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31. "... little kids, sacrificed in worship of guns."
Tue May 31, 2022, 02:05 PM
May 2022

We should use phrases like this - as OUR weapons.

Speak of it exactly like this.

Describe it exactly like this.

And repeat, repeat, repeat. And repeat some MORE.

Because it IS the goddamn worship of guns!

They hold guns as more important than children’s lives. NINETEEN children’s lives. And that’s just the latest death toll from the latest school shooting.

***sob*** [View all] Nevilledog May 2022 OP
Just sad beyond belief!! PortTack May 2022 #1
I cry each time I see the pictures. Nevilledog May 2022 #50
I do too. llmart May 2022 #53
I'd like to put this guy out of business gratuitous May 2022 #2
like art for the living. :( nt Javaman May 2022 #5
oh, he is doing art for the living. barbtries May 2022 #22
+ 1 nt pazzyanne May 2022 #51
I can't agree with you more. soldierant May 2022 #56
There's no way you'd ever put him out of business jmowreader May 2022 #43
That's the business I want to put him out of gratuitous May 2022 #46
I heard a comment the other day and wonder if it came from him... Frustratedlady May 2022 #55
Let's put the gun makers out of business RainCaster Jun 2022 #62
Good for him for doing this but I cannot imagine how difficult it is. LonePirate May 2022 #3
Not enough words for how heartbreaking this is. nt crickets May 2022 #4
What a uniquely American success story! Hassin Bin Sober May 2022 #6
It is very frustrating that he Jerry2144 May 2022 #7
I knew I shouldn't have opened this In It to Win It May 2022 #8
Agree KS Toronado May 2022 #9
Yeah. No shit. calimary May 2022 #30
I don't know how he can get through the day, making these things. Bless him for it though. kysrsoze May 2022 #10
No, just no. This is just too sad and wrong and there is no way to say what I'm feeling. Biophilic May 2022 #11
No words. wnylib May 2022 #12
OMG crying! This is just every level of horrible AllyCat May 2022 #13
Bless his heart. Cracklin Charlie May 2022 #14
Children didn't sign up to pay the ultimate price for freedom IronLionZion May 2022 #15
My heart... nolabear May 2022 #16
Fuck. This shouldn't be happening. Initech May 2022 #17
My God, what have we become as a country??? Beacool May 2022 #18
Caskets for kids is so against nature. iluvtennis May 2022 #19
Indeed ck4829 May 2022 #21
The size of them was enough for me, ugh n/t hibbing May 2022 #23
I think I read they had to truck some in from Georgia. AngryOldDem May 2022 #25
If I remember correctly from a DU post last week, there is only one company niyad May 2022 #41
Wow, as it should be. Thanks for the info. n/t iluvtennis May 2022 #47
See also post 43 in this thread, which I had missed. niyad May 2022 #59
At least in this century AwakeAtLast May 2022 #29
Prior to the 20th century soldierant May 2022 #57
No parents should ever bury their child. AZLD4Candidate May 2022 #20
That is too much to bear Bettie May 2022 #24
What you said. Tears in my eyes. twodogsbarking May 2022 #26
"... little kids, sacrificed in worship of guns." calimary May 2022 #31
+1 great framing lostnfound May 2022 #45
And we have to push it. PUSH it. HARD. calimary Jun 2022 #64
Crying and heart swelling with sorrow--again--for those kids! I wish he would build a replica of each LaMouffette May 2022 #27
Better idea jmowreader May 2022 #44
Yes. That IS a better idea. And after viewing each one, have each Republican sit, one at a time, in LaMouffette May 2022 #49
I wish that would happen and actually affect their thinking, but I don't believe it is possible. Evolve Dammit May 2022 #54
I can't take it budkin May 2022 #28
Nominee for one of the saddest jobs on the planet. SoonerPride May 2022 #32
We can't let this continue. Joinfortmill May 2022 #33
I think I know how he summoned the courage to face such a sad Grammy23 May 2022 #34
+100 ChazII May 2022 #39
Some day there will be one for the FILIBUSTER Captain Zero May 2022 #35
THIS. IS. NOT. NORMAL! Ishoutandscream2 May 2022 #36
Bless him 3auld6phart May 2022 #37
beyond heartbreaking Roc2020 May 2022 #38
Heartbreakingly beautiful Maeve May 2022 #40
All blessings to him. And may all who make his job necessary receive EVERYTHING niyad May 2022 #42
Bless him Withywindle May 2022 #48
Very important post. Thank you. Evolve Dammit May 2022 #52
... Nevilledog Jun 2022 #63
To honor the beautiful, brief lives of these kids and their teachers, today's flower. usonian May 2022 #60
Sainted man, to take on this colorado_ufo May 2022 #61
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