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2. Yes. The American people have been played.
Wed Jun 12, 2024, 08:06 AM
Jun 12

Putin funded HAMAS threw out the bait and Americans took it hook, line and sinker.

The thing it proves is Democracy is alive and well. marble falls Jun 12 #1
Industrial Grade Bullshit, Dear The Magistrate Jun 12 #5
To bad Hamas doesn't stand for Democracy. William769 Jun 12 #39
Yes, that is why there is an ICC arrest warrant for Netayahu.. TeamProg Jun 12 #68
Funny you didn't mention also for the leaders of Hamas. William769 Jun 12 #73
Not really EX500rider Jun 12 #100
That sounds serious. Torchlight Jun 13 #161
Sure does. jimfields33 Jun 14 #187
Not really when in fact you look behind who is financing a lot of these chaos agents Bev54 Jun 12 #48
It "Proves" Exactly what The Magistrate SAys it Does.. Hamas is NOT Cha Jun 12 #83
This is what Democracy looks like? LeftInTX Jun 13 #148
No doubt the response to your inquiry will be coming tout de suite! Abolishinist Jun 15 #206
"Democracy" has a new meaning. So many words have new and wrong definitions now it's hard to keep up. betsuni Jun 15 #211
Yes. The American people have been played. Irish_Dem Jun 12 #2
Netanyahoo paid HAMAS. Was he doing it with funds from Russia or was that separate? lark Jun 12 #14
That's not true. Mosby Jun 12 #90
"Netanyahoo paid HAMAS." Link for that please EX500rider Jun 12 #102
Okay atreides1 Jun 14 #176
So you think it would have been a better PR move to prevent foreign aid to the Gazans? EX500rider Jun 14 #178
This mularkey keeps being thrown around because TheKentuckian Jun 14 #188
You are sadly misinformed. Or should I say, disinformed. yardwork Jun 13 #137
Wow, that's an extreme assumption on your part. Think. Again. Jun 12 #3
It's A Conclusion From Evidence, Dear The Magistrate Jun 12 #4
Wow, you have evidence that... Think. Again. Jun 12 #15
Because You Work Very Hard Not To Believe It The Magistrate Jun 12 #16
Cool, do you also have evidence... Think. Again. Jun 12 #34
That's just nasty, Think. Again. Hekate Jun 12 #98
Yes it is. betsuni Jun 12 #101
Yes, dear... Think. Again. Jun 12 #107
Yes, dear... Think. Again. Jun 12 #106
Standard. edisdead Jun 12 #111
Over the line. edisdead Jun 12 #110
Yes dear,... Think. Again. Jun 12 #113
Yeah, Rec.. TY Cha Jun 12 #128
For Yrs, Netanyahu propped up Hamas womanofthehills Jun 13 #168
So What? The Magistrate Jun 13 #169
Didn't pick the right terrorist organization to partner with? TheKentuckian Jun 14 #190
I do as well PatSeg Jun 12 #72
Rude and condescending replies do not make you correct Pmc1962 Jun 12 #21
No, Being Correct Is What Does That The Magistrate Jun 12 #22
Please do not call other posters "Dear" obamanut2012 Jun 12 #35
Considering the adoption by some of an ideology that calls for mass murder of Jews NutmegYankee Jun 12 #66
It's not either-or. Croney Jun 12 #70
Hang on, are you implying... Think. Again. Jun 12 #77
I'm referring to the OP and the mindset of The Magistrate for his snarky response. NutmegYankee Jun 12 #78
I misunderstood your post. Think. Again. Jun 12 #79
Understood. NutmegYankee Jun 12 #81
Large portions of the kids protesting are Jews womanofthehills Jun 12 #82
I'm not anti two state solution. I very much desire it. NutmegYankee Jun 12 #84
Looking at the film of these specific NYC protests maxsolomon Jun 12 #97
I woukd like to see evidence. edisdead Jun 12 #112
"ProPal" tend to struggle mightily with math, history, and definitions of words. TheKentuckian Jun 14 #191
+1 betsuni Jun 14 #192
Not here in NYC. The "rally" was organized by Neerdeen Kiswani's hate group Within Our Lifetime. lapucelle Jun 13 #144
Well, eff them! electric_blue68 Jun 14 #196
Oh, yah... "took over "The Trains" "... Several subway cars 🙄 Pffffffft * electric_blue68 Jun 14 #198
JVP represents a very small portion of Jews LeftInTX Jun 13 #150
Hey, they promised to kill them last though! TheKentuckian Jun 14 #185
It's not exactly unimportant either. The term in certain (many) context is used to belittle women's ideas, and opinions. electric_blue68 Jun 14 #195
Slandering (no evidence to support a single claim made) those protesting the mass killing of Palestinians RAB910 Jun 12 #6
I Defend Nothing Nothing, Sir The Magistrate Jun 12 #8
Sir, they chanted "'Long Live the Intifada" RAB910 Jun 12 #11
Facts: sarisataka Jun 12 #42
I don't understand the whole "repeat back to the leader" thing AZSkiffyGeek Jun 12 #46
It reminded me of a church service sarisataka Jun 12 #51
I first noticed it with the Occupy movement AZSkiffyGeek Jun 12 #53
More from Torres at the above tweet. sheshe2 Jun 12 #92
That originated with Occupy Wall Street. lapucelle Jun 13 #136
YEs FACTS MATTER.. No one is Disputing That.. Good to Learn The FACTS... Cha Jun 12 #85
Distinctions without a difference don't matter much. TheKentuckian Jun 14 #186
Watch any of the many videos posted here mcar Jun 12 #19
Even Hamas supporters are protected by the First Amendment. tritsofme Jun 12 #7
There Is That.... The Magistrate Jun 12 #9
Who said they weren't? TheKentuckian Jun 12 #64
Absolutely. Dr. Strange Jun 12 #80
No matter how execrable we find their views, the people harumph Jun 12 #10
I Did Not Say They've No Right To Demonstrate The Magistrate Jun 12 #12
I see that was another poster who suggested Russian influence. Apologies. harumph Jun 12 #13
Well, it's devolving: LeftInTX Jun 13 #152
THANK GOD for the First Amendment ! stonecutter357 Jun 12 #17
You Seem Afflicted With A Common Misapprehension, Sir The Magistrate Jun 12 #20
Just as you clearly have the right to slander people by falsely accusing them of supporting torture, rape and murder RAB910 Jun 12 #24
'Long Live October 7!" The Magistrate Jun 12 #32
They did not say that -- they said some other fucked up stuff, but that was not a chant obamanut2012 Jun 12 #36
See post 85. sheshe2 Jun 12 #95
"THEY" being 2 people who quickly put the banner away. AloeVera Jun 12 #114
"They" were so ashamed of the professionally made banner they brought to the protest? sarisataka Jun 12 #116
Did you notice anything else from the UN report? AloeVera Jun 12 #118
Not everyone agrees on the war crimes of October 7 sarisataka Jun 12 #121
They are caling the exhibit, not the attack, Zionist propaganda. AloeVera Jun 13 #135
How a message and a viewpoint gets twisted around- good words sarisataka Jun 13 #142
Let's see... AloeVera Jun 13 #145
Listen To Yourself The Magistrate Jun 13 #146
I did not say Hamas is not to blame. AloeVera Jun 13 #165
Bloody-Minded Nonesense The Magistrate Jun 13 #166
+1 betsuni Jun 13 #171
Talk about bloody-minded nonsense. AloeVera Jun 14 #173
None Of This Refutes A Thing Stated Above The Magistrate Jun 14 #174
Is there anything less fruitful than... AloeVera Jun 14 #177
Depends On What Fruit One Seeks, Sir The Magistrate Jun 14 #179
Crowds supporting Hamas is where you lost me. AloeVera Jun 14 #181
Millions? The Magistrate Jun 14 #183
+1 betsuni Jun 14 #184
The pro-Hamas hate fest is even worse in Canada. lapucelle Jun 15 #217
NOT referencing what's going on re: I/P - but gas lighting is a real tatic. electric_blue68 Jun 14 #199
I was unclear and you reversed my cause-effect relationship sarisataka Jun 13 #149
Here's The Basic Argument, In Plain English The Magistrate Jun 13 #155
No, I understood. AloeVera Jun 13 #158
I find myself in unusual company sarisataka Jun 13 #159
Yes same as I rarely agree with her, must have pissed off her other buds in the Squad..at least Ilhan Omar/Rashida Tlaib EX500rider Jun 13 #160
She's right anti-semitism has no place... AloeVera Jun 13 #164
IMO Jew haters will hate Jews regardless sarisataka Jun 13 #167
Honest question. AloeVera Jun 13 #170
I do believe that is possible, in fact I still believe a majority sarisataka Jun 14 #175
Thank you. AloeVera Jun 14 #182
It does "sound awful" to give the benefit of the doubt to anti-Semites, lapucelle Jun 15 #219
"I see it as more akin to holding a Pearl Harbor commemoration in the still burning ruins of Hiroshima." thucythucy Jun 14 #180
Those who want to see, will. AloeVera Jun 16 #222
What an utterly obscene proposition! Beastly Boy Jun 16 #224
All your arguments about the Nova memorial thucythucy Jun 17 #225
The analogy makes no sense. It's a flawed attempt to justify a disgusting pro-terrorist, anti-Semitic demonstration. N/T lapucelle Jun 16 #223
By your logic, I would be excused if I were to deny the protesting thugs access to their places of assembly Beastly Boy Jun 13 #147
Especially since most hostages haven't been returned, and the physical, and emotional... electric_blue68 Jun 15 #201
"Quick look over here!" lapucelle Jun 13 #162
To begin with, you're linking to a draft report. lapucelle Jun 15 #212
Miloon Kothari is a member of the 3 person panel. lapucelle Jun 15 #213
US Department of State press release on the Council of Inquiry. lapucelle Jun 15 #214
The report cites war crimes by BOTH Israel's fighters, West Bank settlers, and certain Palestinian groups, including... electric_blue68 Jun 15 #200
That's not true. They carried the banner from Union Square to Wall Street. lapucelle Jun 13 #139
They have the right to do all that....AND we have the right to call it disgusting, and hideous. electric_blue68 Jun 15 #202
Yes, but for *anyone* to claim that it was "two people who were ashamed and put the banner away" lapucelle Jun 15 #215
"That wasn't a chant. That was a professionally made 10 foot long banner lapucelle Jun 13 #163
Do you have actual evidence to support that claim??? RAB910 Jun 12 #40
Leader Schumer read it into the Congressional Record. lapucelle Jun 13 #140
Here: LeftInTX Jun 13 #154
Hamas considers anyone who is not Hamas to be an infidel and to be put to the sword GoneOffShore Jun 12 #60
Ummmm sheshe2 Jun 12 #94
Exactly! We as American Citizens have a Right to Condemn Cha Jun 12 #87
100% correct. nt mcar Jun 12 #18
you've posited here that any demonstrator in New York supports Hamas bigtree Jun 12 #23
Not Worth Further Reply The Magistrate Jun 12 #27
words matter bigtree Jun 12 #29
"Some nebulous enemy that you perceive in New York..." lapucelle Jun 13 #157
I can't help but think this is all related to the coming election. 58Sunliner Jun 12 #25
And I can't help but think this is abt the war crimes Israel is committing. AloeVera Jun 12 #71
I mean the original attack by Hamas in October. Hamas is a terrorist org. 58Sunliner Jun 12 #75
How do the displays of Hezbollah flag and blocking the enrance to the Nova massacre exhibit signify Beastly Boy Jun 12 #123
I see the lies and propaganda are alive and well. canuckledragger Jun 12 #26
That's A Well-Turned Phrase, Sir The Magistrate Jun 12 #30
So it's ok for people to protest as long as you agree with them? flying_wahini Jun 12 #28
Where Did I Say They'd No Right To Demonstrate? The Magistrate Jun 12 #31
Take it up with the ACLU. mahatmakanejeeves Jun 12 #33
They Have Some Privilege Of Clergy, Sir The Magistrate Jun 12 #37
So, screw the Constitution because in your H.O. it looks like a Russian op? TeamProg Jun 12 #49
The OP has abridged the Constitution in what way? TheKentuckian Jun 12 #65
Post removed Post removed Jun 12 #67
The OP has no such power and also enjoys free expression. TheKentuckian Jun 12 #74
You'll not get a response from that one revmclaren Jun 12 #103
Whew! Exhausting. Oopsie Daisy Jun 13 #132
Yes "Truth" Does, TeamProg.. and The Magistrate's OP is Dead ON. Cha Jun 12 #89
You won't be getting a reply sarisataka Jun 12 #91
Long Live DEMOCRACY!💙💙💙 Cha Jun 12 #93
They chose poorly.... revmclaren Jun 12 #104
💙💙💙 Cha Jun 12 #108
I remember that from a long time ago on DU, MarineCombatEngineer Jun 12 #119
History was not kind Behind the Aegis Jun 12 #99
History is yet to be written. AloeVera Jun 12 #117
I think you missed the point of the post, MarineCombatEngineer Jun 12 #122
I know. AloeVera Jun 12 #124
He/she may come back after a review, there wasn't Posting Privileges Revoked issued, MarineCombatEngineer Jun 12 #127
I see. AloeVera Jun 12 #130
LOL. MarineCombatEngineer Jun 12 #120
🤣😂 Ha! Perfect! Oopsie Daisy Jun 13 #133
Thank goodness for that. Oopsie Daisy Jun 13 #134
What does any of this have to do with anything? TheKentuckian Jun 12 #86
It's their right, but we have the right to complain! LeftInTX Jun 13 #156
Oh, i remember Skoke, and Westboro Baptist Church... 1A, and we can say disgustng electric_blue68 Jun 15 #203
Hamas would not exist if Israel rainy Jun 12 #38
And On That Sterling Comedic Note, I Must Depart To Attend Household Chores The Magistrate Jun 12 #41
this would have played better if you hadn't made a broadside smear of 'Demonstrators in New York' bigtree Jun 12 #47
Do you have any links to support your claim that the NYC protests have been "mostly peaceful" lapucelle Jun 13 #141
How do you say "Run away!" in faux legalese? My four year old TeamProg Jun 12 #56
Hey, Man: A Panda Eats, Shoots, And Leaves The Magistrate Jun 13 #143
Which legitimate leaders are those? Hamas is the elected government of Gaza. tritsofme Jun 12 #43
I wonder if that is true... OneGrassRoot Jun 12 #44
I don't think you are aware of Hamas goal if you believe sarisataka Jun 12 #45
I absolutely agree with you... OneGrassRoot Jun 12 #62
Bullshit. The terrorism was flowing quite well when TheKentuckian Jun 12 #76
"needs to respect legitimate Palestinian leaders," Like who exactly? EX500rider Jun 12 #105
Woah... That's screwy! And something I didn't know (his "thesis" and books) electric_blue68 Jun 15 #204
The Humorous Thing About The Fella's Writings, Sir The Magistrate Jun 15 #207
Hmmm... More history to look at electric_blue68 Jun 15 #208
I Shall Remember, Ma'am The Magistrate Jun 15 #221
Oooops dbl post electric_blue68 Jun 15 #205
What legitimate Palestinian leaders is Israel refusing to recognize? yardwork Jun 13 #138
Genocide is the new Establishment. Us vs. Them. betsuni Jun 12 #50
100 percent true and factual. Great job! jimfields33 Jun 12 #52
Glad your thread has withstood the test of time. MarineCombatEngineer Jun 12 #54
Post removed Post removed Jun 12 #55
You would be completely wrong, MarineCombatEngineer Jun 12 #58
... William769 Jun 12 #96
You have been here since 2011 sarisataka Jun 12 #59
Is this satire? leftstreet Jun 12 #57
I think some of them do support Hamas, TBF Jun 12 #61
I just want to take another opportunity to say, since I don't normally jump into these threads bigtree Jun 12 #63
The US has enough to worry about without this. live love laugh Jun 14 #197
A flag tells who a person is sarisataka Jun 12 #69
Great thread! Mosby Jun 12 #88
Sure Buddy - and the Americans who opposed the war in Vietnam were supporting the Viet Cong, etc. OutNow Jun 12 #109
So this didn't happen? EllieBC Jun 12 #125
This one makes me puke. TheKentuckian Jun 14 #194
Heh, no kidding!* Yikes! electric_blue68 Jun 15 #209
WTF...Dude is advocating genocide while simultanously protesting genocide. PeaceWave Jun 15 #210
The pro-Hamas crowd is acting more like the KKK if you ask me. LeftInTX Jun 13 #153
Well, Jane Fonda did go to Hanoi and let herself be photographed on a Viet Cong AA gun. PeaceWave Jun 14 #189
Yep, and while I disagreed with her, I did respect her right to protest as much as I found it MarineCombatEngineer Jun 14 #193
But did she demonstrate outside a memorial or exhibit thucythucy Jun 15 #216
Years later, in her memoir, she wrote madaboutharry Jun 17 #227
When we marched against the War edhopper Jun 17 #226
Post removed Post removed Jun 12 #115
Vote for Georgia Latimer if you can. RandySF Jun 12 #126
TY! Cha Jun 12 #129
Apparently, saying protests are becoming more pro-Hamas than about Gaza's people betsuni Jun 13 #131
Oh brother. nt KPN Jun 13 #151
Kicking to keep this important post trending. revmclaren Jun 14 #172
Bump lapucelle Jun 15 #218
Kick. revmclaren Jun 15 #220
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