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58. Here's Nina saying "evil money" as a way to imply corruption. These are the word games she employs.
Sun Jan 30, 2022, 03:38 PM
Jan 2022

This is what my comments referred to about her word games. She got called out on this one, but it goes to her mindset and how she tries to imply evil and corruption to shade people. Copy and paste of formal definitions doesn't take into account people like her who manipulate.


"Nina Turner, who ignited a national conversation on social media with her use of the term “evil money” in her Aug. 3 concession speech, is taking heat from some local Jewish leaders."

“Although Turner’s staff sought to clarify her election night remarks, indicating she was speaking about ‘corporate money, Republican money and Trump allies’ money,’ words matter,” Shapiro wrote in an Aug. 10 email to the CJN. “Intentionally or unintentionally, the language she employed rings of historic antisemitic tropes. There is no place for bigotry, hate or antisemitism in our public discourse. It is the responsibility of political figures to condemn and address antisemitism, and that means taking extra care with phrasing that can be offensive or derogatory. AJC Cleveland has reached out to Turner to discuss issues of concern.”

Smack talking is totally unhelpful Walleye Jan 2022 #1
It's horrible.. Cha Jan 2022 #53
Discussing her upcoming rematch with Shontell Brown for congressional seat. oasis Jan 2022 #2
I switched to The Weather Channel... Wounded Bear Jan 2022 #3
Capehart had better give Shontell some air time. Nina Turner's washed up oasis Jan 2022 #5
I should hope so! Cha Jan 2022 #54
Mahalo Cha. oasis Jan 2022 #59
Aloha to you, oasis! Cha Jan 2022 #60
Capehart never asked for an example, he just let her ramble on. He'd oasis Jan 2022 #62
Not a sign of a good journalist .. Cha Jan 2022 #64
Nina's saying "dark money" defeated her in run for Ohio's 11th congressional seat. oasis Jan 2022 #4
She got defeated by a large margin because: Botany Jan 2022 #6
Nina trashed both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, but has the nerve to ask oasis Jan 2022 #7
This! PortTack Jan 2022 #8
Yes! She willingly threw the whole nation under the Republican bus, Hortensis Jan 2022 #49
If anybody gets "dark money" it is Nina Botany Jan 2022 #14
True that. Outside forces that cultivate Dem Party disloyalty. nt oasis Jan 2022 #16
She WAS the one with the big OUTSIDE money funding from the beginning. Hortensis Jan 2022 #20
Many here advised us to just 'accept' her win as she was so far ahead...nope. I live in Ohio in Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #26
I remember that.. Boy did they Cha Jan 2022 #57
By July, the Democratic Majority for Israel PAC had contributed over $660,000 in advertising Celerity Jan 2022 #15
"Shred of proof". Nina didn't have access to this information? oasis Jan 2022 #17
you were the one that said there was not a shred a proof Celerity Jan 2022 #19
Nina did not support her "dark money" accusations with proof. Okay? oasis Jan 2022 #25
Now clue what you are on about, as I showed you the outside dark money sourcings for both campaign Celerity Jan 2022 #35
You showed nothing except a Jewish Council supporting Nixie Jan 2022 #37
In the politics of the United States, dark money refers to political spending by nonprofit Celerity Jan 2022 #50
LOL, of course. And it says right there "Jewish Dems". Nixie Jan 2022 #51
Here's Nina saying "evil money" as a way to imply corruption. These are the word games she employs. Nixie Jan 2022 #58
This will follow Nina for as long as she's on the national stage. nt oasis Jan 2022 #61
Agreed. She really got caught in her own BS with that one. Nixie Jan 2022 #68
"Dark money" is a Jewish Council targeting Jewish voters Nixie Jan 2022 #36
Excellent point. oasis Jan 2022 #39
Your link shows Nina also took money from a PAC, but apparently it's one of her In crowd, so Nixie Jan 2022 #46
I listed figures for BOTH campaigns, as I already stated above. I certainly never made any sort of Celerity Jan 2022 #48
Actually, I was talking about the word game with dark money and how phony it is and how it's Nixie Jan 2022 #52
(((Dark Money)))...nt comradebillyboy Jan 2022 #18
+1000, saying "dark money" is the actual scam -- trying to collectively demonize Nixie Jan 2022 #38
Nina made her "dark money" statement without presenting evidence. That's oasis Jan 2022 #41
Exactly. It's always like that because they want to imply that anyone contributing Nixie Jan 2022 #42
Yeah that's her Go To Whine.. she Cha Jan 2022 #55
She raised more money than Brown iemanja Jan 2022 #56
She is not a Democrat by her own admission. I resent those who suggest she is and support her hlthe2b Jan 2022 #9
Dems need to ditch Nina for good. She's a giant pain in the ass. nt oasis Jan 2022 #11
I live in Ohio...and we ditched her pretty good during the special...looking forward to Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #23
:) Maybe yet another rejection will be the charm Hortensis Jan 2022 #31
She destroyed herself politically in 16. Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #32
She is a member of the People's Party and not a Democrat. Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #24
I watched some of it and she was smacking republicans. Emile Jan 2022 #10
Who do you think she was referring to with her "dark money" comment? oasis Jan 2022 #12
I didn't catch that part. Emile Jan 2022 #13
Really, unusual for her. Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #22
I won't see...I make it a point to never listen to anything Nina Turner has to say...she will lose Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #21
Dunno why Capehart gave her a spot. She's such a shit stirrer. nr oasis Jan 2022 #28
This is why I no longer watch MSNBC. Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #30
Sorry Nina BlueIdaho Jan 2022 #27
She compared Joe Biden to a BOWL OF SHIT and voted for JILL STEIN instead of Hillary. NurseJackie Jan 2022 #29
I suspect Nina is surfacing to activate campaign donation$$$. She's gotta oasis Jan 2022 #33
In solidarity, eh? NurseJackie Jan 2022 #34
So did he ask how much she enjoyed her bowl of shit? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jan 2022 #63
Reveals a lot about character, judgement, basic common sense. betsuni Jan 2022 #66
Those given to radical to extremist political behaviors, warring on Hortensis Jan 2022 #40
Nina's still selling her b.s., but less and less are buying. nt oasis Jan 2022 #43
:) That bad smell lingers. Hortensis Jan 2022 #47
I can't stand her. Hope she loses again. Vinca Jan 2022 #44
She'll lose, but not before pocketing plentiful donor money for her efforts. oasis Jan 2022 #45
The rule: when you have the same policy goals as Democrats but can't admit it, go after character. betsuni Jan 2022 #65
100% This. nt oasis Jan 2022 #67
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