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Douglas Carpenter

(20,226 posts)
Sat Mar 29, 2014, 12:37 PM Mar 2014

Where do you think President Obama stands in terms of being progressive vs. centrist/conservative? [View all]

22 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I think the President is really a progressive who tries to advance a progressive agenda as much as is politically possible
3 (14%)
I think the President serves only the interest of Wall Street and corporate power and has no real political philosophy
1 (5%)
I think the President is moderately center-left like many post-New Deal Democrats and attempts as much as is politically viable to advance that point of view
5 (23%)
I think the President is moderately center-right like what would have once been a moderate Republican and attempts to advance that agenda as much as is politically feasible.
11 (50%)
I think the President is more of a technocratic professional administrator who is really not ideological and who is guided more by viability than philosophic considerations
2 (9%)
Pasta al dente or slightly undercooked pasta is certainly preferable to overcooked pasta.
0 (0%)
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I picked - quinnox Mar 2014 #1
Im sorry LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #2
I'm pretty sure posting that is a TOS violation Douglas Carpenter Mar 2014 #14
Why do you hate al dente? cui bono Mar 2014 #27
Hes too stiff for my tastes LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #36
Yeah, that's why Marinara had to dump him. cui bono Mar 2014 #49
I chose this nadinbrzezinski Mar 2014 #3
The President says he's choice #4. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #4
If only he had been that honest in 2008. kenny blankenship Mar 2014 #6
I was never confused about this. Warren Stupidity Mar 2014 #8
Ok fine. If only he had chosen to be honest about himself in 2007. kenny blankenship Mar 2014 #10
I personally interpreted his 2004 national debut speech at The Democratic National Convention Douglas Carpenter Mar 2014 #37
He was running against a doofus and a lunatic DJ13 Mar 2014 #30
! Warren Stupidity Mar 2014 #31
Thars why I said they werent that bad DJ13 Mar 2014 #32
Clinton ran politically left of Obama. joshcryer Mar 2014 #44
While this is correct, I think he personally is center-left. joshcryer Mar 2014 #43
That is such a relief to know. Warren Stupidity Mar 2014 #47
I know Obama is intellectually center-left. joshcryer Mar 2014 #48
+1 deutsey Mar 2014 #16
I honestly don't know. cali Mar 2014 #5
Other: I think he is a technocratic administrator type who is moderately conservative TheKentuckian Mar 2014 #7
He's a "pragmatic", "savvy", centrist politican who is willing to be Not as Bad to be president. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2014 #9
Pushed Lily Ledbetter Act, CARD Act, the ACA, etc jazzimov Mar 2014 #11
Not when you add appointed Wall Street execs into the WH, Monsanto execs to the EPA, cui bono Mar 2014 #29
I think anyone who thinks the President is center-RIGHT under the modern definitions... Shandris Mar 2014 #12
I know what you mean - a few minutes in a local bar where I live would certainly expose anyone to Douglas Carpenter Mar 2014 #41
Anyone who views Ronald Reagan in positive political terms is conservative. mmonk Mar 2014 #13
Big Business, Moderate Republican by nature-- but he's a professional, Third Way-type politician. Marr Mar 2014 #15
The right has been so effective in negating the left deutsey Mar 2014 #17
Other: Post-Sixties Liberal. OilemFirchen Mar 2014 #18
Obama has reduced the deficit flamingdem Mar 2014 #19
He has, indeed. OilemFirchen Mar 2014 #23
Agree, but not very optimistic about a huge stimulus flamingdem Mar 2014 #24
It's doubtful, given the odds for this year's election... OilemFirchen Mar 2014 #26
I believe this quote sums up the President's ideology pretty accurately Zorra Mar 2014 #20
variant shades of gray between Center Right and Serving Wall Street 2banon Mar 2014 #21
He is carrying water for very dangerous corporatists. woo me with science Mar 2014 #22
Majority voting think a man like Obama, with his background flamingdem Mar 2014 #25
so Obama failed at describing himself? justabob Mar 2014 #33
Yeah, I frankly don't think President Obama was lying at all when he described himself politically Douglas Carpenter Mar 2014 #35
right justabob Mar 2014 #40
Well, you either don't know what majority means or don't know who Reagan was cthulu2016 Mar 2014 #39
I picked '3' because it was closest to my subjective interpretation of him. GiveMeMorePIE Mar 2014 #28
Ouch. Rex Mar 2014 #34
Well, for that, I look at where the evidence point. AverageJoe90 Mar 2014 #38
knr Douglas Carpenter Mar 2014 #42
To the right of Richard Nixon. Spider Jerusalem Mar 2014 #45
Center-right or center-left, depending on the issue. So basically about as middle of the road nomorenomore08 Mar 2014 #46
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