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67. I had a buddy that was a grower some years ago.
Thu Jul 8, 2021, 07:31 AM
Jul 2021

I built him a large building out of block and one small part was a hay steaming room.
He would put a bale or two of hay in this sealed room and had it rigged to heat the hay to
sterility with steam.
Once clean, he transferred the hay to several bins and sprinkled them with spores.
The thing he liked about growing 'shrooms was that they appeared overnight and had no
lengthy growing period, like pot.
He was a mushroom master, traveling to the forests in Northern Az when it rained and picking
shittakes. Then he drove to the high class restaurants in Phoenix and Tucson and sold them to the chefs.
I just saw him yesterday after all these years.....

I wonder if psilocybin might help with Alzheimer's? BComplex Jul 2021 #1
This is a very good question . . . Richard D Jul 2021 #2
That was my first thought peggysue2 Jul 2021 #7
I wonder if it would be helpful for us MS patients, too? LiberalLoner Jul 2021 #8
That was my thought as well. Ellipsis Jul 2021 #13
Repairs Of Lesions? ProfessorGAC Jul 2021 #48
I have a good friend with MS and she's been taking it for several years Goddessartist Jul 2021 #57
Cool! If it ever becomes legal I might try it. I don't like the idea of being impaired but I do LiberalLoner Jul 2021 #59
Not only psilocybin but LSD too helps with Alzheimer's. panader0 Jul 2021 #18
My very first thought Hekate Jul 2021 #20
Exactly. My question too. Captain Zero Jul 2021 #26
amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles nvme Jul 2021 #35
You would have to stay with the patient while they are Under the Influence. flying_wahini Jul 2021 #61
Hmmm, I could use some of that. triron Jul 2021 #3
when do they need human study volunteers? eShirl Jul 2021 #4
My God how do I get some? Saoirse9 Jul 2021 #5
first you find a cow azureblue Jul 2021 #16
Cow Pies to the rescue ! Captain Zero Jul 2021 #27
I happen to live across the street from a cow Saoirse9 Jul 2021 #32
Doesn't have to be fresh cow manure. Just where some was dropped. elevator Jul 2021 #42
Because some people H2O Man Jul 2021 #17
That's a bummer I have no source for them Saoirse9 Jul 2021 #22
There are states H2O Man Jul 2021 #24
You can order the spores on-line and grow your own. elevator Jul 2021 #43
Cool! Saoirse9 Jul 2021 #44
You can order spores, but not dried mushrooms. Spores are legal because they don't contain Lochloosa Jul 2021 #49
The Psilocybin cubensis mushroom is everywhere there's a cow or horse pasture in Florida. Ligyron Jul 2021 #30
I have a friend H2O Man Jul 2021 #39
It seems to me that things were pretty much ok with just the psychedelics and weed. Ligyron Jul 2021 #41
THIS lookyhereyou Jul 2021 #64
I was in grad scholl at UGA in Athens, Ga. in 1973-74. elevator Jul 2021 #45
That was a great era to be young for sure. Ligyron Jul 2021 #46
Wish I could get my hands on some of that. Crunchy Frog Jul 2021 #37
While I respect that H2O Man Jul 2021 #40
While the mushrooms are illegal Danascot Jul 2021 #29
Read Michael Pollan's "how to change your mind" Javaman Jul 2021 #65
Good tip I will read it! Thanks! Saoirse9 Jul 2021 #66
It really is something . . . Richard D Jul 2021 #6
Yet my guy can't get shit superpatriotman Jul 2021 #9
I guess that would explain.... SergeStorms Jul 2021 #10
I used to practice the same ritual, back in the day. I lived in a house in the country with cow japple Jul 2021 #34
Nothing like cow patty 'shrooms..... SergeStorms Jul 2021 #38
They released a study a year or two ago IbogaProject Jul 2021 #11
I guess I need to hit the cow pasture for some shrooms. Chainfire Jul 2021 #12
Oregon Timewas Jul 2021 #14
Excellent! calimary Jul 2021 #47
Let's hope this leads to a "cure" for depression, a dreadful disorder. nt Hortensis Jul 2021 #15
Rather than a cure, H2O Man Jul 2021 #19
Yes. I should have said better treatment, but I was excited by Hortensis Jul 2021 #25
Many years ago, H2O Man Jul 2021 #28
Psilocybin can provide a wonderful ease at life's end. quaint Jul 2021 #21
K&R! SheltieLover Jul 2021 #23
Dangerous to pick random wild fungi FakeNoose Jul 2021 #31
I wish I could get psychedelic therapy I_UndergroundPanther Jul 2021 #33
Not a very interesting finding Loki Liesmith Jul 2021 #36
I think I heard a report that it or LSD is being tested in humans Ilsa Jul 2021 #50
K & R Duppers Jul 2021 #51
This kind of research is something they should really pick up the pace on. smirkymonkey Jul 2021 #52
Interesting burrowowl Jul 2021 #53
When the men on the chessboard get up and tell you where to go struggle4progress Jul 2021 #54
I've been known to burst into song with "White Rabbit" from time to time Wicked Blue Jul 2021 #56
K&R Blue Owl Jul 2021 #55
I must have some really awesome neural pathways. BobTheSubgenius Jul 2021 #58
DC decriminalized it earlier this year IronLionZion Jul 2021 #60
Vaccinated mushrooms? malthaussen Jul 2021 #62
Huh. I just thought it was because I'm a happy idiot. Roisin Ni Fiachra Jul 2021 #63
I had a buddy that was a grower some years ago. panader0 Jul 2021 #67
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