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9. The Knives Are Already Out...
Thu Sep 20, 2012, 06:58 AM
Sep 2012

Bishop Willard, just like Gramps McCain, won their nominations by default...the unhinged couldn't fall in love with one wingnut candidate or another. They all but canibalized their own in the primaries that left Shitt Onme as the only candidate standing and it's been a shotgun marriage ever since.

Mittens represents the party elite...the big money that has long ruled the party...exploiting the fundies, racists and other far right groups for their votes. That plan went awry with the teabagger "movement"...instead of astroturfing a new generation of wingnuts, they created crabgrass all around the party and have overgrown the elite...much to their chagrin. The Todd Akin mess is a textbook situation...the elite want him gone but the teabaggers have stood behind him.

Many are already jetisoning Willard as....as you say...not being "conservative" enough and already blame the "elite" for the ruin of the party...blowing an election they were sure could be won. Doesn't everyone hate the "colored fella"? The Bishop hasn't helped his case by running such an inept campaign. Thus this blame game will be simple...Willard will become the Michael Dukakis of the rushpublican party...quickly forgotten.

The real fun is what happens down ticket. If the rushpublicans fail to take the Senate and by some chance lose the House...the blood will really flow and we can sit back and enjoy a couple months of some major right wing angst and finger pointing. But to discount them is too soon...as they still will control key state governments and their crusades to shove ALEC type legislation on the state and local level will continue...

Yep, They will think they have to go further to the right to win davidn3600 Sep 2012 #1
Could be. longship Sep 2012 #2
is the "nuclear option" mean getting rid Nightjock Sep 2012 #11
Yes. That's it. longship Sep 2012 #17
If the Reds keep moving to the right, Jamaal510 Sep 2012 #3
The GOP is dying and B Calm Sep 2012 #4
Our big tent party is big because it stretches in every direction... Astazia Sep 2012 #5
Even if it's close enough to cheat him into office Warpy Sep 2012 #6
The Ts call the Republican leadership the GOP-e or GOPe for "elite". nt Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2012 #7
they may be emboldened vlyons Sep 2012 #8
The Knives Are Already Out... KharmaTrain Sep 2012 #9
They'll be inclined to believe they lost NewJeffCT Sep 2012 #10
I think the situation is right for the formation of a 3rd party KurtNYC Sep 2012 #12
You are describing what happened in the 1850s nadinbrzezinski Sep 2012 #33
There will certainly be a huge intra-party fight, but I see Big Money beating the tea-party wing. pampango Sep 2012 #13
Well if you ask me, Big Money is late to the game on 'seeing the distater heading Bluenorthwest Sep 2012 #26
They're losing because their rightward push is not supported by most people. porphyrian Sep 2012 #14
This is how bullies come to power Shankapotomus Sep 2012 #15
They've had bullies at the top for a long time -- Boehner, McConnell, Priebus, etc. Arugula Latte Sep 2012 #37
Agreed but I'm talking thug incarnations like Hitler Shankapotomus Sep 2012 #42
Romney won't cause it - it'll be the lost of the House that will cause it LynneSin Sep 2012 #16
You think they'll lose the House?? reformist2 Sep 2012 #22
25 seats is very doable for the Democrats LynneSin Sep 2012 #27
The house has been in play since February at least nadinbrzezinski Sep 2012 #34
I know several republicans that are wanting to move to Canada or Mexico if Obama gets reelected. modem77 Sep 2012 #18
And they'll have less chance than those of us who wanted to emigrate tavalon Sep 2012 #20
Tell them to get moving. Panasonic Sep 2012 #23
Hah. Canada has socialized medicine, abortion with no time limits, Doctor_J Sep 2012 #25
They do know of course that both have a form of socialized medicine nadinbrzezinski Sep 2012 #35
"If" went out the window on Monday tavalon Sep 2012 #19
WHEN Romney loses the Republican party will blow up spanone Sep 2012 #21
You're nuts Doctor_J Sep 2012 #24
The demographics are working against them big-time, with every passing month. Lex Sep 2012 #28
Yes, we've been hearing that for at least ten years Doctor_J Sep 2012 #29
Did Nevada and New Mexico used to be red? cthulu2016 Sep 2012 #30
Yep, and Colorado. Arugula Latte Sep 2012 #38
New Mexico went green long ago Doctor_J Sep 2012 #50
Yes, the "demographics" move more slowly than we would like but truebluegreen Sep 2012 #32
Nicely analogy, and completely off target Doctor_J Sep 2012 #41
Texas is your example? Lex Sep 2012 #39
Why wouldn't it be? Doctor_J Sep 2012 #40
There will be a bloodbath of epic proportions hifiguy Sep 2012 #31
Damn, you can write! Arugula Latte Sep 2012 #43
You might enjoy the third piece at this link. hifiguy Sep 2012 #44
This is just Republican comedy, tanking the election JustABozoOnThisBus Sep 2012 #36
Here's my take on JEB in '16... bluesbassman Sep 2012 #45
Just a thought...given it's Hilary, both campaigns/candidates have some "history" cr8tvlde Sep 2012 #47
I don't see this Doctor_J Sep 2012 #48
This ^^^ 2016 Jeb and Hilary cr8tvlde Sep 2012 #46
Heh Doctor_J Sep 2012 #49
they brought this on themselves. warrior1 Sep 2012 #51
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