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LOL @ jagoffsmilie livetohike Mar 2012 #1
I used to have a link to one! Richardo Mar 2012 #6
No, my little frothy cretin; your grades suffered... Systematic Chaos Mar 2012 #2
You just made my day GopperStopper2680 Mar 2012 #7
His grades DID suffer because he's a conservative. denverbill Mar 2012 #3
LOL GopperStopper2680 Mar 2012 #5
"Conservatives are not necessarily stupid... alterfurz Mar 2012 #27
Most likely... GopperStopper2680 Mar 2012 #4
is conservative code for idiot? La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2012 #8
Yes. TBF Mar 2012 #22
Admit it --- They saw through your bullshit at an early age. lpbk2713 Mar 2012 #9
Bush's Law: "A politician will be successful in direct proportion... lastlib Mar 2012 #31
making shit up doesn't go over well with professors Enrique Mar 2012 #10
You are not goning to do well if you do not accept the facts as facts liberal N proud Mar 2012 #11
Although this whining about liberal professors and being victimized plays to his base... wandy Mar 2012 #12
Oh SNAP! Ricky gets pwned! Happyhippychick Mar 2012 #13
They probably Aerows Mar 2012 #14
I guess you could say he found himself in a sticky situation. nt Guy Whitey Corngood Mar 2012 #15
I'm sure his conservative views hurt his algebra scores. Liberal Veteran Mar 2012 #16
Al-jebr is a tool of Islam!!!1!! Richardo Mar 2012 #18
So why didn't the jagoff go to a fundy school? n2doc Mar 2012 #17
Bias against ignorance maybe get the red out Mar 2012 #19
No, Rick, your grades suffered because you were a shitty student. Arkana Mar 2012 #20
Obviously, everyone in this story is lying, except Santorum. Mariana Mar 2012 #21
His term paper on the variety of dinosaur Jesus rode upon aint_no_life_nowhere Mar 2012 #23
Denying evolution and climate change isn't just a "viewpoint" Viking12 Mar 2012 #24
I had some righty professors and I'd never have blamed them for my own bad grades. NYC Liberal Mar 2012 #25
Hey Ricky, PRETZEL Mar 2012 #26
I was at PSU at the same time as Santorum; I had one of those profs for poli sci, too ... gauguin57 Mar 2012 #28
"He wasn't a very serious student." yellowcanine Mar 2012 #29
You cannot walk into class Sheepshank Mar 2012 #30
They have a rather hard time getting REALITY in general to accomodate them Proud Liberal Dem Mar 2012 #34
Gimmie a break, frothy lube man.... Taverner Mar 2012 #32
Another "personal responsibility" fail Proud Liberal Dem Mar 2012 #33
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