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28. My personal silver lining is that I won't live much longer.
Thu Oct 8, 2020, 11:07 PM
Oct 2020

I found that out in Aug 2016. So I had that to deal with and I also had been saying for 1 year that tRump would win (I knew Americans are stupid, gullible and have the memory of a rock when it comes to politics). After the fucking moron won I said something I never said before in my life. "I don't feel safe anymore". I don't mind dying (really) especially now that my little dog and my dad died too. I am almost relieved that I won't have to live in a country that has such stupid, hate filled people voting for hateful idiots and greedy, treasonous enablers in all levels of our govt.

But...as long as I can do something to stop them I will. I will make phone calls to all GOP senators again and again, try to go to another protest, the Oct 17 Womens March over the new SCOTUS pick, and encourage others to VOTE! As a final activist statement I will go to DC (if I physically and financially can) if the fucking moron steals the election and I will not leave until he is dragged out of the W House. I will fight since I do love my country and am patriotic. Then I can die with pride and self respect.

take heart, CTyankee Skittles Oct 2020 #1
I'm with you, my dear. Squinch Oct 2020 #2
We're all in this together, and we are going to win this and win our country back! DonaldsRump Oct 2020 #3
The only people who aren't scared are the people who aren't paying attention. - n/t Jim__ Oct 2020 #4
So true. triron Oct 2020 #27
Yep. It's bad. I am not going to tell you that you shouldn't be scared. Laelth Oct 2020 #5
Very well said. dixiechiken1 Oct 2020 #13
Thank you. Laelth Oct 2020 #17
Now that was an uplifting post if I've ever read one! llmart Oct 2020 #19
Absolutely dianaredwing Oct 2020 #20
Its always darkest before dawn. OAITW r.2.0 Oct 2020 #6
Well Timewas Oct 2020 #7
If I had the means I would really like to live in Italy for a while but the EU won't have us! CTyankee Oct 2020 #15
I lived in Italy for 8 years. They also have a lot of vitriiolic fascists. fierywoman Oct 2020 #16
one should always trust one's instincts dianaredwing Oct 2020 #21
Hell Timewas Oct 2020 #22
I know ... Useless in FL Oct 2020 #8
I completely understand. It's unspeakable. Hekate Oct 2020 #9
Things were too good and we forgot the basics StClone Oct 2020 #10
It's always darkest before the dawn Catcar Oct 2020 #11
that's what Pete thought . . . OneBlueSky Oct 2020 #26
I am scared too, but this country will survive.. Stuart G Oct 2020 #12
It keeps me up nights. I have a very small group of friends and family-friendly Arkansas Granny Oct 2020 #14
there is one consolation, one glimmer of hope Chili Oct 2020 #18
You are not alone CT. Let us continue to march ahead and hope and vote. c-rational Oct 2020 #23
They are risking their lives and the lives of their families to show subservience to Trump. Kablooie Oct 2020 #24
they didn't tell him. They don't have spines. jimlup Oct 2020 #25
My personal silver lining is that I won't live much longer. BigmanPigman Oct 2020 #28
Seek solace with FDR Yavin4 Oct 2020 #29
Courage mon brave ou ma belle, Mme. Defarge Oct 2020 #30
I'm hearing you... Ohioboy Oct 2020 #31
I'm Jewish and LGBTQ Marius25 Oct 2020 #32
Got my absentee ballot today. BarbD Oct 2020 #33
I'm also 81 and scared young_at_heart Oct 2020 #34
Citizens United DallasNE Oct 2020 #35
Total Agreement marieo1 Oct 2020 #36
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