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Fri May 17, 2024, 06:17 AM May 17

We are watching history in the making: the GOP is breaking apart. [View all]

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We are looking at the break up of a long standing US political party.
The tectonic plates are shifting right in front of us.

The GOP has been taken over by MAGA and international political forces.
They have become a crime syndicate, not a political party.

The GOP has broken into two pieces:

1. Those who are fine with being criminals to obtain power and wealth and aligning with sinister foreign powers.

2. Those who cannot swallow that direction. In a recent comment BumRush called this group "the deer in the headlights" group, they are paralyzed and don't know what to do.

But we see signs that this deer in the headlight GOP group is waking up, up and joining forces with the Dem party. We see many former GOP strategists and operatives speaking out against Trump and the Magas. And in Bum Rush's OP, we see the GOP aligning with Dems to support a Dem candidate.


Edit to add this quote from BumRush (with her permission) which is an excellent summary of how the GOP got to this point: "The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a catalyst that spawned a revolutionary ideology change among many southern Democrats dubbed "Dixiecrats", coupled with the rise of Goldwater and a nascent Republican party who welcomed them, the election of the first black President of the U.S. in 2008 became a further catalyst for the Republican party to begin a self-destruct sequence as a functioning party, making it nothing more than the landing place for bigoted nativist extremists. That then made it ripe for embracing fascism as a means to remain in power."

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We told you this was coming malaise May 17 #1
Yes we have seen it coming. Irish_Dem May 17 #2
The word is stunning malaise May 17 #3
Yes totally gobsmacking. Irish_Dem May 17 #9
I made this 5 years ago Roy Rolling May 17 #30
You made a chilling prediction of things to come. Irish_Dem May 17 #33
Interesting story about the dog depicted in the original advertisement Wednesdays May 17 #72
Thanks. Irish_Dem May 17 #82
The RCA dog's name was Nipper. Captain Zero May 18 #153
Freaking perfect malaise May 17 #35
"The oligarchs are backing MAGA." jaxexpat May 17 #42
The oligarchs desire more power and wealth. Irish_Dem May 17 #60
Which is rather bizarre PatSeg May 17 #84
Relentless pursuit of power and wealth is an addiction. Irish_Dem May 17 #92
Exactly PatSeg May 17 #114
Yes capitalistic adoration of the wealthy needs to be rethought. Irish_Dem May 17 #116
Yes, too often the poor and middle class PatSeg May 17 #120
Yes Americans have been voting against their self interests for a long time. Irish_Dem May 17 #122
The Autocratic Personality Metaphorical May 17 #107
"It's the score they're after, the tangible PatSeg May 17 #115
Yes but the score keeping has an addictive quality to it, like greed does. Irish_Dem May 17 #123
Here are some numbers about the wealth divide Old Crank May 18 #148
I have been saying the US is an oligarchy for some time. Irish_Dem May 18 #157
The US has been an oligarchy since the 1880s, with the rise of corporate personhood Metaphorical May 22 #166
" The oligarchs are backing MAGA." apnu May 18 #156
I planted 8 rolls of popcorn in the garden. Should Emile May 17 #18
I'd enjoy it more if it was just a movie. Irish_Dem May 17 #19
No one would have beleived it 10 years ago hot2na May 17 #29
The script would have been rejected as too improbable. Irish_Dem May 17 #32
These fuckers have been at it since 1932. hadEnuf May 17 #66
Yes the year FDR was elected. Irish_Dem May 17 #67
... and they plotted a coup. Codifer May 17 #144
As always, wealth, power and status give white males a pass. Irish_Dem May 18 #149
LOL malaise May 17 #36
Does watering make them soggy? KS Toronado May 17 #38
I use a light drizzling of Lea and Perrins on mine. littlemissmartypants May 17 #111
They have lost their minds. Their faith in the sham the orange one has created is 100%. tetedur May 17 #4
They know exactly what they are doing. Irish_Dem May 17 #11
They haven't succeeded yet. Think. Again. May 17 #52
This is sickening bdamomma May 17 #141
They've been brainwashed all their lifves, they think God won't like them if they vote for Democrats Walleye May 17 #5
They must demonize various groups as part of their power grab. Irish_Dem May 17 #12
In 2015 the swastikas and pro-Drumph graffiti started showing up. Evolve Dammit May 17 #50
Pence being hanged would have changed nothing for MAGAs. Irish_Dem May 17 #59
Think we the people will ever see an unredacted Evolve Dammit May 17 #61
Why do you think it is not being released? Irish_Dem May 17 #69
Guessing it contains incriminating evidence on folks that don't want that evidence to be public? What's Evolve Dammit May 17 #132
One of the things that was the most weirdly shocking to me was a semi obscure incident. Sky Jewels May 17 #101
Because it is like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Irish_Dem May 17 #118
Exactly. Sky Jewels May 17 #145
Good observation. I had no idea, but I think it is waaaay more widespread than "we" know. Evolve Dammit May 17 #133
Putin loves it Walleye May 17 #64
Putin and Xi are delighted at the success of their war against the US. Irish_Dem May 17 #71
Yep. Despite the puffery about strength America is weak. Marcus IM May 17 #91
Trump is an audit of the entire US government. Irish_Dem May 17 #96
And the more Americans can be made to fear SomedayKindaLove May 17 #127
Will it happen fast enough? Silent3 May 17 #6
This pivotal time in US history is still unfolding. Irish_Dem May 17 #13
"You are at your best when things are at their worst." Starman CrispyQ May 17 #56
Yes we don't know how this story will end. Irish_Dem May 17 #62
A time of peril and great uncertainty bucolic_frolic May 17 #7
We are in one of the most dangerous times in US history. Irish_Dem May 17 #16
Yes but until the electorate realizes this they will remain in power. Kablooie May 17 #8
Sometimes people have to hit rock bottom to wake up. Irish_Dem May 17 #21
I actually think the party is just coalescing around its more radical leaders. Lonestarblue May 17 #10
Yes but we can argue this is leading up to the split. Irish_Dem May 17 #22
We are not out of the woods yet. surfered May 17 #14
Exactly. Irish_Dem May 17 #23
Unfortunately more people are being brainwashed. Also, I think more people won't mucifer May 17 #15
Yes if the people vote out democracy it will be a steep learning curve for them. Irish_Dem May 17 #24
Unfortunately the GOP is also breaking apart more than their Party. gordianot May 17 #17
Yes the GOP is taking a wrecking ball to our country. Irish_Dem May 17 #25
A historical corallary on party names. wnylib May 17 #34
The NSDAP (the Nazis) and its precursor, the DAP, were not 'left wing' socialist, although they did Celerity May 17 #113
Thanks for the additional details on the involvement of wnylib May 17 #140
They will take all of us down with them John Shaft May 17 #20
Make no mistake, they will burn it all down to get what they want. Irish_Dem May 17 #27
Yes. Many of them -now- just want to make (our) world burn. FailureToCommunicate May 17 #28
Yes the GOP is full of ruthless sadistic sociopaths. Irish_Dem May 17 #31
The GOP has become the Chaos Party. sop May 17 #26
Was this written 5 years ago? Johnny2X2X May 17 #37
Unfotunately true. honest.abe May 17 #44
It has been ongoing for some time yes. Irish_Dem May 17 #48
It didn't split in half Johnny2X2X May 17 #54
We don't know the full extent of the MAGA party throughout the US govt. Irish_Dem May 17 #68
When more rational Republicans realized dlk May 17 #39
Yes one of the most perilous times in US history. Irish_Dem May 17 #55
The GOP's malignant need to be in control has caused their downfall dlk May 17 #63
Making a deal with the devil does not always end well. Irish_Dem May 17 #70
The world has changed since 2015/2016. ClearSky24 May 17 #40
Yes the autocratic cyberwar intensified against the US. Irish_Dem May 17 #73
If Biden loses this election, we will be seeing that headline about Democrats. doc03 May 17 #41
Yes Putin and Xi have been working on that strategy as well. Irish_Dem May 17 #74
Until the likes of Romney, Christie, Haley, and others stand on the stage with Biden and endorse him this is hogwash. OrlandoDem2 May 17 #43
I said the GOP is fractured, that does not mean they become Democrats. Irish_Dem May 17 #75
And yet we could still lose in Nov. honest.abe May 17 #45
Yes of course we could lose in Nov. Irish_Dem May 17 #77
It should have happened already FakeNoose May 17 #46
Because 2021 whet their appetite. Irish_Dem May 17 #80
I just wish the GOP would hurry up and finish self-destructing already. ShazzieB May 17 #47
The GOP has been torturing the country and at war with the US for decades. Irish_Dem May 17 #85
I know it's been going on for a long time. ShazzieB May 17 #108
I know. But I just got this bad feeling. Baitball Blogger May 17 #49
Yes I agree. Violence is a deliberate GOP strategy. Irish_Dem May 17 #86
K&R BumRushDaShow May 17 #51
You're so insightful Irish Dem Duncanpup May 17 #53
It can't happen soon enough. spanone May 17 #57
I will only believe it JustAnotherGen May 17 #58
Not fast enough IMO republianmushroom May 17 #65
I'll just say i have heard similar sarisataka May 17 #76
Don't kid yourself . . . markpkessinger May 17 #78
Some of the GOP cult is peeling off. Irish_Dem May 17 #88
They aren't"BREAKING APART" and believing so will be B.See May 17 #79
The GOP breaking apart has nothing to do with MAGA attempts to take power. Irish_Dem May 17 #89
It might be argued that the GOP B.See May 17 #110
It may be too late. They dont need a gop. They may not need voters. getagrip_already May 17 #81
EXACTLY n/t B.See May 17 #83
Yes MAGA knows it cannot win in honest elections. Irish_Dem May 17 #90
I agree with getagrip FHRRK May 17 #87
You are correct, it could be too late. Irish_Dem May 17 #94
And the GOP's dragging the Republic down with it. Kid Berwyn May 17 #93
GOP is destroying the most successful democracy in the history of the world. Irish_Dem May 17 #95
Which is WHY they won't win. Kid Berwyn May 17 #97
I will always fight the good fight until I cannot draw breath. Irish_Dem May 17 #100
I really hope... berksdem May 17 #98
The split is more like a splinter ThoughtCriminal May 17 #99
Research shows that cult members peel off with each truth bomb. Irish_Dem May 17 #102
Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment Blue Idaho May 17 #105
Excellent news. Irish_Dem May 17 #106
Thanks for your support! Blue Idaho May 20 #158
Wow that is fabulous. Irish_Dem May 20 #159
You are too kind! Blue Idaho May 20 #160
I have visited Idaho twice. Irish_Dem May 20 #162
Don't hold your breath. awesomerwb1 May 17 #103
I am not ready to give up. Irish_Dem May 17 #104
The problem is that young people are increasingly associating themselves with the Republican Party. PeaceWave May 17 #109
Young people will have a steep and painful learning curve. Irish_Dem May 17 #117
My deep optimistic hope is based in the fact that... littlemissmartypants May 17 #112
Yes but we don't know what the big change will be after the chaos. Irish_Dem May 17 #119
Except it doesn't say big, it says great. littlemissmartypants May 17 #125
I read it as big change. Irish_Dem May 17 #131
Liz Cheney said Biden must win. She is voting for Biden...I can't believe it. Demsrule86 May 17 #121
Yes another example of what I am talking about in this OP. Irish_Dem May 17 #124
I called a long time ago that the GOP bubble was going to get so big it would collapse on itself. Initech May 17 #126
Yes it was not sustainable. Irish_Dem May 17 #135
For some time now, I was fully convinced the GOP was going through a Dixicrats in '48 moment. Torchlight May 17 #128
It is already happening. Irish_Dem May 17 #136
It's primary season & they are bickering. TBF May 17 #129
I could argue the GOP is now in uncharted territory. Irish_Dem May 17 #137
I understand your argument but disagree - TBF May 17 #146
The question is did they get their timing wrong because of dumbass trump or bullimiami May 17 #130
This is one of the most dramatic periods in US history. Irish_Dem May 17 #138
They're trying to take us all down with them, so no Schadenfreude from me. Hekate May 17 #134
I have no joy either. Irish_Dem May 17 #139
Bush was a turning point. 58Sunliner May 17 #142
Yes his brother and the SC installed Bush into the WH. Irish_Dem May 17 #143
Yes. I was thinking of Clinton. Another point of no return for them. 58Sunliner May 18 #151
Exactly. Irish_Dem May 18 #152
Did not know that. Jeez. 58Sunliner May 18 #154
We have never seen Bush sober. Irish_Dem May 18 #155
My only hope is that our Democratic leaders and other smart BlueKota May 17 #147
Great comment BK. Irish_Dem May 18 #150
This started ForgedCrank May 20 #161
I hope you are correct. Irish_Dem May 20 #164
And yet, there's a very real possibility that they're going to take over the country next year. They never die. BlueTsunami2018 May 20 #163
I don't mean the MAGAs are breaking up. Irish_Dem May 20 #165
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