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Wed Jan 1, 2014, 11:13 PM Jan 2014

Poll: What should the minimum legal age to marry be in your opinion? [View all]

Below is an excerpt of a comment I saw earlier today while perusing the net...

For all of you throwing a hissy fit that a 16 year old is not mature enough to marry- please remember that the next time a 16 year old is charged as an adult for a crime, is allowed to have an abortion without parental approval, or purchases birth control without parental approval. We hear so much from all sources about how much more sophisticated young people are today-but I guess that is only when it supports your viewpoint. I agree that 16 is not mature-but I wouldn't let them do all the other things the law says they can do. I would never recommend getting married at 16 but lets not ignore history and that for many hundreds of years it was normal and encouraged that people 16- 20 get married to each other.

So, I thought it would be interesting to post a POLL

p.s. Current age minimums by state in the USA, list here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marriageable_age#North_America

35 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Government should not legislate marriage - Love is Love
1 (3%)
15 - with parental consent
2 (6%)
16 - with parental consent
6 (17%)
16 - no parental consent needed
7 (20%)
17 - with parental consent
0 (0%)
17 - no parental consent needed
0 (0%)
14 (40%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
5 (14%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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The general age of consent for adult stuff in this country is 18. rrneck Jan 2014 #1
The federal age of consent is 18, but 16 is the age of consent in a majority (31) ScreamingMeemie Jan 2014 #12
Wow. I didn't know it was that many. rrneck Jan 2014 #30
Federal age of consent is 16 generally / 12 if within 4 years of each other. Sgent Jan 2014 #80
30 firsttimer Jan 2014 #2
+1 /nt Ash_F Jan 2014 #7
heh penultimate Jan 2014 #8
Yes! treestar Jan 2014 #40
This PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #49
This was going to be my answer, too. PeaceNikki Jan 2014 #60
16 with no parental consent LittleBlue Jan 2014 #3
Sexual partner and marriage arw not the same thing darkangel218 Jan 2014 #5
Yeah, sort of LittleBlue Jan 2014 #10
That is pretty close to my reasoning as well. ScreamingMeemie Jan 2014 #14
You make a good point customerserviceguy Jan 2014 #18
Marriage is a contract. kcr Jan 2014 #20
A contract for what, though? LittleBlue Jan 2014 #26
It's an issue of minors not being fully mature enough to make such decisions for themselves kcr Jan 2014 #29
I agree that 18 should be the minimum age NobodyHere Jan 2014 #34
I chose 19, but IMHO, even 22 is too early. darkangel218 Jan 2014 #4
18. It's a legal contract, much to the chagrin of many. flvegan Jan 2014 #6
I guess 18, since that's age we deem people to be adults... penultimate Jan 2014 #9
21. Nothing is worse than a sober wedding and nobody should be breaking the law TheKentuckian Jan 2014 #11
My ex and I eloped from Florida to Georgia in 1955. RebelOne Jan 2014 #13
47 TeamPooka Jan 2014 #15
I would like to subscribe to your newsletter firsttimer Jan 2014 #16
If then Major Nikon Jan 2014 #41
I said 21 BarackTheVote Jan 2014 #17
I agree with you, but my approach is to lower the drinking age to 18, Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #19
Yep, I agree with you. nt laundry_queen Jan 2014 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author kcr Jan 2014 #21
80. I figure I'll have my shit together by then. LeftyMom Jan 2014 #22
2 Luminous Animal Jan 2014 #23
30. Vashta Nerada Jan 2014 #24
I'll second that. Or have some adults around to help raise the kids. nt bemildred Jan 2014 #39
16 as a minimum, but hardly recommended. n/t Benton D Struckcheon Jan 2014 #27
I'm going with when the brain is fully developed at 25. nt Live and Learn Jan 2014 #28
Honestly I think the age of adulthood would be fine at 15 but no lower than that. ZM90 Jan 2014 #31
1+ Tx4obama Jan 2014 #64
Thanks Tx4obama. I actually expected to be called a extremist and other not so nice names for ZM90 Jan 2014 #69
I voted for 21, but truth be told, I suggesst older than that! napi21 Jan 2014 #32
Going by my circle of friends and family, I would say 30. Sen. Walter Sobchak Jan 2014 #33
16, with approval from a judge Xithras Jan 2014 #35
most likely, Mary the mother of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was about thirteen or fourteen when Douglas Carpenter Jan 2014 #36
Creepy n/t me b zola Jan 2014 #37
Still obsessed with defending the Duck Pedos? RandiFan1290 Jan 2014 #38
I agree! City Lights Jan 2014 #46
I went with 16 with parental consent davidpdx Jan 2014 #42
What a discussion to behold, straight folks who defend clerics who oppose adult Bluenorthwest Jan 2014 #43
You could start an OP about how much you hate the pope. Comrade Grumpy Jan 2014 #57
+10000 Katashi_itto Jan 2014 #70
Surely you're not speaking to me LittleBlue Jan 2014 #62
all these gay bashers making excuses for Pope Francis is sure sickening Douglas Carpenter Jan 2014 #78
I'll certainly encourage my kids to hold off - TBF Jan 2014 #44
I told my kids to wait until they're about 28 panader0 Jan 2014 #45
I think 16 should be the age of majority for all things dr.strangelove Jan 2014 #47
1+ Tx4obama Jan 2014 #65
People still want to get married? PasadenaTrudy Jan 2014 #48
18. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #50
Still trying to justify... ljm2002 Jan 2014 #51
Whatever age is needed for the following: bonzaga Jan 2014 #52
Oh, how intelligent and street smart when we become teenagers. I marveled at how smart Thinkingabout Jan 2014 #53
A Constitutional Amendment is Needed Wolf Frankula Jan 2014 #54
Legal majority to contract seems right. Shrike47 Jan 2014 #55
16 jamzrockz Jan 2014 #56
16 with consent DustyJoe Jan 2014 #58
Congratulations your 46th wedding anniversary, hope ya'll have many more happy ones :) Tx4obama Jan 2014 #63
Interesting. A majority of respondents want a higher marriage age than is the standard. Comrade Grumpy Jan 2014 #59
Yeah, I am suprised. I thought there'd be more DUers that would say 'Love is Love' and government... Tx4obama Jan 2014 #68
18. Iggo Jan 2014 #61
I think for the young folks that want to be married before having sex and babies... Tx4obama Jan 2014 #67
And I don't. Iggo Jan 2014 #73
The minimum age in Michigan is 16 with written consent from a parent or guardian. Kaleva Jan 2014 #66
18 -- it's a legal contract, if nothing else. I recall when some states allowed girls as young as 13 Hekate Jan 2014 #71
marriage at 15, BUT...Only for under 20s only! agentS Jan 2014 #72
It's a legal contract KitSileya Jan 2014 #74
It's not pipi_k Jan 2014 #75
I would pick two options NCTraveler Jan 2014 #76
Age 36!! LynnTTT Jan 2014 #77
None of these intaglio Jan 2014 #79
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