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12. Okay, so I don't get it, and I know I'm probably a bit dense on this
Sun Jan 29, 2012, 04:30 PM
Jan 2012

And before I start, I want to apologize before I make any unkind remarks--it's just my opinion on the subject, that's all.

I don't give a rat's ass about Steve Jobs. I don't give a fuck about Apple. I think their equipment is overrated, expensive and utterly without redemption.

The popularity of their machines is elitest and arrogant, just like Jobs. And yet, when I was younger, as a geek, we often sneered at Apple buyers (and still do, at times) because they were the computers people bought when they didn't know diddly about REAL computers. Those of us who purchased PC clones and built our own machines knew more about the insides of a computer than almost anyone who worked on or bought them (Macs).

While at one time Apple might have "superior" graphics, PCs caught up with them. I would challenge almost any Mac owner to a graphix contest, and I believe I would win.

PCs flourished because there were cheaper alternatives to the expensive Macs, and thus, clones and the MS system were there to give the masses an "in" to the internet. If it weren't for PCs, there is a likelihood that this would have been a 99% circumstance, where only those with lots of dollars could afford a computer.

PCs aren't perfect, but if we look at the whole internet/PC equation, it's obvious that Apple can't cut it when it comes to a wide disbursement of available software, popularity, peripherals, availibility, and cost.

Steve Jobs was an arrogant SOB. And allegedly he created new equipment to "dazzle" the world, because the products from Apple, while often inovative, were matched easily by PC makers in a short period of time. If it comes down to whiz-bang novelty, Jobs was a winner. But he easily became a whiner instead, as he was matched, nearly 1-1, on everything that Apple created.

Perhaps some praise him for being a paradigm smashing force, but in this geek's brain, there is very little I can see which was not derivative in some way, in some other situation. Hip? Perhaps. Ahead of his time? Hardly. Before Apple, before Jobs, going back over a few centuries, we should think about Leonardi da Vinci, who predicted marvels that his peers could never imagine. Jules Verne, HG Wells, and almost any science fiction authors from the 1920's and on. Innovative? Perhaps to some extent. But again, there have been precedents to almost any of his products.

Here, with this article, his ability to cut throats is visiblse. That puts him on par with almost any other CEO of a company, regardless of the product they sell. But there are still innovators out there who defy conventional practices, like Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, which has an outstanding record, Costco, which offers decent wages and employee benefits, and Zappos.

I know this is all my own opinion, and that's fine. We all have an opinion, and someone, maybe many of you are more keen on Apple, and that's okay. I've been part of the PC vs Mac ongoing discussion for about 20 years now, and many of those I argue with on the topic were huge Mac fans. I'm just not one of them.

Just one more reason why I hate Apple and its products n/t Tansy_Gold Jan 2012 #1
Jobs was certainly a well rounded scumbag tridim Jan 2012 #2
You're destroying an icon. undeterred Jan 2012 #3
My daughter was a pro-Apple products user (she's 20) BlueCaliDem Jan 2012 #4
Jobs should have tried to convince other ceos to work for $1 a year. nt julian09 Jan 2012 #5
Not Excusing Apple, but most computers are made there we can do it Jan 2012 #8
it is once again the 'everyone does it... ProdigalJunkMail Jan 2012 #15
No, it is more like "stop pretending Apple is the only one" emulatorloo Jan 2012 #23
Thank you. we can do it Jan 2012 #37
It is not about meeting good consumer price points.... WCGreen Jan 2012 #48
Yes, I agree emulatorloo Jan 2012 #66
+1 Shankapotomus Jan 2012 #54
FFS yourself give it a rest they ALL suck we can do it Jan 2012 #35
It reads more like Dorian Gray Jan 2012 #59
And Apple charges us 3 times the amount for the priviledge laundry_queen Jan 2012 #19
You've got to stop paying retail price emulatorloo Jan 2012 #29
they work better shanti Jan 2012 #44
ymmv is right laundry_queen Jan 2012 #50
"what they are able to do on it is limited" emulatorloo Jan 2012 #68
Oh, and... laundry_queen Jan 2012 #51
Please show me where you get that Toshiba products are made in china. juajen Jan 2012 #52
Well, I Google "Toshiba made in China" we can do it Jan 2012 #69
Let's step out of the noise of this thread for a while and talk about your daughter's needs emulatorloo Jan 2012 #28
This message was self-deleted by its author brentspeak Jan 2012 #32
I can't recommend Toshiba laptops enough. 2ndAmForComputers Jan 2012 #38
It gets 5 stars everywhere I look BlueCaliDem Jan 2012 #53
i hope she doesn't consider it shanti Jan 2012 #45
Are all tech billionaires huge douchebags? Initech Jan 2012 #6
Here, let me help... Neue Regel Jan 2012 #7
Can't argue with that. Initech Jan 2012 #10
Gates isn't a douchebag. At least not any more. tridim Jan 2012 #20
He gave us charter schols and turned the GOP against public education. Initech Jan 2012 #24
And he just called for the IRS to raise his tax rate tridim Jan 2012 #27
And billions to charityh Logical Jan 2012 #34
I don't think his intentions were bad. For many people, the public schools ecstatic Jan 2012 #64
Oh PLEASE we can do it Jan 2012 #39
It sure seems like it, douchebags and dropouts. newblewtoo Jan 2012 #22
And then there's Michael Dell who's synonymous with outsourcing. Initech Jan 2012 #25
Not to mention his overall Reaganite politics. HughBeaumont Jan 2012 #56
Yes. Starry Messenger Jan 2012 #58
still people will line up around the block, waiting all nite for the store to open so leftyohiolib Jan 2012 #9
Watch out, the Apple fanboys will come after you. Odin2005 Jan 2012 #11
I like to think I'm a recovering Apple fanboy. Initech Jan 2012 #14
AppleBots are going to show up at your home in the middle of the night. bluestate10 Jan 2012 #40
Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Initech Jan 2012 #43
Okay, so I don't get it, and I know I'm probably a bit dense on this hyphenate Jan 2012 #12
Well, I have a little different perspective emulatorloo Jan 2012 #31
The MAC OS is limited, at best. bluestate10 Jan 2012 #41
lol. What is this, some kind of dick size contest? emulatorloo Jan 2012 #46
They have a cult following. People pay more for a cult. Logical Jan 2012 #36
You guys sound like Freepers... LuvLoogie Jan 2012 #13
And someone lost their job over a rich boy email exchange. Ruby the Liberal Jan 2012 #16
This isn't about wages... LuvLoogie Jan 2012 #21
All workers should be free agents. bluestate10 Jan 2012 #42
It's hard to be a free agent LuvLoogie Jan 2012 #71
"Apple Derangement Syndrome" emulatorloo Jan 2012 #26
"Steve Jobs didn't write the trade laws" brentspeak Jan 2012 #33
Bernie broke the law... LuvLoogie Jan 2012 #49
PFFFFFFT. Bernie defrauded fellow rich guys. HughBeaumont Jan 2012 #57
It's still fraud... LuvLoogie Jan 2012 #70
If you want to advocate something effective, pick on the living bhikkhu Jan 2012 #17
This is an example of a broader problem associated with semi-monopolies. Democrats_win Jan 2012 #18
Rec? Well, at least you're not promoting a hatchet job on Obama! emulatorloo Jan 2012 #30
But he was a visionary!!11! progressoid Jan 2012 #47
I worked in a factory in the U.S. for 8 years Shankapotomus Jan 2012 #55
AWESOME variation on the "everybody's doin' it!" excuse! Now, NOBODY wants to work! Romulox Jan 2012 #62
I should have added a sarcasm emoticon Shankapotomus Jan 2012 #67
scum fucking Jobs. Whisp Jan 2012 #60
To iMasters GeorgeGist Jan 2012 #61
All you Apple haters are ridiculous, pretending as if Dems have an historical responsibility Romulox Jan 2012 #63
This message was self-deleted by its author emulatorloo Jan 2012 #65
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