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45. Probably not just 1
Thu May 30, 2024, 05:34 PM
May 30

Lots of folks here celebrating!
Lot's of us pleasantly surprised, some shocked, some amazed. I think we all have something to say!

I just found out as i was leaving work, came here to read the celebratory comments!

Now we need to pass a law prohibiting convicted felons from holding office!

Seconded! Objections? mahina May 30 #1
None!!! COL Mustard May 30 #32
LOL. That'll never happen. -nt CrispyQ May 30 #2
I agree... slightlv May 30 #49
This will impact my urgent monitoring of how Katy Tur's body language TheProle May 30 #3
Party at the Champagne Forum,... magicarpet May 30 #4
I will raise my Mimosa... Jrose May 30 #6
Let's hope that happens! Janbdwl72 May 30 #5
Probably not, but you can start a thread blaming Garland if you want. MineralMan May 30 #7
LOLOLOL wryter2000 May 30 #15
I'd bet more than one thread blaming Garland Ohio Joe May 30 #17
*chef's kiss* sir. CaptainTruth May 30 #57
If it's guilty, my neighbors will know about it. Funtatlaguy May 30 #8
I could party with you! MontanaMama May 30 #11
I'm in Florida, but you may hear me in Montana 😊 Funtatlaguy May 30 #14
Same. MontanaMama May 30 #23
My entire cul-de-sac heard/saw me hooting & cheering!! CrispyQ May 30 #50
You can't herd cats HAB911 May 30 #9
Or load frogs in a wheelbarrow. MontanaMama May 30 #12
Get it, and I'll celebrate. But the big celebration comes when/if needle moves after a conviction. Silent Type May 30 #10
That is less likely than a guilty verdict! lol - nt TBF May 30 #13
I predict... Tommy Carcetti May 30 #16
What about people not posting threads with breaking ilovegamers43 May 30 #18
Well... you tried. It will die down by tomorrow... and everyone celebrates in their own way. Oopsie Daisy May 30 #19
And I will fucking trash any post that show a fucking poll claiming a guilty verdict increases his "favorability" maxrandb May 30 #20
good idea bdamomma May 30 #21
God has nothing to do with any of this. if so, we wouldn't even have the likes of that psychotic POS anywhere near the msfiddlestix May 30 #55
Just bdamomma Jun 1 #59
Mea Copa, I'm guilty too. It was a moment just following a neighbor "thanking God" for Protecting her family msfiddlestix Jun 3 #60
Sounds good! bagimin May 30 #22
Do they have to rule bdamomma May 30 #24
That would be nice. The Jury will be, I think, reading the verdicts of 34 separate counts though.. might be difficult to TeamProg May 30 #25
Hahahahahahaaaa dweller May 30 #26
Just one huge "Convicted Felon" thread would be awesome ShazzieB May 30 #27
Guilty bdamomma May 30 #28
Whoa, I really didn't expect PatSeg May 30 #36
GUILTY! JPPaverage May 30 #29
Let people celebrate. Sheesh relayerbob May 30 #30
GUILTY ON ALL 34 counts BonnieJW May 30 #31
LOL! Hugin May 30 #33
I totally agree. However, bif May 30 #34
Grand Slam GUILTY!!! All 34 counts!!! calimary May 30 #35
Can we make a Pic with "convicted felon" part of the DU header? oldsoftie May 30 #37
Bwahahahaha right edisdead May 30 #38
Looks like 30+ threads and growing Fiendish Thingy May 30 #39
57 threads saying the same thing. bif May 30 #40
We'll do Fitzmas like we wanna do Fitzmas. carpetbagger May 30 #41
Remember... drink responsibly. surfered May 30 #42
Waaay too late for that Sugarcoated May 30 #43
Immense thanks to Ms. Daniels. kairos12 May 30 #44
Probably not just 1 MyMission May 30 #45
Count me as shocked! slightlv May 30 #51
I'm pleasantly surprised MyMission May 30 #54
Wow! Mr. Evil May 30 #46
Don't worry, be happy. twodogsbarking May 30 #47
Please put your canetoad May 30 #48
Where were you when you heard? dflprincess May 30 #52
No. Voltaire2 May 30 #53
Why can't we each express our joy individually? CaptainTruth May 30 #56
Exactly! MineralMan May 31 #58
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