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Sat Jan 18, 2014, 02:56 PM Jan 2014

How to write an OP in GD that sinks like a stone [View all]

1) Avoid snarky and divisive titles

2) Don't broad brush groups

3) Be serious and at least try to see more than one perspective

4) Avoid personal attacks on other DUers

5) Post about something other than the current GD obsession du jour

That's my top five, what are your hints and tips for writing OPs that are guaranteed to drop into total obscurity?

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That's a pretty good list of points. MineralMan Jan 2014 #1
Post the 26th OP on a subject that's already well represented. randome Jan 2014 #2
WOO ...DAMNIT ALL! You want me sick Skittles on yer ass? L0oniX Jan 2014 #22
You're always sicking somebody on somebody's ass! randome Jan 2014 #25
alright, here is a few more pointers quinnox Jan 2014 #3
Use nuance, objectivity and invoke pragmatism. OilemFirchen Jan 2014 #4
Post anything in GD and watch it sink. Coyotl Jan 2014 #5
Sticking to the SOP of GD is certain thread death Bluenorthwest Jan 2014 #6
Related to your 3 & 4, don't post "I see your point but mine is a little different." pampango Jan 2014 #7
post it under the name lame54 lame54 Jan 2014 #8
lol! quinnox Jan 2014 #10
Or MineralMan MineralMan Jan 2014 #18
I hear you. My threads typically sink too. eom Blanks Jan 2014 #34
MRA and RKBA and 4th Generation Feministas, only one group is ever not 99% bat shit crazy. NYC_SKP Jan 2014 #9
Post something other than cutesy Facebook graphics. (n/t) SMC22307 Jan 2014 #11
Egregious grammar errors. randome Jan 2014 #12
Wouldn't that be: Egregious grammatical errors? TalkingDog Jan 2014 #14
Ha! Right you are! randome Jan 2014 #19
Write a post about poverty (and not about the GOP's treatment of poverty). Mass Jan 2014 #13
We definitely do reward the divisive posters treestar Jan 2014 #15
You Better Believe It Graham4Anything Fumesucker Jan 2014 #28
Yes, we preach not to feed the trolls, intheflow Jan 2014 #54
wait--aren't those all the things that make a post popular? librechik Jan 2014 #16
I thought of another one: MineralMan Jan 2014 #17
7) Pry the "Enter" key off your keyboard Fumesucker Jan 2014 #23
Ah, yes. Paragraphs do matter. MineralMan Jan 2014 #24
How to write an OP in GD that stays on top... L0oniX Jan 2014 #20
Haha! Aldo Leopold Jan 2014 #41
Mine almost always sink like a stone, Blue_In_AK Jan 2014 #21
Mine, too. intheflow Jan 2014 #55
Don't mention President Obama. n/t sarge43 Jan 2014 #26
I don't think that expressing a point of view is bad. lumberjack_jeff Jan 2014 #27
"Dog bites man" rather than "man bites dog" MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #29
Write an OP that most of DU studiously avoids (like stop and frisk). n/t X_Digger Jan 2014 #30
Back up your points with links to credible sources Prophet 451 Jan 2014 #31
Daily Kos is the place for that kind of work. Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #57
This message was self-deleted by its author NoGOPZone Jan 2014 #32
Substantive posts don't fare well. Nt Barack_America Jan 2014 #33
I'll just put my reply right here. LeftofObama Jan 2014 #35
Where is Skittles when I need her? Fumesucker Jan 2014 #36
Sounds about right. malthaussen Jan 2014 #37
My god, what a boring post.. pangaia Jan 2014 #38
I AM NOT SHOUTING! eggplant Jan 2014 #39
6) Good News about basically anything. Warren DeMontague Jan 2014 #40
Write a headline that makes sense. klook Jan 2014 #42
Use "Kudzu" in the title DBoon Jan 2014 #43
Unless there are Goats involved A HERETIC I AM Jan 2014 #46
My satire stuff sinks pretty quickly MrScorpio Jan 2014 #44
Begin your OP with cloudbase Jan 2014 #45
This message was self-deleted by its author defacto7 Jan 2014 #48
That's a good observation... defacto7 Jan 2014 #47
When OPs provide more light than heat, they tend to sink like stones. bullwinkle428 Jan 2014 #49
6) proclaim dog supremacy over cats. Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2014 #50
Do not post a cute picture of an adorable animal. progressoid Jan 2014 #51
Be sure to exclude the word defacto7 Jan 2014 #52
Don't write an OP called... defacto7 Jan 2014 #53
Economics specifically, but any other topic that will actually effect the lives of everybody here. Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #56
Kick Major Nikon Jan 2014 #58
Don't use any smilies frazzled Jan 2014 #59
Interesting that I didn't see this till I went digging a month later... jtuck004 Feb 2014 #60
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