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😭😭😭 almost every single day. dewsgirl Jun 2020 #1
Sounds Like That Police Department Needs A Thorough Cleansing, Sir The Magistrate Jun 2020 #2
+1, Sir. 2naSalit Jun 2020 #3
Amen, pazzyanne Jun 2020 #29
Without a question. marble falls Jun 2020 #30
The article has it right: "unregulated militia's" StClone Jun 2020 #31
No doubt taken into custody without being shot by police Dread Pirate Roberts Jun 2020 #4
WTH is the NM CIVIL guard? Are they part of the police, a militia group? SaveOurDemocracy Jun 2020 #5
It's a right-wing militia dalton99a Jun 2020 #8
Who gave them permission to "police" the streets? Ilsa Jun 2020 #10
The "Capt" is... Happy Hoosier Jun 2020 #27
Yep, Proud Boys and Boogaloo Bois dalton99a Jun 2020 #45
Stunning story Johnny2X2X Jun 2020 #6
+1 oasis Jun 2020 #7
Here's a link: iscooterliberally Jun 2020 #9
I added the WaPo story to the OP Dennis Donovan Jun 2020 #15
I see where they were "detained" Liberal In Texas Jun 2020 #11
What the HELL is that thug carrying? What is that thing around his neck on that chain? niyad Jun 2020 #13
That's a good question. Tinfoil covered something hung with swag lamp chain. Liberal In Texas Jun 2020 #17
Looks like a gas mask canister dalton99a Jun 2020 #23
I'll say -- it that guy looks like FBI or ATF to me. Captain Zero Jun 2020 #24
Toilet paper roll was my first thought! Tipperary Jun 2020 #48
Is that a roll of toilet paper on a chain from his neck? keithbvadu2 Jun 2020 #14
We are officially entering the "Brown-shirts" phase, in our Nazi Germany analogy. bullwinkle428 Jun 2020 #12
Hate crime Felony assault attempted murder aeromanKC Jun 2020 #16
"What, have you got to lose"? czarjak Jun 2020 #18
APD: Protest shooter arrested, charged - Albuquerque Journal KY_EnviroGuy Jun 2020 #19
"Aggravated battery" sounds like he got punched, does not sound like he was SHOT IN COLD BLOOD niyad Jun 2020 #36
more like attempted murder! rainy Jun 2020 #42
Sounds like these goons are intimidating more than just protesters. KY_EnviroGuy Jun 2020 #43
Yeah, not sure I have heard of someone who shot some else being charged with battery Cosmocat Jun 2020 #46
I have. NutmegYankee Jun 2020 #52
It is typically better to review the text of a statute ... PTWB Jun 2020 #47
My guess is that armed protesters will be treated very differently than "armed friendlies". Crunchy Frog Jun 2020 #51
Thank you. That was most informative. niyad Jun 2020 #56
The FACT that these people can walk around uncontested with "weapons of mass destruction" Ferrets are Cool Jun 2020 #20
Don't shoot me, give me a professional courtesy will ya. safeinOhio Jun 2020 #21
I can't say what needs to be done. roamer65 Jun 2020 #22
And who is going to do it? Tipperary Jun 2020 #49
Neither can I. nt Atticus Jun 2020 #57
"A well regulated militia" IronLionZion Jun 2020 #25
We have hundreds of self-appointed militias like this all over the country. Lonestarblue Jun 2020 #28
If they are using violence and intimidation for a political agenda IronLionZion Jun 2020 #35
The Reich Wing answer to defund the police. Look for Trump to praise them at his rally. jalan48 Jun 2020 #26
This is what happens when people bring guns. It opens the door for this EXACT situation. nt Quixote1818 Jun 2020 #32
who appointed these people defacto gaurds? themselves ? glad the fuzz is AllaN01Bear Jun 2020 #33
The Wingnuts were "protecting" the Statue of an Hispanic Guy, albeit a White One Jersey Devlin Jun 2020 #34
I'm glad to see the WoPo use "unregulated" militia to describe the group. Seems that needs to be the rainy Jun 2020 #37
I'm tired of retired cops and family members of cops thinking they are something special. I'm also dameatball Jun 2020 #38
Read about this last night, so happy to read the shot protester is expected to survive. Something iluvtennis Jun 2020 #39
people of this type llashram Jun 2020 #40
I bet no one put a knee in their necks uponit7771 Jun 2020 #41
The "armed friendlies" were probably taken to Burger King dalton99a Jun 2020 #44
Local terrorist organization in league with local authorities. nt Cognitive_Resonance Jun 2020 #50
The sad thing is, that any attempt to rein in these groups will be regarded as Crunchy Frog Jun 2020 #53
I'll be referring to him as Steve Caca /nt al bupp Jun 2020 #54
Civil Guard? Like Francisco Franco's guardia civil? DBoon Jun 2020 #55
Domestic terrorists Republican fascists nt live love laugh Jun 2020 #58
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