 #17
She was raised to believe whatever the men in her life told her was true and never to question it. Runningdawg Feb 2020 #18
Like "Two Corinthians" for example? mwooldri Feb 2020 #19
I would have to ask her what made her think that ooky Feb 2020 #22
Wish they would "fly" away. Morons. SammyWinstonJack Feb 2020 #67
The more you read up on them... Newest Reality Feb 2020 #26
God save me from evangelicals. Brother Mythos Feb 2020 #29
Linus agrees. Laelth Feb 2020 #30
Evangelicals have problems with brain abnormalities gembaby1 Feb 2020 #31
It's also a quick buck. Scam and con the gullible. Maggiemayhem Feb 2020 #51
They're brain washed Faux pas Feb 2020 #32
Evangelicals should be called Hypocriticals. I can't stand them. Pepsidog Feb 2020 #33
They are complete idiots. smirkymonkey Feb 2020 #63
I was born and raised in an evangelical church family calguy Feb 2020 #34
A Nation of Sheep.......50+ million of them. DENVERPOPS Feb 2020 #37
I call them Evangelicals, never add Christian to it. TNNurse Feb 2020 #38
I call them fundies or fundamentalists lambchopp59 Feb 2020 #43
I've come to realize that a lot of right wing Christians are not big into critical thinking. patphil Feb 2020 #39
Sadly Catch2.2 Feb 2020 #41
on facebook there is a post tiredtoo Feb 2020 #42
I don't believe in this stuff, but Trump seems like a good candidate for the anti-christ himself. milestogo Feb 2020 #58
Her brain is missing Lucky Luciano Feb 2020 #44
Radical Islamists.....our answer radical evangeliKKKals Hulk Feb 2020 #45
They are waiting for the End Days... They think Trump is the person, ugh. secondwind Feb 2020 #46
Agree stuntcat Feb 2020 #56
Which proves that she doesn't read her Bible. LiberalFighter Feb 2020 #47
Sign her to a contract, on the spot bucolic_frolic Feb 2020 #48
Evangelicals are THE PROBLEM peoli Feb 2020 #49
Drain the swamp meant drain logic and reason out of his supporters' minds IronLionZion Feb 2020 #50
Evangelicals are THE problem. hamsterjill Feb 2020 #52
I think it really got started with the holy roller movement out of which the "Charismatic Movement" LiberalArkie Feb 2020 #53
Evilvangelcals I_UndergroundPanther Feb 2020 #57
The answer is in your OP. Pacifist Patriot Feb 2020 #61
You've given an excellent description of what the Bible really is. milestogo Feb 2020 #64
Thanks Pacifist Patriot Feb 2020 #65
All the door-to-door religious folks have quit coming to my house. hunter Feb 2020 #68
Evangelicals are so sickening. And they're think they're so superior raccoon Feb 2020 #62
Show this person Fox's articles on Trump's scams. His stealing from charity and Maraya1969 Feb 2020 #66
This sign says it all Generic Other Feb 2020 #69
I think there are 2 types of evangelicals: the 1 that knows better but doesn't care Vivienne235729 Feb 2020 #70
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