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32. Maybe someone can confirm this.
Wed May 22, 2024, 10:19 AM
May 22

I can't remember which news service I heard this from, but the comment was made that Michael Cohen gave that company a "bag" with $20,000 in it, and he withheld $30,000 to compensate for what he felt was an inadequate bonus.
The important part, if true, was that it was a cash payment to that company. Of course that suggests not wanting to have the transaction documented.
Can anyone find out whether or not this was the case?

A lot of them.......................... Lovie777 May 22 #1
It would seem so dlk May 22 #2
and he's still doing it, I have no doubt LymphocyteLover May 22 #54
It is really simple DENVERPOPS May 22 #56
they are also trying to make it seem like they have more support than they really do, to normalize their madness LymphocyteLover May 22 #58
Everyone should be prepared DENVERPOPS May 22 #59
They will try, but Dump is more deranged than ever LymphocyteLover May 23 #68
I tend to worry less about Trump DENVERPOPS May 24 #73
they are the real probelm... but if he is gone so are they LymphocyteLover May 24 #74
Possibly the Rebl2 May 23 #69
Yes and the quid pro quo with the media. Irish_Dem May 22 #3
The profit motive often interferes with the stories reported dlk May 22 #5
Cohen said he helped write the articles! Irish_Dem May 22 #8
She was shamelessly fluffing drumph a couple of days ago with this gem. And I quote "Trump gets a bad rap for not Comfortably_Numb May 22 #18
Yes MSNBC is ignoring the outright corruption. Irish_Dem May 22 #25
I caught that segment with Tur peggysue2 May 22 #38
So you too thought her bs was over the top? I admit to not listening to the rest of her ..you know. Comfortably_Numb May 22 #40
Yes, over-the-top and it was not a one-off peggysue2 May 22 #45
Agreed. I don't get my news from the Marvel Comics Universe, even though I love fiction. I won't be getting Comfortably_Numb May 22 #52
Her last name should be Tur-ump. Dave Bowman May 22 #57
I trust and deeply admire Nancy Pelosi dlk May 23 #66
It is not just balance, there is a desperate feel to her presentation. Irish_Dem May 22 #46
I hate it when that happens! Mme. Defarge May 22 #53
All of Fox BonnieJW May 22 #36
There are many polls. Pick the one you like and swear by it. Swear at the others. keithbvadu2 May 22 #4
Words to live by dlk May 22 #6
Why don't polls publish their questions? Wording of questions and placement can skew results. marble falls May 22 #7
So can the group sampled dlk May 22 #11
That, my friend is the my biggest complaint. Who is the sample and how does it truly relate to all voters ... marble falls May 22 #13
I remember that blatant lie from back in the day when ashtrays were everywhere. jaxexpat May 22 #20
LOL! GreenWave May 22 #55
The statistical significance of the poll matters dlk May 22 #29
My niece, who's a math genius, hates statistics. littlemissmartypants May 22 #62
I was able to dig in to some polls...and interestingly there was no question about Roe in many of them. Demsrule86 May 22 #44
Nice photos you got there at the bottom of your post, Demsrule86! calimary May 22 #61
I have not really heard about this. usedtobedemgurl May 22 #9
Cohen's bonus was slashed and he was angry dlk May 22 #10
So not as much stealing as usedtobedemgurl May 22 #12
That was the one bad poll for trump. Cohen took their bribe to pay himself back Captain Zero May 22 #39
It adds a lot of important context ecstatic May 22 #16
Nobody is owed a bonus. jimfields33 May 22 #26
Are you defending Trump? Cohen took money on his house to pay off Daniels as Trump instructed him too. Demsrule86 May 22 #47
Every time a DUer asks a question like that, they look like the Church Lady Bucky May 22 #50
Not defending Trump dlk May 23 #64
Skimming off the top Johonny May 22 #15
We learned in 2016, Trump had pets in the press Johonny May 22 #14
I wonder NJCher May 22 #17
Highest bidder; guaranteed results...? dlk May 22 #19
I do not trust a single poll. There is not a single political pie in this country that does not have at least 1 Scalded Nun May 22 #21
I'm shocked! Shocked to find that gambling is going on in here Farmer-Rick May 22 #22
Who could imagine such malfeasance when the stakes are so high? dlk May 22 #30
Not just Chump polls duckworth969 May 22 #23
As I understand it much of the work of a polling company is rurallib May 22 #28
I've wondered about that. shrike3 May 22 #24
I said this too edhopper May 22 #27
True dlk May 22 #31
Maybe someone can confirm this. patphil May 22 #32
How was it stealing if it was used to benefit Trump? hadEnuf May 22 #33
I figured the polls weren't to be trusted. raccoon May 22 #34
I missed it too. Thanks for shining a bright light on it! Oopsie Daisy May 22 #35
Well there's your reason to disregard any fucking poll that appears in the M$M Blue Owl May 22 #37
That explains a great deal...this is one of the many reasons, I consider polls useless. Demsrule86 May 22 #41
Not news, reported in 2019, and they were nonsense polls, not "real" polls. thesquanderer May 22 #42
Part of the Republican war on truth BoRaGard May 22 #43
It is abundantly clear that the practice continues daily. Ford_Prefect May 22 #48
Most, if, not all polls are slanted, one way or another. IMO republianmushroom May 22 #49
Exactly. Sometimes the fact that Trump hired Cohen to lie and break the law seems to get overlooked. Martin68 May 22 #51
If you're thinking of political polls by reputable polling institutions? None. brooklynite May 22 #60
I believe you're confusing 'the polls' NanaCat May 23 #63
Cohen testified he paid a bribe to Red Finch Solutions to fix a poll dlk May 23 #65
As I said in post 42, these were non-scientific nonsense online polls, which are notoriously easy to skew, thesquanderer May 23 #67
Do you think the average voter knows the difference? dlk May 23 #70
Regardless of what the average voter knows, the fact that TFG tried to rig... thesquanderer May 24 #71
I don't recall mentioning anything about legitimate polls dlk May 24 #72
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