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I love it, all good. We need to get ruthless Walleye Aug 2022 #1
We need to get ruthless going into the midterms KS Toronado Aug 2022 #2
Dems appear to have it together this cycle Johnny2X2X Aug 2022 #6
Abortion and contraception freedom needs to be one of the top 2 issues Tetrachloride Aug 2022 #3
With you 100% KS Toronado Aug 2022 #4
YES!!! StrkSrviver Aug 2022 #5
Excellent ideas...K&R Demsrule86 Aug 2022 #7
Thanks coworker, see you at the office! KS Toronado Aug 2022 #24
DNC obviously does not consult DU. They're keeping their powder dry. FOREVER. usonian Aug 2022 #8
Kick! usonian Aug 2022 #11
This! geardaddy Aug 2022 #18
I think for those of us in districts flipped in 2018 to blue JustAnotherGen Aug 2022 #9
"messaging needs to be a really narrow focus." KS Toronado Aug 2022 #14
Won't work in the 7th District JustAnotherGen Aug 2022 #20
Don't get me wrong we're on the same side being Ds KS Toronado Aug 2022 #23
K&R Bayard Aug 2022 #12
We REALLY need to keep the House. live love laugh Aug 2022 #13
They will impeach Biden in about five minutes RedSpartan Aug 2022 #16
And more manufactured things moonscape Aug 2022 #26
Reminder, Biden won't be convicted by the Senate. brooklynite Aug 2022 #28
Oh Lordy, I wish you could send these ideas to your nearest Democrat! calimary Aug 2022 #15
Thank you Mary! KS Toronado Aug 2022 #21
Oh GOOD!!! calimary Aug 2022 #22
Like her or not, Liz Cheney has just stated she will campaign for Dems running against TFG Crazies. Tommymac Aug 2022 #17
Great concept! summer_in_TX Aug 2022 #19
Kick for visability... Demsrule86 Aug 2022 #25
I agree. Sure, we need to tout the great accomplishments if this administration. But a more powerful Martin68 Aug 2022 #27
Great. I hope the DNC is listening, or some other group to do a massive independent expenditure Liberty Belle Aug 2022 #29
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