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56. Certainly the GOP has discovered that public office is the best grift around.
Wed Dec 20, 2023, 08:54 AM
Dec 2023

And it is quite likely you can get away with your crimes.

For example members of congress often become very wealthy.
The are allowed to commit crimes the rest of us cannot do.
Insider training and other crimes.

It is worth a lot to wealthy Americans and the GOP tanyev Dec 2023 #1
Yeah, that stuck out to me, too. calimary Dec 2023 #26
The people who bribe the Supreme Court determine the proper interpretation of US law. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #27
Who was the French guy DENVERPOPS Dec 2023 #47
Certainly the GOP has discovered that public office is the best grift around. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #56
Obviously the people who bribe the Supreme Court determine what is proper interpretation. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #45
#137K May Be a Pretty Modest Salary for a Senior Federal Employee, I Concede The Roux Comes First Dec 2023 #2
Just read that Old Crank Dec 2023 #21
Lifetime job security, perks, free top notch healthcare, generous pension. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #31
Or in many cases DENVERPOPS Dec 2023 #48
8 months on job site WhiteTara Dec 2023 #54
Media US salary is about Old Crank Dec 2023 #22
Thanks for giving the median rather than the average. eppur_se_muova Dec 2023 #43
And what other hanky panky was going on at the meetings? Kingofalldems Dec 2023 #3
We can well imagine. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #34
There wasn't previously such a close quote pro quo connection Ms. Toad Dec 2023 #4
What Clarence Thomas dreams of usonian Dec 2023 #5
Pretty sure this was made public at the time. Thomas complained about not making what he would otherwise Freethinker65 Dec 2023 #6
Someone should have reminded him he could quit Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2023 #24
Q: How many billionaire friends would Clarence Thomas have if he weren't an Assoc. Justice? Kid Berwyn Dec 2023 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Dec 2023 #8
I was saying this when the Harlan Crow stuff first broke nuxvomica Dec 2023 #9
Trying to imagine what the "more lucrative" gig would be. maxsolomon Dec 2023 #23
Defense attorney like the ones you see on TV DENVERPOPS Dec 2023 #49
Selling reverse mortgages leftieNanner Dec 2023 #53
That isn't a bribe mercuryblues Dec 2023 #25
A Paid Endorsement...that's when a celebrity or public figure is paid to promote or support a product. sop Dec 2023 #30
How much did Thomas get paid to help steal the election from Al Gore? Meadowoak Dec 2023 #10
While there may have been some form of compensation, that was something Thomas would volunteer for JHB Dec 2023 #19
that goes for many supremes...... DENVERPOPS Dec 2023 #50
The worst part is, he doesn't care. shrike3 Dec 2023 #11
Ginny started making big, big money after Clarence complained. mn9driver Dec 2023 #12
Sounds like maybe Ginni wanted to put him up for auction. Attilatheblond Dec 2023 #13
Where do you think Jared DENVERPOPS Dec 2023 #51
"Nice conservative USSC you've got there. It would be a shame if anything happened to it" * Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #14
Yeah, Clinton was president at the time not fooled Dec 2023 #55
Fuck him and GOP he rides on. nt TeamProg Dec 2023 #15
Some people understand Public Service and the conditions that accompany Attilatheblond Dec 2023 #16
"(Worth it) to have the Constitution properly interpreted." Grins Dec 2023 #17
If only they had listened to Anita Hill. TSExile Dec 2023 #18
They didn't even need her. He should have been bounced before her name ever surfaced JHB Dec 2023 #20
Slappy needed the raise to help pay for his laxative bills. LudwigPastorius Dec 2023 #28
Seems like Clarence basically put up a "pay for play available here" sign. spanone Dec 2023 #29
Yes when he could not extort money from the US Congress, he set up a pay for play shop. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #36
👍🏼 spanone Dec 2023 #37
The Supreme Court most certainly does not have to worry about following ethics or the law. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #38
It appears many 'laws' were enacted as if politicians were perceived as honorable spanone Dec 2023 #39
This is how he justifies taking bribes. He is a victim of the US Congress. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #32
A fair to moderate lawyer can easily make 6 figures, good ones 7 and beyond. bluesbassman Dec 2023 #33
The GOP knows exactly what public service means. They just entirely reject that role. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #35
Corrupt is as corrupt does. bluesbassman Dec 2023 #42
I see nothing in Article III that protects Thomas from criminal prosecution. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2023 #40
Its so clear.why.Thomas votes.unrelentingly rightwing..he was paid to Demovictory9 Dec 2023 #41
Yup republianmushroom Dec 2023 #44
And Christian Nationalist Hillsdale College poured money in through Ginny gibraltar72 Dec 2023 #46
Crimey Clarence is either a blackmailer Hassler Dec 2023 #52
Marriage is a partnership. Attilatheblond Dec 2023 #57
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