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14. As will I.
Fri Jul 12, 2013, 03:13 PM
Jul 2013

Regardless of who I may support during the primaries, I will campaign for and vote for the Democratic candidate in the General Election. Period.

In the meantime, I'll be working on the 2014 election. We won't have any actual candidates for the Presidency until that is over. Then, we can start the debate.

GOTV 2014!

Uh, yep. yesphan Jul 2013 #1
^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^^^ pkdu Jul 2013 #2
fortunately there are primaries. Some of us also live in states where cali Jul 2013 #3
I hope so this site is called Democratic Underground olddots Jul 2013 #4
They are all bad guys Bully Taw Jul 2013 #47
Term Limits has been one of the biggest mistakes made thelordofhell Jul 2013 #54
really? DonCoquixote Jul 2013 #75
how very... Bully Taw Jul 2013 #106
Term limits are a disaster. mac56 Jul 2013 #59
the D's or the R's are not the same and usually the ones saying that are not Democrats. TeamPooka Jul 2013 #65
you're right. I'm not a democrat. I'm an independent. liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #68
people that say they arent the same... Bully Taw Jul 2013 #104
i support democratic and progressive ideals Bully Taw Jul 2013 #105
We have term limits....... TinkerTot55 Jul 2013 #70
Exactly. The republican base fights to get the most conservative candidate. We can fight for pampango Jul 2013 #61
This truly goes without saying. Blackford Jul 2013 #5
No kidding, and yet... Blanks Jul 2013 #29
Here...me... tosh Jul 2013 #6
AGREED! and it's all about the SCOTUS! bushisanidiot Jul 2013 #7
Of course. zappaman Jul 2013 #8
That's what real Democratic Party members do. AllINeedIsCoffee Jul 2013 #9
luckily I'm not a Democratic Party memeber, so I don't have to swear a blood oath. liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #20
I'm not either, and I don't swear oaths of this sort. But riqster Jul 2013 #36
Agreed Just Saying Jul 2013 #58
GOTV is all we can do. riqster Jul 2013 #74
So you won't even vote *against* the Republican candidate? nomorenomore08 Jul 2013 #78
its just a wee bit early for this quinnox Jul 2013 #10
Of course, so they can disregard you when elected. Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #11
Electoral math in our country is Binary riqster Jul 2013 #12
If that's the case, then our vote means absolutely nothing. Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #13
Actually, they mean a lot. riqster Jul 2013 #16
No, according to your binary rule ... Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #22
There is always a choice. riqster Jul 2013 #23
Who's applying the purity test? Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #24
I would say there is another alternative: riqster Jul 2013 #30
Funny how it's never those who voted R who are blamed. magellan Jul 2013 #84
Those who vote R aren't likely to be here, so why address them here? riqster Jul 2013 #87
There aren't many Repubs in the UK either. magellan Jul 2013 #88
Wrong. Let me explain basic math to you riqster Jul 2013 #91
Gee thanks magellan Jul 2013 #96
I'd suggest you're not any more tolerant or polite than I. riqster Jul 2013 #98
Post removed Post removed Jul 2013 #32
So, you're going to rape me Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #41
Yep. If they don't represent my interests they don't get my vote. GoneFishin Jul 2013 #55
Agreed. Not voting is just as effective in influencing politicians as voting is. Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #57
Dude, look at who you are addressing. Egalitarian Thug Jul 2013 #94
As will I. MineralMan Jul 2013 #14
"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, you may may cherish the sweetest reflection Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2013 #15
Please see Post 30. riqster Jul 2013 #33
Or, vice versa. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2013 #35
Interesting question. riqster Jul 2013 #37
Your “vote” … 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2013 #92
So, you did vote for your principles. Didn't you? Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2013 #95
I guess I did ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2013 #103
Exactly! Are purists paying attention?!?! ecstatic Jul 2013 #17
what can I do about what's unfolding in TX, NC, etc? cali Jul 2013 #27
Another content-free loyalty thread! woo me with science Jul 2013 #18
I'll support the democratic nominee if the democratic nominee is a liberal. liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #19
+1 Phlem Jul 2013 #69
I've been doing that for 50 years, and I just can't do it anymore. 1-Old-Man Jul 2013 #21
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2013 #25
so will i. nt DesertFlower Jul 2013 #26
Vote Progressive in the primaries, vote Democratic in the general election. DinahMoeHum Jul 2013 #28
Bingo. riqster Jul 2013 #34
I always do NoPasaran Jul 2013 #31
Is it very bad times that we have to take whatever movonne Jul 2013 #38
If Cheney declares himself to be a Democrat (D) and is nominated, would you support him? AnotherMcIntosh Jul 2013 #39
Okay Crow73 Jul 2013 #40
if Rand Paul switches parties, he will NEVER get the 2016 nomination. nt LaydeeBug Jul 2013 #46
And what if an eagle flies overhead and drops an anvil on top of me? mac56 Jul 2013 #66
I will likely support the Democratic Party's nominee with some reservation MNBrewer Jul 2013 #42
...and now, the Democratic Party theaocp Jul 2013 #43
"because not doing so would make something much, much worse inevitable." That was the reason we jtuck004 Jul 2013 #44
Something much worse is happening anyway. raindaddy Jul 2013 #45
Of course, by promising unqualified support for the Democratic nominee Maedhros Jul 2013 #48
Post removed Post removed Jul 2013 #50
If you disagree with my position, address it. Maedhros Jul 2013 #51
This message was self-deleted by its author Herlong Jul 2013 #53
That is was I demand from the grassroots. Herlong Jul 2013 #56
A Democrat won the White House! Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #63
In a democracy, it's better that the politicians respond to the demands of the electorate Maedhros Jul 2013 #76
I was threatened with rape upthread for holding the same position as yours. Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #60
Skinner just banned this member, Herlong, thank god! NYC_SKP Aug 2013 #107
ME TOO! nt LaydeeBug Jul 2013 #72
Of course, because any Democrat is better than every Republican mountain grammy Jul 2013 #52
Is there really another option? Just Saying Jul 2013 #62
Damn straight, I am one with you LaydeeBug! K&R Rebellious Republican Jul 2013 #64
I'll support my cat's furry asshole before I'd vote for a Repub. n/t Lil Missy Jul 2013 #67
Hard to believe we even have to make posts like this on a site like this. DCBob Jul 2013 #71
+1. They've become consumed with a libertarian agenda. Meanwhile, the shit that's happening... Tarheel_Dem Jul 2013 #77
We definitely do not need another repeat of 2000. DCBob Jul 2013 #83
"Hope springs eternal". Tarheel_Dem Jul 2013 #85
Support as in vote, yes. Support as in volunteer or donate, maybe. Jim Lane Jul 2013 #73
Not voting doesn't make you special or superior. nomorenomore08 Jul 2013 #79
As I've done since 1976...Anything else is unthinkable.... Rowdyboy Jul 2013 #80
+1 nomorenomore08 Jul 2013 #100
this is why the Democrats can ignore their base and the Republicans have to appease their base Douglas Carpenter Jul 2013 #81
"The Democratic Party loathes its base". Tarheel_Dem Jul 2013 #86
that's okay I'm gone. I am done with the abuse. I have joined my husband in being an independent. liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #102
P.S. And let us all give said nominee a Dem. majority in both Houses. Jamaal510 Jul 2013 #82
^^^THIS^^^ nt LaydeeBug Jul 2013 #93
Same here -- unless DavidDvorkin Jul 2013 #89
I will never ever vote for a republicon, ever madokie Jul 2013 #90
Hell yes. Becaue I am a Democrat like; arely staircase Jul 2013 #97
I will support the nominee, of course, as usual since 1976 steve2470 Jul 2013 #99
In 2014 and beyond... dtom67 Jul 2013 #101
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