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rhett o rick

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57. Wow, it sounds to me like you are vying for toughest poster on the block.
Sun Oct 6, 2013, 08:39 PM
Oct 2013

You want so badly to smite the trolls. Probably dont worry too much how guilty they are as long as you are smiting away. "Gota rope, just lookin for someone to hang."

I see that your bravado has made you some fans. Authoritarians love that rough, tough talk.

Why dont you discuss issue here and not worry so much about the trolls. Trolls have a tendency to get themselves in trouble without much fuss. And we all recognize trolls.

I was just on a jury that sent a troll to oblivion! He/she was SO OBVIOUS! They aren't even CTyankee Oct 2013 #1
I love 6-zip decisions malaise Oct 2013 #5
funny that they are here at the nadir of their popularity with the general public! CTyankee Oct 2013 #7
trolls kardonb Oct 2013 #13
Ever read the comments on a Washington Post article? Same reason they troll those, too. Mayberry Machiavelli Oct 2013 #71
and I hate em PatrynXX Oct 2013 #25
Is it ok to post that jury decision? Katashi_itto Oct 2013 #9
I don't know. Is it? I could... CTyankee Oct 2013 #29
I have seen jury decisions posted all the time. Curmudgeoness Oct 2013 #33
well, OK... CTyankee Oct 2013 #35
That doesn't work. Curmudgeoness Oct 2013 #37
I'll try. Here... CTyankee Oct 2013 #40
I love it when jury results come out this way. Curmudgeoness Oct 2013 #45
Nice! Katashi_itto Oct 2013 #55
the one who admitted to being a Republican? BainsBane Oct 2013 #41
Yep. Funny, isn't it? Not even "trying" to sound "democratic"... CTyankee Oct 2013 #42
I give him credit for being honest BainsBane Oct 2013 #56
Missed me again. L0oniX Oct 2013 #51
I'm with you and think you might enjoy this fun/snarky 'lazy millennial' video. Snarkoleptic Oct 2013 #2
"Divide and conquer. Smirk." - Republicon, Inc. (R) Berlum Oct 2013 #6
That is pretty awesome. blackspade Oct 2013 #15
This boomer still regards the sixties as a lot of unfinished business Jack Rabbit Oct 2013 #19
Well, I'm not one of those boomers. Curmudgeoness Oct 2013 #34
I am a bit older than a baby boomer, RebelOne Oct 2013 #48
I'm betting that a lot of them were actually pro-war frat rats eridani Oct 2013 #64
Lord how I love that "Zen cat" of yours! 7962 Oct 2013 #31
Feel free to borrow it. Snarkoleptic Oct 2013 #61
Yeah,...because, like,...boomers invented, like shampoo and stuff. Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2013 #50
Twice on Sunday Blue Owl Oct 2013 #3
as someone who last night was "gotcha" at work littlewolf Oct 2013 #4
k&r idwiyo Oct 2013 #8
As someone who has been accused by the same tiny cabal over and over again.... LaydeeBug Oct 2013 #10
Sorry, i dont turn the other cheek. darkangel218 Oct 2013 #11
turning the other cheek was actually a revolutionary act, not a passive one LaydeeBug Oct 2013 #14
you turn the other cheek, you give a conservatard a fresh cheek to punch Nanjing to Seoul Oct 2013 #53
Wow, it sounds to me like you are vying for toughest poster on the block. rhett o rick Oct 2013 #57
Why dont you discuss issue here and not worry so much about the trolls darkangel218 Oct 2013 #58
You are absolutely right. I shouldnt get involved in the "let's round up a posse and find a troll rhett o rick Oct 2013 #60
And who this "tiny cabal" might be? darkangel218 Oct 2013 #12
I don't really have a problem with your OP as long as LaydeeBug Oct 2013 #17
Great OP/rant IrishAyes Oct 2013 #16
Here is the thing darkangel218..Many of these freaks have been or are poor or have young adults Tikki Oct 2013 #18
Effective trolling plays both ends against the middle. zeemike Oct 2013 #20
I have plenty of evidence to "prove". darkangel218 Oct 2013 #21
Well said!!!! Buddaman Oct 2013 #22
Disagreeing with you pintobean Oct 2013 #23
Calling out RW trolls in general is not meta. darkangel218 Oct 2013 #24
Then take it to Admin. zeemike Oct 2013 #43
The lazy - worthless meme put out by the right Diego_Native 2012 Oct 2013 #26
I remember when they used to be somewhat entertaining Skittles Oct 2013 #27
How do you people keep up with all the posting? SleeplessinSoCal Oct 2013 #28
Awesome post! MNBrewer Oct 2013 #30
But if you do...wear one of these! Ken Burch Oct 2013 #32
I think calling people trolls LWolf Oct 2013 #36
+1 pintobean Oct 2013 #38
+100 Chico Man Oct 2013 #49
+1 leftstreet Oct 2013 #59
Well said. nm rhett o rick Oct 2013 #62
IOW, WTF are you talking about (OP)? Doctor_J Oct 2013 #67
this is the big one maindawg Oct 2013 #39
Righteous rant treestar Oct 2013 #44
Don't let them get to you. greytdemocrat Oct 2013 #46
Really self loathing is very last year! whistler162 Oct 2013 #47
Most of us can spot them pretty quickly Warpy Oct 2013 #52
That's a well reasoned measured response. el_bryanto Oct 2013 #54
I think it's a vicious cycle... Decaffeinated Oct 2013 #63
? lower work ethic? Skittles Oct 2013 #65
Call it what you want... Decaffeinated Oct 2013 #66
much of that is over-simplified crap Skittles Oct 2013 #69
Ignore it if you want... Decaffeinated Oct 2013 #70
try to ignore this Skittles Oct 2013 #75
That is also likely a contributing factor... Decaffeinated Oct 2013 #76
In which industry would you like my generation to employ a work ethic? Earth_First Oct 2013 #72
I think you summed it up nicely... Decaffeinated Oct 2013 #73
No, you summed it up in what used to be a quality of life for most Americans Earth_First Oct 2013 #74
LWE=RTP. Dark n Stormy Knight Oct 2013 #77
For all they try to sneak, you can usually spot them from a mile away. JoeyT Oct 2013 #68
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