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Arkansas Granny

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9. The problem is, IMO, that even those Republicans who are not MAGAts would still
Thu Jun 16, 2022, 05:51 AM
Jun 2022

vote for TFG before they would vote for a Democrat.

An unpopular opinion [View all] NanceGreggs Jun 2022 OP
I agree with this but,,,,, SouthernDem4ever Jun 2022 #1
I agree with the point in each paragraph. Popular with this one reader at least. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2022 #2
I agree Red Mountain Jun 2022 #3
DeSantis is running whether Trump runs or not Rstrstx Jun 2022 #11
Primary him? inthewind21 Jun 2022 #28
Maybe not all, but 147 house Republicans voted to overturn the election results. Emile Jun 2022 #4
I didn't realize that it was that many - and they are what count. patricia92243 Jun 2022 #5
I could see them siding with a Trump challenger Red Mountain Jun 2022 #6
Is that a delusion? Emile Jun 2022 #7
I agree completely. Demsrule86 Jun 2022 #8
The problem is, IMO, that even those Republicans who are not MAGAts would still Arkansas Granny Jun 2022 #9
You make some good points. However ... Novara Jun 2022 #10
Trump will lose if he runs IMHO...as for losing people lilke Nicolle Wallace...this is why I don't Demsrule86 Jun 2022 #12
I only watch Nicolle, Chris Hayes, and Rachel, gab13by13 Jun 2022 #15
According to Politifact 70% of Republican voters gab13by13 Jun 2022 #13
Trumpism is a social disease. It surprises many just how virulent and enduring it is. jaxexpat Jun 2022 #14
"All" is a silly standard 867-5309. Jun 2022 #16
I have bee taking a look at some 2024 polling and most of it has the Orange Anus leading both Biden, CentralMass Jun 2022 #17
I agree-not all republicans are magats randr Jun 2022 #18
I agree, and IMO voting for Trump or his clone makes them all Magats. gab13by13 Jun 2022 #20
I golf with an 89 year old Magat, gab13by13 Jun 2022 #19
Another delusion around here is that NJCher Jun 2022 #21
And inthewind21 Jun 2022 #29
It depends on what promises they are able to extract from the republicans. CentralMass Jun 2022 #30
I do not agree with this. But it's my opinion - or "delusion", if you will. NewHendoLib Jun 2022 #22
+1 Emile Jun 2022 #23
The Tipping Point NJCher Jun 2022 #24
All Republicans are ...NOT MAGAts.. Some are far smarter then that. Stuart G Jun 2022 #25
You are correct. Popular opinion or not. MineralMan Jun 2022 #26
Totally agree with your opinion. We primarily Enoki33 Jun 2022 #27
Recommended. H2O Man Jun 2022 #31
I pray you're right, Nance liberaltrucker Jun 2022 #32
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