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Oopsie Daisy

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14. "Nice conservative USSC you've got there. It would be a shame if anything happened to it" *
Tue Dec 19, 2023, 03:33 PM
Dec 2023

* or something.

It is worth a lot to wealthy Americans and the GOP tanyev Dec 2023 #1
Yeah, that stuck out to me, too. calimary Dec 2023 #26
The people who bribe the Supreme Court determine the proper interpretation of US law. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #27
Who was the French guy DENVERPOPS Dec 2023 #47
Certainly the GOP has discovered that public office is the best grift around. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #56
Obviously the people who bribe the Supreme Court determine what is proper interpretation. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #45
#137K May Be a Pretty Modest Salary for a Senior Federal Employee, I Concede The Roux Comes First Dec 2023 #2
Just read that Old Crank Dec 2023 #21
Lifetime job security, perks, free top notch healthcare, generous pension. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #31
Or in many cases DENVERPOPS Dec 2023 #48
8 months on job site WhiteTara Dec 2023 #54
Media US salary is about Old Crank Dec 2023 #22
Thanks for giving the median rather than the average. eppur_se_muova Dec 2023 #43
And what other hanky panky was going on at the meetings? Kingofalldems Dec 2023 #3
We can well imagine. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #34
There wasn't previously such a close quote pro quo connection Ms. Toad Dec 2023 #4
What Clarence Thomas dreams of usonian Dec 2023 #5
Pretty sure this was made public at the time. Thomas complained about not making what he would otherwise Freethinker65 Dec 2023 #6
Someone should have reminded him he could quit Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2023 #24
Q: How many billionaire friends would Clarence Thomas have if he weren't an Assoc. Justice? Kid Berwyn Dec 2023 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Dec 2023 #8
I was saying this when the Harlan Crow stuff first broke nuxvomica Dec 2023 #9
Trying to imagine what the "more lucrative" gig would be. maxsolomon Dec 2023 #23
Defense attorney like the ones you see on TV DENVERPOPS Dec 2023 #49
Selling reverse mortgages leftieNanner Dec 2023 #53
That isn't a bribe mercuryblues Dec 2023 #25
A Paid Endorsement...that's when a celebrity or public figure is paid to promote or support a product. sop Dec 2023 #30
How much did Thomas get paid to help steal the election from Al Gore? Meadowoak Dec 2023 #10
While there may have been some form of compensation, that was something Thomas would volunteer for JHB Dec 2023 #19
that goes for many supremes...... DENVERPOPS Dec 2023 #50
The worst part is, he doesn't care. shrike3 Dec 2023 #11
Ginny started making big, big money after Clarence complained. mn9driver Dec 2023 #12
Sounds like maybe Ginni wanted to put him up for auction. Attilatheblond Dec 2023 #13
Where do you think Jared DENVERPOPS Dec 2023 #51
"Nice conservative USSC you've got there. It would be a shame if anything happened to it" * Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #14
Yeah, Clinton was president at the time not fooled Dec 2023 #55
Fuck him and GOP he rides on. nt TeamProg Dec 2023 #15
Some people understand Public Service and the conditions that accompany Attilatheblond Dec 2023 #16
"(Worth it) to have the Constitution properly interpreted." Grins Dec 2023 #17
If only they had listened to Anita Hill. TSExile Dec 2023 #18
They didn't even need her. He should have been bounced before her name ever surfaced JHB Dec 2023 #20
Slappy needed the raise to help pay for his laxative bills. LudwigPastorius Dec 2023 #28
Seems like Clarence basically put up a "pay for play available here" sign. spanone Dec 2023 #29
Yes when he could not extort money from the US Congress, he set up a pay for play shop. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #36
👍🏼 spanone Dec 2023 #37
The Supreme Court most certainly does not have to worry about following ethics or the law. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #38
It appears many 'laws' were enacted as if politicians were perceived as honorable spanone Dec 2023 #39
This is how he justifies taking bribes. He is a victim of the US Congress. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #32
A fair to moderate lawyer can easily make 6 figures, good ones 7 and beyond. bluesbassman Dec 2023 #33
The GOP knows exactly what public service means. They just entirely reject that role. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #35
Corrupt is as corrupt does. bluesbassman Dec 2023 #42
I see nothing in Article III that protects Thomas from criminal prosecution. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2023 #40
Its so clear.why.Thomas votes.unrelentingly rightwing..he was paid to Demovictory9 Dec 2023 #41
Yup republianmushroom Dec 2023 #44
And Christian Nationalist Hillsdale College poured money in through Ginny gibraltar72 Dec 2023 #46
Crimey Clarence is either a blackmailer Hassler Dec 2023 #52
Marriage is a partnership. Attilatheblond Dec 2023 #57
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