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Just one more reason why I hate Apple and its products n/t Tansy_Gold Jan 2012 #1
Jobs was certainly a well rounded scumbag tridim Jan 2012 #2
You're destroying an icon. undeterred Jan 2012 #3
My daughter was a pro-Apple products user (she's 20) BlueCaliDem Jan 2012 #4
Jobs should have tried to convince other ceos to work for $1 a year. nt julian09 Jan 2012 #5
Not Excusing Apple, but most computers are made there we can do it Jan 2012 #8
it is once again the 'everyone does it... ProdigalJunkMail Jan 2012 #15
No, it is more like "stop pretending Apple is the only one" emulatorloo Jan 2012 #23
Thank you. we can do it Jan 2012 #37
It is not about meeting good consumer price points.... WCGreen Jan 2012 #48
Yes, I agree emulatorloo Jan 2012 #66
+1 Shankapotomus Jan 2012 #54
FFS yourself give it a rest they ALL suck we can do it Jan 2012 #35
It reads more like Dorian Gray Jan 2012 #59
And Apple charges us 3 times the amount for the priviledge laundry_queen Jan 2012 #19
You've got to stop paying retail price emulatorloo Jan 2012 #29
they work better shanti Jan 2012 #44
ymmv is right laundry_queen Jan 2012 #50
"what they are able to do on it is limited" emulatorloo Jan 2012 #68
Oh, and... laundry_queen Jan 2012 #51
Please show me where you get that Toshiba products are made in china. juajen Jan 2012 #52
Well, I Google "Toshiba made in China" we can do it Jan 2012 #69
Let's step out of the noise of this thread for a while and talk about your daughter's needs emulatorloo Jan 2012 #28
This message was self-deleted by its author brentspeak Jan 2012 #32
I can't recommend Toshiba laptops enough. 2ndAmForComputers Jan 2012 #38
It gets 5 stars everywhere I look BlueCaliDem Jan 2012 #53
i hope she doesn't consider it shanti Jan 2012 #45
Are all tech billionaires huge douchebags? Initech Jan 2012 #6
Here, let me help... Neue Regel Jan 2012 #7
Can't argue with that. Initech Jan 2012 #10
Gates isn't a douchebag. At least not any more. tridim Jan 2012 #20
He gave us charter schols and turned the GOP against public education. Initech Jan 2012 #24
And he just called for the IRS to raise his tax rate tridim Jan 2012 #27
And billions to charityh Logical Jan 2012 #34
I don't think his intentions were bad. For many people, the public schools ecstatic Jan 2012 #64
Oh PLEASE we can do it Jan 2012 #39
It sure seems like it, douchebags and dropouts. newblewtoo Jan 2012 #22
And then there's Michael Dell who's synonymous with outsourcing. Initech Jan 2012 #25
Not to mention his overall Reaganite politics. HughBeaumont Jan 2012 #56
Yes. Starry Messenger Jan 2012 #58
still people will line up around the block, waiting all nite for the store to open so leftyohiolib Jan 2012 #9
Watch out, the Apple fanboys will come after you. Odin2005 Jan 2012 #11
I like to think I'm a recovering Apple fanboy. Initech Jan 2012 #14
AppleBots are going to show up at your home in the middle of the night. bluestate10 Jan 2012 #40
Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Initech Jan 2012 #43
Okay, so I don't get it, and I know I'm probably a bit dense on this hyphenate Jan 2012 #12
Well, I have a little different perspective emulatorloo Jan 2012 #31
The MAC OS is limited, at best. bluestate10 Jan 2012 #41
lol. What is this, some kind of dick size contest? emulatorloo Jan 2012 #46
They have a cult following. People pay more for a cult. Logical Jan 2012 #36
You guys sound like Freepers... LuvLoogie Jan 2012 #13
And someone lost their job over a rich boy email exchange. Ruby the Liberal Jan 2012 #16
This isn't about wages... LuvLoogie Jan 2012 #21
All workers should be free agents. bluestate10 Jan 2012 #42
It's hard to be a free agent LuvLoogie Jan 2012 #71
"Apple Derangement Syndrome" emulatorloo Jan 2012 #26
"Steve Jobs didn't write the trade laws" brentspeak Jan 2012 #33
Bernie broke the law... LuvLoogie Jan 2012 #49
PFFFFFFT. Bernie defrauded fellow rich guys. HughBeaumont Jan 2012 #57
It's still fraud... LuvLoogie Jan 2012 #70
If you want to advocate something effective, pick on the living bhikkhu Jan 2012 #17
This is an example of a broader problem associated with semi-monopolies. Democrats_win Jan 2012 #18
Rec? Well, at least you're not promoting a hatchet job on Obama! emulatorloo Jan 2012 #30
But he was a visionary!!11! progressoid Jan 2012 #47
I worked in a factory in the U.S. for 8 years Shankapotomus Jan 2012 #55
AWESOME variation on the "everybody's doin' it!" excuse! Now, NOBODY wants to work! Romulox Jan 2012 #62
I should have added a sarcasm emoticon Shankapotomus Jan 2012 #67
scum fucking Jobs. Whisp Jan 2012 #60
To iMasters GeorgeGist Jan 2012 #61
All you Apple haters are ridiculous, pretending as if Dems have an historical responsibility Romulox Jan 2012 #63
This message was self-deleted by its author emulatorloo Jan 2012 #65
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