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47. Really self loathing is very last year!
Sun Oct 6, 2013, 08:35 PM
Oct 2013
I was just on a jury that sent a troll to oblivion! He/she was SO OBVIOUS! They aren't even CTyankee Oct 2013 #1
I love 6-zip decisions malaise Oct 2013 #5
funny that they are here at the nadir of their popularity with the general public! CTyankee Oct 2013 #7
trolls kardonb Oct 2013 #13
Ever read the comments on a Washington Post article? Same reason they troll those, too. Mayberry Machiavelli Oct 2013 #71
and I hate em PatrynXX Oct 2013 #25
Is it ok to post that jury decision? Katashi_itto Oct 2013 #9
I don't know. Is it? I could... CTyankee Oct 2013 #29
I have seen jury decisions posted all the time. Curmudgeoness Oct 2013 #33
well, OK... CTyankee Oct 2013 #35
That doesn't work. Curmudgeoness Oct 2013 #37
I'll try. Here... CTyankee Oct 2013 #40
I love it when jury results come out this way. Curmudgeoness Oct 2013 #45
Nice! Katashi_itto Oct 2013 #55
the one who admitted to being a Republican? BainsBane Oct 2013 #41
Yep. Funny, isn't it? Not even "trying" to sound "democratic"... CTyankee Oct 2013 #42
I give him credit for being honest BainsBane Oct 2013 #56
Missed me again. L0oniX Oct 2013 #51
I'm with you and think you might enjoy this fun/snarky 'lazy millennial' video. Snarkoleptic Oct 2013 #2
"Divide and conquer. Smirk." - Republicon, Inc. (R) Berlum Oct 2013 #6
That is pretty awesome. blackspade Oct 2013 #15
This boomer still regards the sixties as a lot of unfinished business Jack Rabbit Oct 2013 #19
Well, I'm not one of those boomers. Curmudgeoness Oct 2013 #34
I am a bit older than a baby boomer, RebelOne Oct 2013 #48
I'm betting that a lot of them were actually pro-war frat rats eridani Oct 2013 #64
Lord how I love that "Zen cat" of yours! 7962 Oct 2013 #31
Feel free to borrow it. Snarkoleptic Oct 2013 #61
Yeah,...because, like,...boomers invented, like shampoo and stuff. Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2013 #50
Twice on Sunday Blue Owl Oct 2013 #3
as someone who last night was "gotcha" at work littlewolf Oct 2013 #4
k&r idwiyo Oct 2013 #8
As someone who has been accused by the same tiny cabal over and over again.... LaydeeBug Oct 2013 #10
Sorry, i dont turn the other cheek. darkangel218 Oct 2013 #11
turning the other cheek was actually a revolutionary act, not a passive one LaydeeBug Oct 2013 #14
you turn the other cheek, you give a conservatard a fresh cheek to punch Nanjing to Seoul Oct 2013 #53
Wow, it sounds to me like you are vying for toughest poster on the block. rhett o rick Oct 2013 #57
Why dont you discuss issue here and not worry so much about the trolls darkangel218 Oct 2013 #58
You are absolutely right. I shouldnt get involved in the "let's round up a posse and find a troll rhett o rick Oct 2013 #60
And who this "tiny cabal" might be? darkangel218 Oct 2013 #12
I don't really have a problem with your OP as long as LaydeeBug Oct 2013 #17
Great OP/rant IrishAyes Oct 2013 #16
Here is the thing darkangel218..Many of these freaks have been or are poor or have young adults Tikki Oct 2013 #18
Effective trolling plays both ends against the middle. zeemike Oct 2013 #20
I have plenty of evidence to "prove". darkangel218 Oct 2013 #21
Well said!!!! Buddaman Oct 2013 #22
Disagreeing with you pintobean Oct 2013 #23
Calling out RW trolls in general is not meta. darkangel218 Oct 2013 #24
Then take it to Admin. zeemike Oct 2013 #43
The lazy - worthless meme put out by the right Diego_Native 2012 Oct 2013 #26
I remember when they used to be somewhat entertaining Skittles Oct 2013 #27
How do you people keep up with all the posting? SleeplessinSoCal Oct 2013 #28
Awesome post! MNBrewer Oct 2013 #30
But if you do...wear one of these! Ken Burch Oct 2013 #32
I think calling people trolls LWolf Oct 2013 #36
+1 pintobean Oct 2013 #38
+100 Chico Man Oct 2013 #49
+1 leftstreet Oct 2013 #59
Well said. nm rhett o rick Oct 2013 #62
IOW, WTF are you talking about (OP)? Doctor_J Oct 2013 #67
this is the big one maindawg Oct 2013 #39
Righteous rant treestar Oct 2013 #44
Don't let them get to you. greytdemocrat Oct 2013 #46
Really self loathing is very last year! whistler162 Oct 2013 #47
Most of us can spot them pretty quickly Warpy Oct 2013 #52
That's a well reasoned measured response. el_bryanto Oct 2013 #54
I think it's a vicious cycle... Decaffeinated Oct 2013 #63
? lower work ethic? Skittles Oct 2013 #65
Call it what you want... Decaffeinated Oct 2013 #66
much of that is over-simplified crap Skittles Oct 2013 #69
Ignore it if you want... Decaffeinated Oct 2013 #70
try to ignore this Skittles Oct 2013 #75
That is also likely a contributing factor... Decaffeinated Oct 2013 #76
In which industry would you like my generation to employ a work ethic? Earth_First Oct 2013 #72
I think you summed it up nicely... Decaffeinated Oct 2013 #73
No, you summed it up in what used to be a quality of life for most Americans Earth_First Oct 2013 #74
LWE=RTP. Dark n Stormy Knight Oct 2013 #77
For all they try to sneak, you can usually spot them from a mile away. JoeyT Oct 2013 #68
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