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Oh no!! Please keep us updated... Prayers and healing thoughts for you Madame Secretary!! eom Melinda Dec 2012 #1
Clot formed from concussion malaise Dec 2012 #4
Which piece of Republican filth moman Dec 2012 #7
All over the Freak's ReThuglic. n/t RomneyLies Dec 2012 #10
Take your pick - Rush, Hannity, under the breath implications by various house members. Care Acutely Dec 2012 #14
John Bolton CherokeeDem Dec 2012 #31
When are they not scumbag rat-bastards? Melinda Dec 2012 #13
It is most likely in her brain. nt Care Acutely Dec 2012 #17
Well gee and that scumbag John Bolton was braying about a "diplomatic illness" to avoid testifying yellowcanine Dec 2012 #62
Damn that's no joke. I hope she recovers. craigmatic Dec 2012 #2
Seconded. Get well soon HRC!!!! Warren DeMontague Dec 2012 #3
thanks for the news.....get well ma'am spanone Dec 2012 #5
You and I posted at the same time nadinbrzezinski Dec 2012 #6
LOL malaise Dec 2012 #9
Well that's a punch right to the heart. Poor Bill must be a wreck. Care Acutely Dec 2012 #8
yup Skittles Dec 2012 #20
Yes! All any cogent person has to do is to watch him watching her speaking, doing anything really Care Acutely Dec 2012 #26
absolutely Skittles Dec 2012 #33
Oh no! What does this mean? This worries me... Glimmer of Hope Dec 2012 #11
It means her concussion caused a bleed in her brain Care Acutely Dec 2012 #18
Oh no. Thanks for the explanation. Glimmer of Hope Dec 2012 #24
is she ok? please get well JI7 Dec 2012 #12
Hope she is okay. Jennicut Dec 2012 #15
but, but john bolton said she was faking to dodge the benghazi hearings?? spanone Dec 2012 #16
Watch the hypocrites wish her will now malaise Dec 2012 #21
John Bolton? Look up the definition of "scumbag" and his photo's there. May he rot in hell. Melinda Dec 2012 #25
He wasn't the only one malaise Dec 2012 #29
There is no depth of depravity these monsters won't sink too. Melinda Dec 2012 #41
Get well soon Hillary! Manifestor_of_Light Dec 2012 #19
And people who travel a lot are susceptible malaise Dec 2012 #23
2 days before I had been in the Dallas Traffic from Hell. Manifestor_of_Light Dec 2012 #64
Bless her. I'm not sure where her clot is yet. w8liftinglady Dec 2012 #22
Where have you been? malaise Dec 2012 #28
I'm fine... w8liftinglady Dec 2012 #34
I remember when you were in hospital malaise Dec 2012 #47
I've been busy setting Texas Republicans straight on Dallas Morning News w8liftinglady Dec 2012 #54
LOL malaise Dec 2012 #58
It's exceedingly unlikely that it was found elsewhere, don't you think? Care Acutely Dec 2012 #32
I had a dvt after my left temporal lobectomy. w8liftinglady Dec 2012 #40
Great information. If bleeding from the brain produces a clot Care Acutely Dec 2012 #46
I agree...trust me, my neurosurgeon sweated bullets w8liftinglady Dec 2012 #51
Get Well Hillary Liberalynn Dec 2012 #27
More Info from Yahoo News: Melinda Dec 2012 #30
ok, so she was conscious and they found it during a check up ? JI7 Dec 2012 #38
An exam on a Sunday isn't the norm though... Lucinda Dec 2012 #65
omg. Hope she'll be alright. :( Little Star Dec 2012 #35
Oh, no. That sounds dangerous. nt Honeycombe8 Dec 2012 #36
The neurologists and the surgeons will want to *slowly* dissolve no_hypocrisy Dec 2012 #37
From the Washington Post octoberlib Dec 2012 #39
Sounds like they caught it in time. Baitball Blogger Dec 2012 #43
Thank you, octoberlib.. Cha Dec 2012 #44
Get Well Soon Hillary. Biden had something like this 40 years ago, and was fine shortly after graham4anything Dec 2012 #42
She had a dtomach bug, was dehydrated malaise Dec 2012 #48
Damn Freak Repulikkkers are at it... Archae Dec 2012 #45
Holy Shit - they are disgusting scumbags!! malaise Dec 2012 #49
Well I'll be. The dead have arisen. nolabear Dec 2012 #53
And if you are surprised... nadinbrzezinski Dec 2012 #59
best wishes for a speedy recovery, Madam Secretary!! PeaceNikki Dec 2012 #50
It never rains but it pours. greatauntoftriplets Dec 2012 #52
May all be well. blogslut Dec 2012 #55
Be well, Madam Secretary. Ken Burch Dec 2012 #56
Repukes need to apologize but I won't hold my breath waiting. nt Raine Dec 2012 #57
ReTHUGs never apologize malaise Dec 2012 #61
updated link from 1 hour ago.... spanone Dec 2012 #60
Crap. I saw it when the news broke in. Remmah2 Dec 2012 #63
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