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38. Is it very bad times that we have to take whatever
Fri Jul 12, 2013, 04:38 PM
Jul 2013

the dems decide to run and support...but I would also be forced to vote for a DEM...(any dem)...

Uh, yep. yesphan Jul 2013 #1
^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^^^ pkdu Jul 2013 #2
fortunately there are primaries. Some of us also live in states where cali Jul 2013 #3
I hope so this site is called Democratic Underground olddots Jul 2013 #4
They are all bad guys Bully Taw Jul 2013 #47
Term Limits has been one of the biggest mistakes made thelordofhell Jul 2013 #54
really? DonCoquixote Jul 2013 #75
how very... Bully Taw Jul 2013 #106
Term limits are a disaster. mac56 Jul 2013 #59
the D's or the R's are not the same and usually the ones saying that are not Democrats. TeamPooka Jul 2013 #65
you're right. I'm not a democrat. I'm an independent. liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #68
people that say they arent the same... Bully Taw Jul 2013 #104
i support democratic and progressive ideals Bully Taw Jul 2013 #105
We have term limits....... TinkerTot55 Jul 2013 #70
Exactly. The republican base fights to get the most conservative candidate. We can fight for pampango Jul 2013 #61
This truly goes without saying. Blackford Jul 2013 #5
No kidding, and yet... Blanks Jul 2013 #29
Here...me... tosh Jul 2013 #6
AGREED! and it's all about the SCOTUS! bushisanidiot Jul 2013 #7
Of course. zappaman Jul 2013 #8
That's what real Democratic Party members do. AllINeedIsCoffee Jul 2013 #9
luckily I'm not a Democratic Party memeber, so I don't have to swear a blood oath. liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #20
I'm not either, and I don't swear oaths of this sort. But riqster Jul 2013 #36
Agreed Just Saying Jul 2013 #58
GOTV is all we can do. riqster Jul 2013 #74
So you won't even vote *against* the Republican candidate? nomorenomore08 Jul 2013 #78
its just a wee bit early for this quinnox Jul 2013 #10
Of course, so they can disregard you when elected. Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #11
Electoral math in our country is Binary riqster Jul 2013 #12
If that's the case, then our vote means absolutely nothing. Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #13
Actually, they mean a lot. riqster Jul 2013 #16
No, according to your binary rule ... Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #22
There is always a choice. riqster Jul 2013 #23
Who's applying the purity test? Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #24
I would say there is another alternative: riqster Jul 2013 #30
Funny how it's never those who voted R who are blamed. magellan Jul 2013 #84
Those who vote R aren't likely to be here, so why address them here? riqster Jul 2013 #87
There aren't many Repubs in the UK either. magellan Jul 2013 #88
Wrong. Let me explain basic math to you riqster Jul 2013 #91
Gee thanks magellan Jul 2013 #96
I'd suggest you're not any more tolerant or polite than I. riqster Jul 2013 #98
Post removed Post removed Jul 2013 #32
So, you're going to rape me Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #41
Yep. If they don't represent my interests they don't get my vote. GoneFishin Jul 2013 #55
Agreed. Not voting is just as effective in influencing politicians as voting is. Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #57
Dude, look at who you are addressing. Egalitarian Thug Jul 2013 #94
As will I. MineralMan Jul 2013 #14
"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, you may may cherish the sweetest reflection Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2013 #15
Please see Post 30. riqster Jul 2013 #33
Or, vice versa. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2013 #35
Interesting question. riqster Jul 2013 #37
Your “vote” … 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2013 #92
So, you did vote for your principles. Didn't you? Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2013 #95
I guess I did ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2013 #103
Exactly! Are purists paying attention?!?! ecstatic Jul 2013 #17
what can I do about what's unfolding in TX, NC, etc? cali Jul 2013 #27
Another content-free loyalty thread! woo me with science Jul 2013 #18
I'll support the democratic nominee if the democratic nominee is a liberal. liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #19
+1 Phlem Jul 2013 #69
I've been doing that for 50 years, and I just can't do it anymore. 1-Old-Man Jul 2013 #21
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2013 #25
so will i. nt DesertFlower Jul 2013 #26
Vote Progressive in the primaries, vote Democratic in the general election. DinahMoeHum Jul 2013 #28
Bingo. riqster Jul 2013 #34
I always do NoPasaran Jul 2013 #31
Is it very bad times that we have to take whatever movonne Jul 2013 #38
If Cheney declares himself to be a Democrat (D) and is nominated, would you support him? AnotherMcIntosh Jul 2013 #39
Okay Crow73 Jul 2013 #40
if Rand Paul switches parties, he will NEVER get the 2016 nomination. nt LaydeeBug Jul 2013 #46
And what if an eagle flies overhead and drops an anvil on top of me? mac56 Jul 2013 #66
I will likely support the Democratic Party's nominee with some reservation MNBrewer Jul 2013 #42
...and now, the Democratic Party theaocp Jul 2013 #43
"because not doing so would make something much, much worse inevitable." That was the reason we jtuck004 Jul 2013 #44
Something much worse is happening anyway. raindaddy Jul 2013 #45
Of course, by promising unqualified support for the Democratic nominee Maedhros Jul 2013 #48
Post removed Post removed Jul 2013 #50
If you disagree with my position, address it. Maedhros Jul 2013 #51
This message was self-deleted by its author Herlong Jul 2013 #53
That is was I demand from the grassroots. Herlong Jul 2013 #56
A Democrat won the White House! Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #63
In a democracy, it's better that the politicians respond to the demands of the electorate Maedhros Jul 2013 #76
I was threatened with rape upthread for holding the same position as yours. Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2013 #60
Skinner just banned this member, Herlong, thank god! NYC_SKP Aug 2013 #107
ME TOO! nt LaydeeBug Jul 2013 #72
Of course, because any Democrat is better than every Republican mountain grammy Jul 2013 #52
Is there really another option? Just Saying Jul 2013 #62
Damn straight, I am one with you LaydeeBug! K&R Rebellious Republican Jul 2013 #64
I'll support my cat's furry asshole before I'd vote for a Repub. n/t Lil Missy Jul 2013 #67
Hard to believe we even have to make posts like this on a site like this. DCBob Jul 2013 #71
+1. They've become consumed with a libertarian agenda. Meanwhile, the shit that's happening... Tarheel_Dem Jul 2013 #77
We definitely do not need another repeat of 2000. DCBob Jul 2013 #83
"Hope springs eternal". Tarheel_Dem Jul 2013 #85
Support as in vote, yes. Support as in volunteer or donate, maybe. Jim Lane Jul 2013 #73
Not voting doesn't make you special or superior. nomorenomore08 Jul 2013 #79
As I've done since 1976...Anything else is unthinkable.... Rowdyboy Jul 2013 #80
+1 nomorenomore08 Jul 2013 #100
this is why the Democrats can ignore their base and the Republicans have to appease their base Douglas Carpenter Jul 2013 #81
"The Democratic Party loathes its base". Tarheel_Dem Jul 2013 #86
that's okay I'm gone. I am done with the abuse. I have joined my husband in being an independent. liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #102
P.S. And let us all give said nominee a Dem. majority in both Houses. Jamaal510 Jul 2013 #82
^^^THIS^^^ nt LaydeeBug Jul 2013 #93
Same here -- unless DavidDvorkin Jul 2013 #89
I will never ever vote for a republicon, ever madokie Jul 2013 #90
Hell yes. Becaue I am a Democrat like; arely staircase Jul 2013 #97
I will support the nominee, of course, as usual since 1976 steve2470 Jul 2013 #99
In 2014 and beyond... dtom67 Jul 2013 #101
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