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19. This reminds me of the Bell Hooks evisceration of the faux feminism with Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In"
Tue Jun 2, 2020, 10:25 AM
Jun 2020


His sister is no better.



Although Sandberg revised her perspective on feminism, she did not turn towards primary sources (the work of feminist theorists) to broaden her understanding. In her book, she offers a simplistic description of the feminist movement based on women gaining equal rights with men. This construction of simple categories (women and men) was long ago challenged by visionary feminist thinkers, particularly individual black women/women of color. These thinkers insisted that everyone acknowledge and understand the myriad ways race, class, sexuality, and many other aspects of identity and difference made explicit that there was never and is no simple homogenous gendered identity that we could call “women” struggling to be equal with men. In fact, the reality was and is that privileged white women often experience a greater sense of solidarity with men of their same class than with poor white women or women of color.

Sandberg’s definition of feminism begins and ends with the notion that it’s all about gender equality within the existing social system. From this perspective, the structures of imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy need not be challenged. And she makes it seem that privileged white men will eagerly choose to extend the benefits of corporate capitalism to white women who have the courage to ‘lean in.’ It almost seems as if Sandberg sees women’s lack of perseverance as more the problem than systemic inequality. Sandberg effectively uses her race and class power and privilege to promote a narrow definition of feminism that obscures and undermines visionary feminist concerns.


He can't understand the problems of hate speech and misinformation because he profits from it. Beakybird Jun 2020 #1
Naw like President Bunkerb*tch he is amoral and greedy. Thomas Hurt Jun 2020 #2
IKR, anyone who makes billions and keeps working is a greedy POS? Brainfodder Jun 2020 #7
Or, President Fascist has something on him, wnylib Jun 2020 #52
Mark and Jared both have that vacant, 'oh if I have to' look. Captain Zero Jun 2020 #3
+1 2naSalit Jun 2020 #6
He's a psychopath imho. MontanaMama Jun 2020 #11
this. nt Baltimike Jun 2020 #13
Why? . . . Iliyah Jun 2020 #4
Maybe if he'd gone to a good school, he could have been educated gratuitous Jun 2020 #5
Why would a white boy growing up in LunaSea Jun 2020 #8
Lots of them do, if exposed to good literature and compassionate parents lostnfound Jun 2020 #60
Yet he's a Jewish boy married to an Asian woman and has biracial children kimbutgar Jun 2020 #9
In the end, it would just mean the Zuckerbergs would be placed on the last train car to be gassed. TheBlackAdder Jun 2020 #20
Exactly kimbutgar Jun 2020 #49
Who gives a shit. Look at what he said about holocaust deniers. JI7 Jun 2020 #58
He's high-functioning, but he is on the autism scale imho. DeminPennswoods Jun 2020 #10
Yes he seems to be Wellstone ruled Jun 2020 #24
That is a complete falsehood about autism. yardwork Jun 2020 #30
Bingo. marble falls Jun 2020 #40
Yup, sociopath. jaxexpat Jun 2020 #46
It depends on the person. It's a very broad spectrum. nt coti Jun 2020 #51
empathy is partly learned drmeow Jun 2020 #62
As someone with ASD, I think Zuckerberg is just a terrible person. Sophia_Of_PlanetX Jun 2020 #53
"Making the world a better place." Baitball Blogger Jun 2020 #12
That's 'for WHOM'. louis-t Jun 2020 #39
The whole world for Whom! Baitball Blogger Jun 2020 #41
It's not too surprising. Buckeye_Democrat Jun 2020 #14
Anyone who saw the movie about how Zuckerburg got rich with Facebook RAB910 Jun 2020 #15
and yet the movie was (supposedly) a huge success stopdiggin Jun 2020 #29
He was a complete jerk in that movie RAB910 Jun 2020 #31
And yet, we still have Facebook apologists here on DU. n/t Coventina Jun 2020 #16
"Well, now, it's useful for keeping in touch with family." Buckeye_Democrat Jun 2020 #27
I think it's laziness. Facebook is "easy". Coventina Jun 2020 #35
Zucky is an echo of Trump kiri Jun 2020 #57
I find it useful and I don't consider myself an apologist Beringia Jun 2020 #64
. Coventina Jun 2020 #65
it's difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding unblock Jun 2020 #17
If trump's posts are allowed but not marked as BS, comment and set the record straight. Hoyt Jun 2020 #18
That's a good point PatSeg Jun 2020 #22
Links may not help. infullview Jun 2020 #26
This reminds me of the Bell Hooks evisceration of the faux feminism with Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In" TheBlackAdder Jun 2020 #19
Zuckerberg is all about greed. He doesn't give a shit about America, Americans or American democracy dalton99a Jun 2020 #21
He can't understand the issues of humans, period geardaddy Jun 2020 #23
There must be a way to bypass Fuckfacebook - surely a simple app BSdetect Jun 2020 #25
I have never spent one second Mr.Bill Jun 2020 #48
either he needs to go from Facebook... dhill926 Jun 2020 #28
How could anyone think Chainfire Jun 2020 #32
BOYCOTT FB now!! Lots of other platforms to keep in touch with F & F Thekaspervote Jun 2020 #33
Deleted my account last night. kinksfan1 Jun 2020 #44
I tried to delete but couldn't find what to click to do it. Boomerproud Jun 2020 #66
Thanks, Turbinetree. 'lacks ability to understand' is a damning Hortensis Jun 2020 #34
When someone has no conscience, they can do anything dlk Jun 2020 #36
Trump doesn't post the same crap on Facebook that he does on Twitter... kentuck Jun 2020 #37
He's a sociopath like trump TeamPooka Jun 2020 #38
Zuckerburg is a fucking freak. smirkymonkey Jun 2020 #42
I think the solution to this is to simply say no and refuse to use Facebook. totodeinhere Jun 2020 #43
Fuck Zuckerburg and Facebook oswaldactedalone Jun 2020 #45
What's interesting there angrychair Jun 2020 #47
There is a segment of white racists Mr.Bill Jun 2020 #50
Never heard that before angrychair Jun 2020 #55
In the case of Zuckerberg I don't think he cares. Trump has attacked Asians recently with the JI7 Jun 2020 #69
There is nothing interesting about that. Many Jewish people don't like him either JI7 Jun 2020 #59
Never said anything about him being Jewish angrychair Jun 2020 #61
Zuckerberg is extremely intelligent, more so than I realized, but he some major defects Snake Plissken Jun 2020 #54
Leave Facebook. BadgerMom Jun 2020 #56
People shouldn't be able to have that much power in our society Crunchy Frog Jun 2020 #63
+100000 Celerity Jun 2020 #68
Kick Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 2020 #67
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