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Crunchy Frog

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37. Wish I could get my hands on some of that.
Mon Jul 5, 2021, 03:18 PM
Jul 2021

At the current rate of progress, I'll be dead before they come up with an effective, commercially available, treatment for my kind of depression/anxiety disorder.

I wonder if psilocybin might help with Alzheimer's? BComplex Jul 2021 #1
This is a very good question . . . Richard D Jul 2021 #2
That was my first thought peggysue2 Jul 2021 #7
I wonder if it would be helpful for us MS patients, too? LiberalLoner Jul 2021 #8
That was my thought as well. Ellipsis Jul 2021 #13
Repairs Of Lesions? ProfessorGAC Jul 2021 #48
I have a good friend with MS and she's been taking it for several years Goddessartist Jul 2021 #57
Cool! If it ever becomes legal I might try it. I don't like the idea of being impaired but I do LiberalLoner Jul 2021 #59
Not only psilocybin but LSD too helps with Alzheimer's. panader0 Jul 2021 #18
My very first thought Hekate Jul 2021 #20
Exactly. My question too. Captain Zero Jul 2021 #26
amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles nvme Jul 2021 #35
You would have to stay with the patient while they are Under the Influence. flying_wahini Jul 2021 #61
Hmmm, I could use some of that. triron Jul 2021 #3
when do they need human study volunteers? eShirl Jul 2021 #4
My God how do I get some? Saoirse9 Jul 2021 #5
first you find a cow azureblue Jul 2021 #16
Cow Pies to the rescue ! Captain Zero Jul 2021 #27
I happen to live across the street from a cow Saoirse9 Jul 2021 #32
Doesn't have to be fresh cow manure. Just where some was dropped. elevator Jul 2021 #42
Because some people H2O Man Jul 2021 #17
That's a bummer I have no source for them Saoirse9 Jul 2021 #22
There are states H2O Man Jul 2021 #24
You can order the spores on-line and grow your own. elevator Jul 2021 #43
Cool! Saoirse9 Jul 2021 #44
You can order spores, but not dried mushrooms. Spores are legal because they don't contain Lochloosa Jul 2021 #49
The Psilocybin cubensis mushroom is everywhere there's a cow or horse pasture in Florida. Ligyron Jul 2021 #30
I have a friend H2O Man Jul 2021 #39
It seems to me that things were pretty much ok with just the psychedelics and weed. Ligyron Jul 2021 #41
THIS lookyhereyou Jul 2021 #64
I was in grad scholl at UGA in Athens, Ga. in 1973-74. elevator Jul 2021 #45
That was a great era to be young for sure. Ligyron Jul 2021 #46
Wish I could get my hands on some of that. Crunchy Frog Jul 2021 #37
While I respect that H2O Man Jul 2021 #40
While the mushrooms are illegal Danascot Jul 2021 #29
Read Michael Pollan's "how to change your mind" Javaman Jul 2021 #65
Good tip I will read it! Thanks! Saoirse9 Jul 2021 #66
It really is something . . . Richard D Jul 2021 #6
Yet my guy can't get shit superpatriotman Jul 2021 #9
I guess that would explain.... SergeStorms Jul 2021 #10
I used to practice the same ritual, back in the day. I lived in a house in the country with cow japple Jul 2021 #34
Nothing like cow patty 'shrooms..... SergeStorms Jul 2021 #38
They released a study a year or two ago IbogaProject Jul 2021 #11
I guess I need to hit the cow pasture for some shrooms. Chainfire Jul 2021 #12
Oregon Timewas Jul 2021 #14
Excellent! calimary Jul 2021 #47
Let's hope this leads to a "cure" for depression, a dreadful disorder. nt Hortensis Jul 2021 #15
Rather than a cure, H2O Man Jul 2021 #19
Yes. I should have said better treatment, but I was excited by Hortensis Jul 2021 #25
Many years ago, H2O Man Jul 2021 #28
Psilocybin can provide a wonderful ease at life's end. quaint Jul 2021 #21
K&R! SheltieLover Jul 2021 #23
Dangerous to pick random wild fungi FakeNoose Jul 2021 #31
I wish I could get psychedelic therapy I_UndergroundPanther Jul 2021 #33
Not a very interesting finding Loki Liesmith Jul 2021 #36
I think I heard a report that it or LSD is being tested in humans Ilsa Jul 2021 #50
K & R Duppers Jul 2021 #51
This kind of research is something they should really pick up the pace on. smirkymonkey Jul 2021 #52
Interesting burrowowl Jul 2021 #53
When the men on the chessboard get up and tell you where to go struggle4progress Jul 2021 #54
I've been known to burst into song with "White Rabbit" from time to time Wicked Blue Jul 2021 #56
K&R Blue Owl Jul 2021 #55
I must have some really awesome neural pathways. BobTheSubgenius Jul 2021 #58
DC decriminalized it earlier this year IronLionZion Jul 2021 #60
Vaccinated mushrooms? malthaussen Jul 2021 #62
Huh. I just thought it was because I'm a happy idiot. Roisin Ni Fiachra Jul 2021 #63
I had a buddy that was a grower some years ago. panader0 Jul 2021 #67
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